Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A flash back to Coronado

I thought I would share a visit to one of the many restaurants we ventured into on our vacation last year, called the Costa Azul. It is a Mexican restaurant located on Orange Avenue, Coronado, San Diego. You can look at their website if you click here.

Gregg and I don't go to many Mexican restaurants where we live. When we do go out to eat we are so hooked on Thai food that we usually head to our favorite of the moment, Bangkok Thai, a relatively new restaurant ten minutes away from home. All that being said this place looked really inviting and we stopped around lunchtime.

I always remember one of our old neighbors from when we lived here back in the 80's saying that after he had left for university, he used to ask his mother to send him care packages filled with his favorite Mexican food. There are many excellent Mexican restaurants in the San Diego area and this was the first and only one we visited on our vacation. The people there were very friendly and the food was great.

If I had looked more closely at the billboard outside, advertising 'the best Margaritas in the world', I would probably have ordered one but the Coronado Golden Ale that Gregg and I drank was outstanding, so no complaining here.

There tortillas were good also.

All the vegetables in the salad were so fresh and crunchy. If ever Gregg orders a salad he always gets the Caesar and I usually get the regular kind. Here it was called Ensalada Chica.

I also ordered the Coconut Shrimp which was absolutely yummy. Gregg's meal was the Fajitas and he said those refried beans were the best he had ever tasted. Both meals we gave a big thumb's up.

Here's another view of that Coconut Shrimp.

There was outside seating which we elected not to take because there was a bit of a heat-wave going on, and we wanted to get into some air-conditioning. You can see a lady in the picture below. She was making tortillas and people would come up and buy them off the street. When she had a large batch she took them into the kitchen, and as she passed our table we smiled and told her we had enjoyed watching her cook them. She offered us one and you know, straight off the grill top, they were out of this world. When the lady came back we told her how much we enjoyed them and she said she would bring us more, but we smiled and said that we couldn't eat one more bite. Truthfully? We could have made a whole meal of those tortillas.

If ever you find yourself on Orange Avenue in Coronado, we can most definitely recommend the Costa Azul.

In the next day or so I will share photos taken around and about Coronado.


  1. Gosh, this is a case of 'wish I was there' ... the food sounds wonderful. I'm positively drooling after looking at your pictures. We like Thai food, unfortunately there isn't a Thai restaurant near where I live. First sampled it on a cruise and loved it.

  2. It sounds most impressive and your photos are wonderful.

  3. What appetizing photos. We are planning a trip to San Diego for May --very excited.

  4. This place is a paradise , isn't it? hmmm delicious meals!
    And I'm impressed by so beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

  5. What a nice restaurant. I love homemade tortillas.

  6. My mouth is watering. Lovely restaurant and delicious meals. Bill always has Caesar Salad too. He actually makes a good one at home too.

  7. that food looks so yummy, and I am not a fan of Mexican food.


  8. Oh wow! Been there. Eaten there. Died and went to heaven there. Sooo good! I wish I was there right this minute.

  9. I have never been to San Diego, but if I am ever there, I'll definitely check out this restaurant. The food looks delicious, Denise!

  10. Looks fabulous, Denise... I'm sitting here eating a bowl of soup----so your meal seems much better than what I'm eating. ha ha ....

    I'd love to go to the San Diego area sometime. You have showed us so many beautiful pictures from there.


  11. My belly liked the food pics, and my eyes loved the Beer sign,lol.

  12. There are some blogs you're glad you came to after lunch rather than before. I notice from the menu half way down that they've got a good selection of draught beer and a few local oddities too. We get a bad view of American beer over here - supermarkets usually stock Buds and their like where as I know from the local pubs much more selective buying that there are some really good ones.

  13. Can't wait to see more of your Coronado posts! I've walked by Costa Azul twice since you published your story, and thought of you each time.

    I agree, Costa Azul is a consistently good restaurant with fabulous local owners! The location is perfect for sitting back and watching people walk by.