Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An icy start to the day.

"Bare branches of each tree
on this chilly January morn
look so cold so forlorn.
Gray skies dip ever so low
left from yesterday's dusting of snow.
Yet in the heart of each tree
waiting for each who wait to see
new life as warm sun and breeze will blow,
like magic, unlock springs sap to flow,
buds, new leaves, then blooms will grow."

~Nelda Hartmann - January Morn~


Right now it is 34 degrees F. Last night we had an icy rain that started in the late evening and lasted until the wee hours. It stopped me from getting off to sleep as it slapped the window. When I peeked through the blinds this morning to see what it was like I saw my neighbor - in his SUV - slide down his driveway and hit his mailbox. Not a good start to his morning. It brings back a memory of our poor mailman knocking on our door to apologize for hitting our mailbox. The pole holding it had snapped in two. It was a very similar morning weather-wise. Gregg has just left for work. I'm sure the main roads will be fine but getting out of the neighborhood is the challenge. After seeing several cars coming slowly down the road without incident he felt it was okay to go into work, though he borrowed my car instead of his van. Easier to drive in bad weather.

We watched a new show last night called Harry's Law with Kathy Bates as Harriet Korn, a patent attorney who gets fired from her job and decided to open her own practice. It's a comedy-drama and the first show was excellent. I've always been a fan of Kathy Bates and felt the whole cast had a great chemistry. One of the funny side-lines is that Harry's secretary sells shoes out of the same office, so basically they have a lawyer's practice/shoe store, which is a hoot.


  1. Saw your lovely photo pop up on my dashboard and came in to say hello, my dear! Just went out to get the newspaper but I gave up on it halfway down the driveway--just like Harry's Law, gave up on that too sadly (love Kathy Bates, this show, not so much). Perservering on Downton Abbey though, did you catch that? Nice scenery.

  2. It is snowing to beat the band here and ice in the forecast. I'm ready for Spring!
    Great picture by the way :)
    ☼ Sunny

  3. What wasn't closed for the holiday, closed for the ice here.Saturday we had it the first time and I almost got stuck on a walk down at the bottom of a hill.I haven't had to go anywhere today, a neighbor called tosee if I wanted to drive her to work.I said come over if it gets bad, so it must have gotten better in town.

  4. what is the flower in the header??so promising of healing and rebirth around the corner.

  5. I don't envy your weather, Denise! Take care!

  6. Ice is so much worse that snow. You can't even have any fun in it.
    I watched Harry's Law too, and we really liked it. All of the characters are interesting.

  7. We are having a much different day than expected. Freezing rain was in the forecast. Temperatures quickly climbed above freezing. I didn't see any freezing rain (or any rain for that matter). I do see lots of dripping water, though, and that is good. I want the icicles hanging from the house gone!

  8. First: I hope your header photo, Denise! Gorgeous!

    I wanted to see Harry's Law but it's the same time as Hawaii 5-0. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I might have to tape it one of these days.

  9. I wanted to watch Harry's Law too, but it wasn't on my tv in here, so I had Hawaii 5-0 on. Didn't really watch it either.

    I don't like ice, yes, is worse than snow!

  10. There is always a wise and warm place here, D.

    Lovely! (Brrrrrrrrr)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  11. I wondered if Harry's Law was good. Now, I'll have to check it out!

  12. Sounds like good weather to curl up with a book in. Stay warm!

  13. You have ice. We have snow. I'd rather have snow. Thanks for the tip on the new show. What network is it on?

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