Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A bit of a ramble.....

Partly due to the weather and partly due to klutzy me, I have hardly been out to take any photos, and am sharing from my archives. I found this lovely fellow at the San Diego Zoo. I took a zillion shots during that week's vacation that will probably last me through three winters, but I have to say I am missing my most favorite hobby. The cockatoo was perched on the hand of one of the zoo staff as I walked by. You can find out more about White Cockatoos if you click right here.

Now for the klutzy me part, in the space of a month I have fallen three times - things are supposed to come in three's aren't they, not that I am being superstitious or anything? A year ago I kept spraining my ankles, this year my knees are taking a beating. I have 'kissed' the ground three times now, once in DC which I told you all about in a post at the time, when my knee hit the edge of a curb because I misjudged the height of it, once during the bad weather and once in the bedroom when I was getting over my last fall, when I realized my already badly bruised and sprained knee was not up to snuff. Before I knew it my face was on the floor, carpeted thankfully, and I was staring at that carpet at ground level. Amazing in one split second I realized it really needed a good vacuum, and amazing that with the pain I was in I even thought of it! It took me another week before I could walk without hobbling, reduced to staying in bed for a couple of days because my knee was just too painful. I couldn't get out at all and didn't want to because I didn't want to risk falling on the ice again. Gregg took good care of me, working long days and coming home to fix dinner, while offering lots of TLC.

A few days ago I finally felt able enough to go out, as the temperature rose and melted most of the snow and all of the ice. I think I am going to have trouble with that knee because when the temperature drops I know it - like many with joint aches - my knee feels like a weather vane, but at least the clicking has stopped. I was thinking about my Mum and remembered in times past that she would often take a fall, so I think she definitely gave me those genes.

I was out of the loop for a while but when I contacted one of my friends, Kathy, I found that she was suffering with terrible back pain, so I immediately gave myself a swift kick and I am off to visit her at noon today as she said she felt like company. Would you please send all healing energies over to Kathy so that she can get rid of this nasty back problem. She has had it for over two weeks now.

Drat the winter, I am most definitely ready for spring. To prove it I admired these lovely tulips the last time we were grocery shopping and Gregg noticed. He also noticed when I went back for a second look and when he came home from work on Valentine's Day he gave me these. I couldn't have been more thrilled.

A few weeks ago we ordered two end tables from Plow and Hearth, but when we picked them up and opened the box we realized they had to be assembled. I wasn't too thrilled as we weren't told this when we ordered them. It was probably in the fine print, who knows. Gregg was going to put them together when he had the time over this coming weekend, but yesterday as I looked at the boxes I decided to surprise him and put them together myself. We had purchased a cordless screwdriver and that made the job much easier. All it entailed was for the legs to be fitted to the table top, with a couple of supports and a second table underneath, and I was pleasantly surprised that it all went together pretty easily. I decided afterwards that it wouldn't stop me buying any more furniture from the store if something took my fancy. When we have bought need-to-be-assembled furniture in the past, there was always something wrong with it, pieces had been left out, not enough screws or bolts, but I'm happy to say everything was included.

We also bought a new screen guard on sale, which looks really nice. I love looking around Plow and Hearth, they have so many fun items in there but the staff need to let you know that some assembly might be involved when buying their furniture. They still had the life-sized brown bear to greet you as you went in the door and I still left without him, even though he looked at me and practically yelled "TAKE ME HOME".

Well, no I didn't take the bear home but the first day I could get out I was out in the car and off to the card shop because there are a few happy occasions coming up and I wanted to be prepared. I saw this lovely rabbit and decided to treat myself to an Easter decoration. I can probably keep him out all year round.

Right now he's next to the new fire screen.

I love those feet!

On the evening of Valentine's Day last Monday, we went to our favorite Thai restaurant near home. It was a very blustery day and the evening was no different. There were lots of lovely looking clouds up there, just flying across the sky. We could just make out the moon and it was so beautiful.

After that we came home and this is the end of my ramble.


  1. Oh my goodness! Do be careful. Hope your knees feel better soon. I slipped on ice last winter and slid under my car in the driveway...I pray nobody saw me, I can well imagine what that looked like! LOL!
    Love your bunny, especially his feet!
    Take care.
    ☼ Sunny

  2. With the melting there are some slick places. Sometimes when I have came back from a hike I feel like I have whiplash from catching myself so many times.Your rabbit was a good find, coincides with the Chinese New Year also.

  3. I normally put the DIY furniture stuff together, I think it's fun. One exception to the fun, was a kitchen cart with a shelf and a drawer, it was a nightmare!

    Gotta watch those falls, I took a spill at a restaurant parking lot and hit my knee on the cement curb. I hurt so bad, I had it xrayed, it was okay, but I had damaged the membrane on one of the bones. It hurt for a l-o-n-g time.

    Take it easy out there!

  4. Hope you are soon on the mend. I have slipped a couple of times on the ice this year but not fallen, just jarred my back.
    I love the bunny rabbit....he looks very wise! Well he would do as he chose the nice warnm fire to stand by!!
    Jane x
    PS Keep bunny away from the tulips!

  5. What a nice ramble, Denise! I love your purchases; you photographed them well. And those tulips are to die for. Wish I could get them in Hawaii...

    Take care of yourself. Knee pain is no laughing matter.

  6. Love all the photos and the rabbit and your new tables. Sorry about Kathy's back pain and your falls. Hope you both heal, fast. I'm going to be pushy, here, and recommend Tai Chi for you. It's great for balance. I've been teaching Tai Chi to seniors for over 8 years. You're probably not a senior, yet, but it's good for everyone.

  7. Denise, that is quite a ramble all around the briar patch! You even showed us a bunny rabbit! Ha!

    So sorry aobut your falls. I do hope you are feeling better. I have tried to be so careful myself as I know how a fall can lay you up for quite a while.

    I love the tulips! Oh, they do look so like spring and I am longing for it as much as you are! We are having some warmer weather now and it may get up to 60 by Friday so there is some hope!

  8. I am so very afraid of falling on the ice. I held onto Bob for dear life, while in Niagara Falls. I already have a torn meniscus in my right knee. I fear if I fall or even twist abnormally, I will feel great pain. Be careful; no more falling! I like your new end tables. I was looking for something similar. I may have to give Plow and Hearth a look-see.

  9. I hope the soon-to-be spring will help with your knees and your friend's back. Those tulips made my day as well. What a lovely gift!

  10. no kneeling!

    Seriously, you are a good friend to go bring joy...

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  11. Good for you, Denise. I'm so proud of you for doing it yourself! However, please take care of yourself. Everything looks gorgeous!

  12. Sorry to hear about your falls. I think we suffer more trying to get better. I know for sure the older we get we pay for some of the past injuries. Loved the flowers, so pretty and I am sure it cheered you up. Don't you just love husbands that help out. Have a nice weekend.

  13. Woof Denise!
    I am drooly sorry you hurt yourself!
    I am drooly clumsy myself.
    My human Lui sent me to visit you.
    I am glad you do long post because I do that myself because I can only blog once a week.

    Have a happy heart week
    and Lui sends her love.

  14. Sorry to hear about your falls - I hope you're feeling much better now. I also hope your friend's back is less painful - backs can take a long time to heal.
    I love your rabbit - those feet are so sweet:-)

  15. oh dear me, I hope things are on the mend for you now. You must have cringed when you saw that photo of our ice covered driveway?

    I love that bunch of tulips they are so pretty and the new bits and bobs you have around the house.

    Take good care of yourself,