Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to get people to take the staircase and avoid the escalator.

The Dreaded Stairs (HG)

This takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. There is a set of stairs with a moving escalator next to it, both of which lead to the same spot on the floor of the upper level. At first no one took the stairs, almost 97% of the people took the escalator. A group of engineers got together and decided they wanted to change the percentage around. Notice what these scientists did. They have reversed the percentages as a whopping 65% more people take the stairs than ride the escalator. One way of getting people to exercise more!

The videos are 'cut off' here but if you remember to click twice on each, this will you to the large screen where you can see the full version.

Does anyone remember the movie "Big"? Here, actors Robert Loggia and Tom Hanks perform one of my favorite scenes in that movie dancing on a larger than life piano 'mat'.  You can go here to see it.


  1. Ha ha ha!! So fun!! And what a bright idea to make the stairs plyaing like a piano!! WoW, I should like someone make some stairs in Oslo like that!! Thanks for sharing!

    And then I also have to say, that me and my dear - we walks the stairs nearly all time, instead of the escalator. The exceptions are just when we have heavy bags to carry.. ;)

    I hope you are doing fine in The New Year! :)

  2. Isn't this amazing, add a litle fun and imagination and it really isn't exercising at all !
    Such a fun video Denise !

  3. Really a fun post! Great way to get people to use the stairs and get the blood flowing!

    Yep, I remember Big, and wished I had one of those floor pianos!

  4. I liked the piano stairs video so much that I shared the video on my Facebook page.

  5. So engineers thought of that? I'm an engineer so I can add the question mark. Very clever.

  6. Two fun and wonderful videos! Thanks, Denise. They had me enthralled from start to finish. I probably would ditch the escalator for the piano stairs, too!

  7. What a TERRIFIC idea!! I think they should add that to Stairmaster machines at the gym! Think of how much fun we'd all have!! Thanks for sharing this, what a HOOT!

  8. What a marvellous idea, such fun to see people experimenting and the children's faces were a picture. I enjoyed the video from "Big" too. Thank you for sharing this Denise. A x

  9. we loved this, D!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  10. Oh wow! This is such a cool post, Denise. I loved seeing Tom Hanks in Big again. That's a great sequence and taking the stairs more is a wonderful thing!

  11. I love those piano stairs! Thanks for making me smile.

  12. I think musical stairs are a great idea :-)

  13. I remember seeing this before, and it is fun to watch again. Pop by my blog on Wednesday as I have a lovely music video that is just perfect for me and you,