Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spending time with good friends

All these photos were taken with my cell phone, consequently several of them are out of focus because it doesn't seem to do well in low-lighting, unless I get really lucky, so please excuse the poor quality. I haven't been able to recharge my pocket camera as I seem to have tidied the charger into non-existence; that is I have been doing a lot of house-cleaning and have apparently put it in a place I can't remember. It will probably turn up when I am looking for something else in another week or so.

We have done a lot of socializing lately. This past Sunday we were guests at our friends' church. Kathy and Chuck play the bells and sing in the choir and asked us if we would like to attend Sunday Service. Another good friend, Anne, also has a beautiful voice and even though she is not a regular church member because she lives over an hour away, sang in the choir as a guest. It was a great pleasure to hear my friends singing. Back when Kathy lived in England she taught the boys' choir for the opera performances at Covent Garden, and met Chuck in Italy when he was training as an opera singer. He also has a magnificent voice and did a couple of solo's. Because I was in church I made myself sit on my hands and didn't take too many photos but I did get this one of Kathy who is on the left.

After the service our friend Carol invited us all to lunch at her house. She has a lovely home with many things that catch my eye. Below is friend Hazel, very out of focus but I liked the softness of the photo and decided to include it. I don't think Hazel would mind.

Hazel with another friend of ours, Jackie.

I like Carol's fireplace a lot and took three photos....

and here's Gregg eating an appetizer, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying that lovely roaring fire.

Time for lunch.

A delicious meal.

Afterwards we all sit around and enjoy chatting with Carol's oldest granddaughter who is taking good care of her little sister. You can just see Carol on the left, next her husband Donald who is looking at his granddaughters - notice the Redskin Shirt - Donald is a big fan and occasionally disappeared as there was a game going on. He returned with reports on how the game was progressing and that's Chuck, Kathy's husband.

This little long-haired chihuahua's is Sophie, and her mummy is Carol's daughter. Kathy enjoyed giving her a fuss.

Gregg with Kathy and Anne. Kathy is again with her new best friend, the little chihuahua, but don't tell Hamish. Yes I am joking, he needn't worry as we all know that he is number one dog in Kathy's life.

This is the little chihuau's sister, a Pomeranian called Lily.

One of me with those darling little dogs. I was at that point wondering if I could smuggle them under my coat and take them back home with me.

They are definitely getting a lot of attention.

Time for dessert. By this time it has gotten dark outside and I feel very lucky that this photo came out as prettily as it did. I liked it so much I used it in my new header photograph.

The next two photos are totally out of focus but I'm still happy that we at least got something. Carol's husband took a couple too, which I hope they will be sending me soon. In the meantime here we all are; left to right Kathy holding Sophie, Carol, Denise, Anne, Jackie and Hazel.

Another good time together and already making plans for the next gathering.


  1. Love your photos, Denise. I was able to see all of your friends' faces despite the low lighting. Dessert looked good, too. I guess Gregg is glad you actually took photos of people. lol.

  2. Oh, my gosh! What lovely photos and with your camera phone too. The home, food and little doggies all looked wonderful. I would be tempted to take those little doggies home too! I love the dessert as a header for your's perfect!

  3. That's Christmas!!! Love, happiness and joy all around!!! Merry Christmas Denise!!!

  4. Your photos give a lovely warm impression of the fine time you had with your friends.

  5. Lovely piccies, looks like you all had a nice time. HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS XXX Don

  6. Enjoying Christmas with good friends. Life doesn't get much better. I'm glad to hear you tidy things into oblivion. I'm always doing that.

  7. Denise, your photos may not be perfectly in focus but they are perfect in content. A lovely selection detailing a wonderful day with friends.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours.
    BTW we have had heavy snow and ice for over a week. Torbay is unrecognisible. I will post photos later. X

  8. so inviting and warm just what christmas should be - many blessings to you and yours. Thanks for all your blessings to me..sandy

  9. Friends are so important in our life. That fireplace is amazing and I love the wall hanging with the sheep...gorgeous.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas :)
    ☼ Sunny

  10. You have me beat by a mile in celebrations. I like the gaiety of your party.That charger is in the drawer.

  11. Spending wonderful times with family and friends, creating memories to last a life time......a perfect way to spend the holidays. I will still wish you a Merry Christmas, but I can see that you are indeed enjoying a wonderful holiday season!

  12. Real nice and friendly shots my friend.

    A very Merry Christmas and a real Happy New Year Denise and family
    Julie & Stewart

  13. It looks like all had a wonderful time. Excuse me while I wipe drool after seeing that yummy lunch.

    Very nice banners at your friend's church. I have tried making banners before, and well, that's not my area of expertise.

  14. Just a perfect day...
    What a lovely home, just so cozy and inviting, and that fireplace is spectacular....
    I'm wishing you all the blessings of a wonderful Christmas, my dear bloggy friend.
    I'll be seeing you in the New Year !