Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mischievous Little Boys

Little boys come in all shapes and sizes,
Shy and adventurous, full of surprises,
With misshapen halos and mischievous grins,
Small dirty faces and sweet sticky chins.
They'll keep you so busy, and yet all the while
Nothing can brighten the world like their smile,
And no greater treasure has brought home more joy,
Than a curious, active and lovable boy.

~Author Unknown~


This is one of my "I remember when" posts going back 29 years. We were living in Virginia Beach and Gregg's ship was on deployment. Our son was always very good at entertaining himself when I had things to do around the house. He was never out of sight nor mind for too long but every so often, when you knew it was just too quiet, a mother's senses would kick in. I walked around the corner and this is what greeted me. I remember saying, "Now Brad, what are you doing?" He greeted me with that beautiful smile. My camera was never far away even back then, and this is one of those life moments I had to capture. I had been baking earlier and had not yet put the bag of flour away.

As you can see he had pretty long hair in those days, and he had not had his first haircut. I took my time getting him to a barber. I did not want to cut those beautiful locks and ignored all attempts to push me in that direction. I can be pretty stubborn about such things and if you looked real close, my heels digging into the dirt would be clearly visible. I always knew I would know when that day would come, and it did not too long after this photo was taken.


  1. What a wonderful, "Magic Moment" preserved for all time! I love it! I had many of these magic moments myself and I still smile when I think of them!

  2. You must have been a good mother, because he obviously wasn't too afraid of you in spite of the terrible mess. Great shot.

  3. I am surprised you weren't upset. I would have shrieked!!! lol.

    He is a cutie, though.

  4. Great photograph. Great smile from your son. I'm not a mom but it hasn't been that long since I would feel that feeling, "what is he doing?'

  5. Fantastic picture, Denise. A truly magical moment. I reckon it was the smile that stopped you screeching!

  6. I so love this old photos. It brings back terrific memories. So cute.

  7. he has the true look of innocence on his face.......

    Gill in Canada

  8. You couldn't be cross with that face looking at you!
    Jane x

  9. I had never seen child locks on cupboards until I babysat this week.A classic!

  10. What a great shot of your beautiful child. Great memories you froze in time.

  11. Wonderful. It's not good when they are too quiet, is it? So sweet.

  12. Oh my! What a picture! He's made a mess and he's smiling and instead of being scolded, is having his photo taken as evidence... I mean remembrance. Been there, done that. :-) I have a photo of my son being caught drawing on the walls with crayons.

  13. A great shot to keep. He looks so mischievous but cute. He was only copying mummy.

  14. Sweet memories and this picture is soooo adorable!

  15. A wonderful memory Denise and the photo of your gorgeous "little boy" is marvellous - definitely one to treasure! A x

  16. Just returning your call Denise and what an interesting visit it has been. The snow storm sounds horrendous although, even here in Torbay we had a lot of snow this winter.
    We are off on our cruise tomorrow, thanks for the goos wishes. I will be in touch on my return. I have been rather poorly this winter and neglected many old friends and places.
    Take care

  17. I have to laugh. This is so like my granddaughter. You can't turn away for a second. :)
    A lovely look back Denise.

  18. I can see why you wouldn't be in a hurry to cut those pretty locks.
    He was an adorable child, even if he did get into his share of mischief!