Monday, April 25, 2011

"What are all these people looking at?"

Gregg and I spent our Easter Sunday up in the Shenandoah's. We had only just reached Skyline Drive from the Thornton Gap entrance. Gregg said, "Maybe we will see a bear today." I actually laughed. We have been visiting Skyline Drive for 35 years off and on and we haven't seen one bear. We've always heard of them from other people but have never been that lucky. Not two minutes after he made the remark about the bear, we saw people parked all over the road looking intensely into the trees. I couldn't believe it, there was Gregg's bear. So exciting! I wrote a poem to commemorate the occasion, which you can read below. Gregg also added his four-pennyworth in his Haiku.

High up in the treetops I am so happy to see
A little Black Bear staring right back at me.
All cars stopped, people jumped out.
They were so excited and skipping all about.

Out came the cameras, one, two three.
That cute little bear posed so beautifully.
He smiled and yawned as the news we learned,
And we all snapped our pictures as we took our turn.

The Ranger came by to make sure we were good,
To move those cars along and to check we didn't have food.
People parked their cars, one left the engine runnin'
'Cus they couldn't get over the sight of that bear sunnin'.

Later Gregg said, "Now how would you feel if
He saw us as his next meal?" My answer?
"Why I'd toss my sandwich at you to do a pitcher proud,
Then run like hell while ringing the dinner bell REAL loud!

Gregg knows that Denise can move pretty darned fast when she has to.

Gregg's Haiku

He's up in a tree,
First he fancied the berries
But now he fancies me.

More pictures of the bear and our day in the Shenandoah's in my next post.