Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday Rambles

On Saturday our son and daughter-in-law came by for lunch. We always have a good time catching up, and they talked about their vacation plans. They will be visiting San Diego for eight days next June. We are excited for them as they are going to one of our favorite cities. Both Lisa and Brad have lived in SD but not for many years. Lisa's Dad is retired Marine Corps and her family moved back to the east coast when she was a toddler. Brad was born in Long Beach, lived in San Diego from the age of four and was ten when we moved back to Virginia.

And by the way, Brad is my 'mischievous little boy' from this post and my little tree climber from this one. You can click on the links if you missed his 'way-back-when' photos.

In the photo below you can see Gregg looking on as Brad and Lisa are checking out the selection of books Gregg has on his Nook. They gave us each a Nook for Christmas. Lisa suggested another book I might like to read, "44 Scotland Street" by Alexander McCall Smith. He also wrote the "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" which I enjoyed very much. I bought the DVD series of that same book and am wondering if they made another series. I asked Lisa to see if they were offering her suggestion. They were and I asked her to download it for me.

I have to say that I never thought I would enjoy electronic reading, that I would always be hooked on reading an actual book and couldn't fathom reading an e-book instead, but I love mine. One of the things I enjoy about it is that you can enlarge the print. Another is that when Gregg is trying to get off to sleep, I can read without putting a light on and it doesn't disturb him, and another thing that I think is pretty neat, it has a feature where if you come across a word you don't know the meaning of, you press your finger on the word and up pops a feature where you can look up that word instantly. The books are cheaper than what you would buy at the store.

One negative would be if the electricity cut out for several hours - like it did when we had a bad snow storm - and the e-book was running out of power, we wouldn't be able to charge it. As our house is just about exploding with regular, honest-to-goodness paper books, we will never run out of reading material. We just have to remember to have plenty of fully charged flashlights around and failing that, some decent candles that throw off plenty of light.

For lunch I fixed a sweet and sour chicken dish. It's one of those recipes that I have had for years, and instead of posting it today, I went online to see if I could find the recipe. The one I found is identical and you click here to view. It's been around for a long time because I've had the one in my recipe box for about 20 years, and I have no idea where it came from as back then I didn't identify the source. It has the added benefit of being a freezer recipe but I made it that morning. For dessert I took the easy way out. Last night Gregg and I went over to Wegman's and their baked goods are always delicious. I thought their chocolate and walnut brownies served with dulce-de-leche ice-cream would be a nice treat and it certainly was, especially warming up the brownie first.

Last week was a little quieter than normal as I was still feeling a bit sore because of my klutzy persona taking over the last few weeks. I was, however, very glad to get out of the house on Wednesday, because it was the first day I felt I could drive the car. My knee wasn't pitching a fit and I went over to see friend Kathy who was in worse shape than I was with severe back pain. This is Hamish' mum and as you can see from the above photo, Hamish looked like he was feeling a bit sad that mum was having a hard time of it, and was more subdued than usual. He came over for his usual fuss and ear scratch, but spent most of the time in his favorite comfort spot on the sofa. Hamish' friend lying next to him on the right is his plush toy.

The weather went a bit crazy and actually got up to 70 degrees one day. It got rid of the last of the snow and ice. After a few milder days the weather forecasters say we may be having more snow tomorrow. I am hoping that it will just be rain.

Sunday we spent most of the day hanging around the house but Gregg wanted to go up to a book store and we ate dinner at a small eatery called The Firehouse. Neither of us bought any books. We make a note of the book and go home and look to see if we can download it on the Nook. If it isn't available, then next time we go to the book store we'll probably buy it.

We both looked up and said it looked like a real snow sky. We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Interesting that you have an e-book, Denise. I have longed to find out what they're like and now I know. Arthritic hands make it difficult to hold a hardback and paperbacks are now getting a bit awkward. I do love my books so it will be sad to lose them altogether.

  2. I love to read books. I also like to go to libraries and dig in their oldest archives and xerox pages from the past. The eyewitness accounts of early life in the wilderness here where we live is one of the stunning things about history I enjoy.

    I don't like living in a West Virginia mountain cabin but mom was born in one and only got to go to the third grade in school when her "mommy" died giving birth to my aunt May. We used to visit down there but it was a life I never got used to. I like to read about the people who lived there.

    I have given away a ton of books. And I am working on another ton at the moment. I use Strand Book Store (18 miles of books - look up Strand Book Store on Google) for most of my books. I have never been disappointed.

    You didn't say which ebook reader you have. I thought maybe Kindle or Kindel (not sure of spelling) but I am going to get an iPad come summer. I think that would be the way to read the NY Times and Washington Post and so on.

  3. What a lovely couple; it sounds like you had a wonderful time together.

  4. I too have been thinking about an e-book, but have always liked to hold and turn the pages of a book.

    Maybe one day.....


  5. Enjoyed your comments on the e-book. I want to get one because I'm running out of book shelf space and I'm thinking too that someday my girls will have to cart tons and tons of books out of this house or have an estate sale. Bookstores will disappear like the Borders book store at Tysons Corners where daughter Jeanine once waited on Vice President Dick Cheney.

  6. My daughter has a Nook and absolutely loves it. I'm hooked on audiobooks so I can craft while I enjoy the pleasure of someone reading to me! Have fun with it!

  7. I am pondering a nook as well. I certainly don't need another device, but they are so nifty and I do read enough to justify one...

  8. I love that they are going to such a great place--

    whose animals are those??

    We finally figured out the computere and camera problem..My computer does not support 12 mega pixels on lots of programs including blogger.

    But I still love it just do not know where to store pics

  9. I am sure I would like an ebook thing. Glad that you all had time together, sound like the weather is crazy there. here it is just plane cold I have not been out for ages XXX Don

  10. It's good to read that you're more mobile, Denise. It sounds as though you had a lovely time with your son and daughter-in-law.

  11. I am glad you are now able to drive and visit friends.

    I own a Kindle and have read 2 books already. Doesn't the Kindle (Amazon) have a bigger selection than the Nook (Barnes & Noble)?

  12. I have a Kindle, and I love it. I'm currently reading Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet series. I'm on book #2.

  13. Dang...I have been resisting getting an E-Book. I have learned much about them from this post. You should get paid for writing this!

  14. Hi Denise! I missed you.
    It's so nice to spend time with your family. I hope you feel better. I prefer real books. I'm an old fashion girl :).

  15. Lisa and Brad are so adorable!
    I think these moments together in family are so precious!
    I love reading books but I think I've still preferred the traditional ones.
    I like to feel the texture paper in my fingers.
    Love your header, so adorable picture!

  16. Snap! Our young ones visited us too on the weekend, all the way from Sydney. The Nook sounds interesting but we are still surrounded by paper books, many of which we haven't read yet. Maybe one day, we'll look into it. I guess they would be handy on holidays.

  17. Love this post, Denise. Do you know that when I read my Kindle, I still occasionally feel the compulsion to turn the page? I'm really enjoying it though.

    I still think the Nook has the edge in that it can borrow books from the library.