Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to warmer days.....

I for one am looking forward to the days of crocus', daffodils and tulips. What say you? I look forward to Spring. I am trying not to be a wimp about the cold temperatures here in Virginia, especially after the conversation I just had with Gregg. He in turn had one with his Dad earlier who had been chatting to one of his nephews in North Dakota recently. His nephew was out working his cattle and when father-in-law asked nephew what the weather was like, nephew told him, "Oh, the wind-chill is about 50 below." 50 degrees below and working outside????? I am even more impressed with my North Dakota relatives when I hear things like this. And so with it being 45 degrees outside, am trying not to shiver too much because I know people are having to deal with a heck of a lot worse, and dealing. 45 degrees F. must seem like a heatwave to some.

All that being said I am going back to warmer days and remembering one of my side-trips when I tagged along with Gregg on one of his business trips last year. This was not my first visit to Sea World, as we lived here back in the 80’s and visited many times. We had yearly passes that were used often when a relative or a friend took their vacation with us, and we loved it.

On this trip I didn't get to see the Shamu show, but I got to see a lot of Shamu lookalikes. His car was parked outside and his tail cast a giant shadow.

In all the dining areas he was everywhere....

and he was also part of my lunch. It was a very hot day and I needed that icy bottle of water which I drank quickly, and enjoyed the chicken wrap. Then came dessert. I ate Shamu's tail which was a chocolate-covered shortbread stuck in a chocolate cupcake.

I guess the blue icing was there to represent a giant splash of water.

When I walked through the gates the first place I headed for was the penguin encounter. You can see that post if you click here. It was so lovely and cool and I stayed as long as I could. Afterwards I walked and walked and walked and knew my energy was getting pretty low. I needed a break. The dolphin show was about ready to start, and I thought it would be a great place to rest for half an hour while watching the entertainment. All the seats down below were taken and I sat high up in the bleachers. Oh boy do I need glasses!

The sun was beating down and I felt like I was melting away. I had no hat and no water. A spritzer spray of ice-cold water would have been great. That bottle of ice-cold water would have been great. A familiar refrain throughout this blog is that you will hear me complain about the heat, usually in the height of summer. I enjoy any other time of the year, yes even the winter. I don't do well in heat but I settled down to enjoy the show. I always loved the California climate, not too hot, not too cold but Goldlilocks said what the flipping heck, this is way too hot today.

I know there was a story here but I couldn't hear the loudspeakers very well and everything seemed garbled. Maybe that was due to the noise in my ears as my head started to sizzle?

I'm guessing there was a princess

who could talk to the dolphins

and they talked back.

The dolphins were lovely and if I could have seen them properly instead of always through the lens of my camera zoom, I would have probably appreciated the whole thing more. Take me back 20 years and remembering the enjoyment of my child, like so many parents here today with their children, I know I did.

The princess flew through the air and there were more dolphin people and more dolphins.

The crowd roared.....

I think by this time I was making up my own storyline because I certainly couldn't understand what was coming out of those loudspeakers.

The parrot flew down....

and turned into a beautiful Parrot Queen.

The bad old Parrot King flew in and created mayhem. He was booed....of course......bad Parrot King!

But the young prince came along and saved the Parrot Queen. The End!

Needless to say I was probably now a medium rare and the thought of sitting through the Shamu Show was not doing anything for this girl. I headed for a nice cool aquarium where I spent the next hour looking at the amazing fish. It was either that or head back to the nice cool building and see my amazing penguin friends again, which would have been great.

If you go to the shows get there early so that you can get a good seat and see what you're looking at, or at least take along a pair of binoculars if you find yourself in the stratosphere, and don't forget your hat and your water. It might also be a good idea to have a spray bottle of ice cold water so that you can spritz yourself through the melting heat. Better still if you see a man coming around carrying a ton of ice in an ice-chest, wrestle him to the ground, pour the ice all over your seat and sit on it. Any spare ice just throw down your neck. There were a lot of tired, hot kiddies who could have done with just that. Yes I am joking, I'm not really telling you to wrestle the ice-man to the ground. No one wants you to be carted off by the Shamu Police.

I don't think I will be moving to any hot tropical climates soon. In fact, by the time I left this show I could have used a little of that wind-chill factor from North Dakota.

All joking aside and way back when, I remember the good times at Sea World with our son, family and friends, all great memories. Hmmm.....I do believe my other fuddy-duddy personality must have turned up on this day.

Added note: if you would like to see other photos I took at Sea World, you can click on the "Sea World" label below.


  1. Honestly, Denise! This was such a fabulous post. I loved every bit of it. You had so much I could really savor. 50 below sounds absolutely awful. I remember those days and how difficult it was for me to drive with my fingers freezing before the car could warm up.

    I loved seeing all your Sea World photos. You made it all look like spectacular fun. I understand you were hotter than hot and couldn't hear anything much, but it looked great in your post.

    The food photos made me hungry, too. I think I'll go look for something to munch on.

  2. I believe I have been to Sea World, when we lived in Pasadena, I was in that cranky stage (bent about being dragged around to help watch the kids) of a teenager, and yes, it was hot!

    50 below - not to be trifled with, that stuff burns and does all kinds of damage to unprotected skin. It's a cold that I never want to ever feel again! BRRRR!

  3. Thanks Kay and Sharon. I love reading my blogging friends comments here and could have kicked myself when I deleted the first one - from MarieElizabeth at:

    I was having trouble with one little paragraph in my post. The letters were huge compared the others, and I decided to delete the whole post but cut and paste it into a new one. I didn't realize I had also deleted MarieElizabeth's comment.

    Thankfully I had a small lightbulb go off in my head and checked my comments and spam section and it was still there. I decided to cut and paste MarieElizabeth's comment below.

    MarieElizabeth said, "these photos bring back wonderful memories. I worked at Sea World (in Ohio when it was there) for 6 summers during college and grad school. Shamu is truly everywhere! Love the WV bug version, that’s new."

    So, if you think you've deleted a comment by mistake, just go to your comment and spam section. It should still be there in the published area (not the spam section).

  4. Shamu-riffic!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  5. Amazing Post...ver very interesting :) thanks for sharing Denise!

  6. Beautiful post! Now I want to go.
    Thanks for sharing.
    'hugs from afar'

  7. Fun photos! They didn't even need your words.

  8. Wonderful post, so enjoyable to read. I don't envy you the cold weather, our silly minus 9 is nothing by comparison but I still feel as I'll freeze to death.

  9. Lovely summer colours and feel to your post. I know how you felt so hot as it is like that here today.

  10. great pics I am thrilled with them. I remember how excited my grandaughter was when the big bird girl flew by us ..sandy

  11. Great post. We've been to the San Antonio Seaworld a couple times over the years and love it.

  12. It's only the first of February! It doesn't take long to grow weary of winter, does it? Love your post today. All the whales reminds me of how here in TX everything is shaped like TX - even the macaroni!! SeaWorld is a great adventure and you certainly appeared to have a wonderful time. I've been a few times, but have never seen a show like the one you took pictures of. How delightful! ~karen

  13. It was -22wind chill when I went for sunny walk today.Lots of wool on today. what a great job working with the fish, but I wonder if they get that smell off their hands easily.

  14. I have visited Sea World just one time. That time was in Ohio. I remember having a good time. Sea World doesn't exist there anymore.

  15. I love Sea World, and the warmth of those scenes makes me feel a little warmere, too.
    And glad I'm not out working cattle at 50 below!

  16. Dauphins are the most charming creatures, aren't they?
    God bless you!

  17. Love the car...that is so cute!

  18. Those Sea World pictures are fabulous, such beauty. It is nice of you to share these, it is like being there.