Saturday, January 1, 2011


First of all, I want to wish you all A Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
May 2011 bring every dream fulfilled.

This is a poem sent to me by friend Ev.

A Happy New Year!
Grant that I may bring no tear to any eye.
When this New Year in time shall end,
Let it be said I've played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.

~Edgar A Guest~

All photos today are shared with the permission of Mr. Mike Alcock, the photographer who was kind enough to share with me these exceptional photos of Marldon Village, South Devon, England, a place I called home from 1965 to 1975. I met Gregg in July of 1975 and moved to America not too long afterwards.

The view below reminds me of the one we had of the village from the back of our bungalow, although we were a little further away than this shot and probably at a different angle. My favorite sound was always that of the church bells on a Sunday Morning.

It never ceases to amaze me this wonderful world of the Internet. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to find some up-dated photos of the village, to go along with a post about our 35th wedding anniversary. I put in the subject line at Google, "marldon village photos south devon england" and up popped The Marldon Local History Group. I wrote to ask if I could use those photos after realizing I should have asked permission before actually posting them. I was so happy to find them, all of which you can see here. Chris Alcock replied to my letter and said she had asked the group's photographer, Ray Bond, who had said yes. Chris also gave me some updated information on the village, which I was very grateful for. She also included two of her husband's photographs he had taken a couple of days before. A day or so later her husband - Mike - sent me one more, all of which I was very excited to receive.

Thank you Chris, Mike and Ray, for bringing a little bit of home back to me after all these years, and A Very Happy New Year to you too.

To repeat what I posted here and if you missed it the last time and would like to see where I lived when I met Gregg, you can go to the website and on a list on the left-hand side, as your arrow goes on each title, a drop box of photos appears. If you click on each photo, it will show you a different scene of the village I lived in from 1965 to 1975.

Our house is very quiet now and company left for home last Tuesday. Anthony Bourdain is on the TV where he started out in Fall River, Massachusetts. They have a large Portuguese population originally from the Azores, and now he has gone to the Azores. I love my arm-chair traveling and I love listening to the conversations he has with the people he meets. Both Gregg and I enjoy his show, except one of us doesn't like listening to commercials and flips through the channels when they're on. A clue, it's not me. I think it's a boy thing.

I almost forgot to tell you that we have a new TV, a gift Gregg and I gave to each other for Christmas after the other gave up on us after eight years. It snowballed a bit as we also had to buy a stand to put it on. The new one is a little bit bigger than our old TV and doesn't fit the other stand any more. So, yesterday we found ourselves in Havarty's and I fell in love with a lot of furniture. We had been in there five minutes and I saw a small console, where I said, "I like this one." "Great!" Gregg said, "Let's go find the lady", a nice young person who greeted us as we walked in the store. "Heck no!" I said. "It's been five years since I've been in a furniture store, I'm not choosing something in five minutes mister" and off I went.

I don't like shopping normally but have just found out how much I love furniture stores. I think I heard Gregg groan. We were in there about an hour and the console I finally settled on? It was the one I saw after the first five minutes. But you know, you've got to have a fun time looking right, just in case? I didn't tell Gregg at the time but I saw our new bedroom furniture. He actually groaned again when I told him just now. Hmmmm.....I think I need to remind him that our other set is 35 years' old and he had already bought it before I even came over. He also told me - at Havarty's - he chose it in 15 minutes. Just between you and me, I've never really liked it, it's also been through ten moves in it's life and is looking like it might fall apart any time. I think it's time to get a new set. I'll give it a couple of months more before my new friends The Havarty's and I get together.


  1. Thanks Denise, and Happy New Year to you. Love the photos --just so gorgeous.

  2. Oh how neat to get pictures of your old home place in England.. Yeah for the internet!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing, Denise...

    Congrats on getting the new TV ---and for the trip to the furniture store... That's like taking a child to the candy store, isn't it???? ha

    Happy 2011 to YOU.

  3. It is fun what you can find online.I have looked up numerous subjects,recipes etc.Glad you had a good is 1-1-11 today when I wrote a check, I had never thought of it before.

  4. Oh yes, the channel hopping thing..... male, for sure.
    Jane x
    PS What did men do before remotes?

  5. Wow, super piccies for the New Year.

  6. Whenever that bit of landscap was put together, somebody had snow in mind. Looks Lovely.

    Happy new year.

  7. I haven't spent any significant time in a furniture store since 2005, when we purchased living room furniture. It is detrimental to our budget for me to visit a furniture store! Marldon Village looks like a winter wonderland in the photographs that you shared. I believe I shared with you a while ago that one of my sisters in law is from Ipswich. I just placed both villages on google maps. You lived about 100 miles from Ipswich.

  8. How wonderful to have photos from your home, they are beatutiful.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year to you Denise.


  10. I loved your post. Nice photos of the village you used to live in.

    In has been in just the past year that we finally got ride of all but one vestige of the furniture I bought when I was single right right of college 34 years ago. I bought good stuff it was all wood but it is nice to have all of our own stuff.

  11. Happy New Year Denise. Lovely scenes of Devon.

  12. New Years shopping - seems right..the pictures are wondrous- snow so pristine and lovely..panaramas glorious sk

  13. Devon is such a special place and I am glad you remade the connection.

    Happy New Year to you!

  14. Happy New Year to you!! I love going to antique furniture stores - I drool because usually the prices are way to high for my budget, but I can dream, right?!

  15. I'm thinking you should go back sooner than later to the furniture store! Whenever I put something off to think about it, usually someone else has the same idea and takes it home first.

    Happy New Year. ♥♫

  16. I say, "GO for it!" We had our bedroom furniture for 30 years and I never really liked it. (We'd gotten a good deal from a friend who sold furniture at a time when we couldn't afford much furniture.)

    We hunted and deliberated over our new set once we moved to Hawaii and we are really loving it. It's definitely more our style. Everytime I look at it, I have to smile. It took us over 2 years to find it, but it was worth it!

    By the way, I love your header photo. All that snow. Sigh.

  17. Dear Denise, I wish you have a very happy New Year.

  18. beautiful poem and loved the pictures too of sunny England ;)

    Happy new year mate :)


  19. I bet you really enjoyed these pictures, the village looks very nice. I hope you are enjoying the new TV. I like going online to find things. Have a nice week, we finally got snow.

  20. Happy New years to you and your family, densie! I loved the photos of the village. Thanks for sharing.