Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday Morning Ramble

I think it is time to take the screens down from the windows. I don't think it will be warm enough to open them for a while and besides, this is what greeted me when I was waking up this morning. I heard him first, along with two of his other little friends who were climbing all around the screen on our bathroom window. "Where are our peanuts Mrs?" "They're on the list for today" I said. Demanding little blighters! Some might say complete pests but I truly don't consider them as such. In 20 years I have had no real problems with them being destructive, though this new brood does seem a little more active. Oh well, I love them for their comical ways and always will. Now if they start chewing through things like Jo just told me about in her comment on this post, I might have to rethink that one.

It startled me but then logic took over and I knew what was going on. He and his brothers/sisters were just having a great time doing the dosey-doe on our bathroom screen, actually running around in circles in a relative small space, all three of them. Yes I even have my camera ready in the bathroom but before you think I am totally strange, this was a shot I took with my cell phone which I keep on my bedside table. Apparently the sight of me peering through the curtain as we got nose to nose with each other, scared the dickens out of them and all three took a flying leap into the tree just outside, which is how they got up there in the first place. Turn around is fair play. You have to look hard but I captured one of them in the middle of the photo just to right of center.

From squirrels to Thai food! On Friday evening Gregg and I went to one of our favorite Thai Restaurants, a new one to us as we have only just discovered it and it is practically on our doorstep, or at least only ten minutes away. We keep saying we ought to be a little more adventurous as we always have the same thing. I'm sure all the other dishes are absolutely delicious but we have cut our eating out dramatically and when we do go out, we always end up ordering our favorites. We both have a bowl of Tom Kha Soup and Gregg's dish is below, which is chicken in a red curry sauce with steamed rice.

This is mine, Drunken Noodles. There is always a lot of food and we usually end up taking half of it home to enjoy the next day.

And as Gregg keeps telling me I need to put more people photos on here, I thought I would add this one. I always enjoy the Thai beer and Gregg likes a Chinese one. I can't remember their names.

Happy Gregg? Yes I am smiling too.

The next day we found ourselves at Best Buy. I wanted to get a newer version of the Paint Shop Pro, and we also treated ourselves to a video editing program. Another 'people' photograph. Hiya Gregg!
Next stop was to the book store. This is the view out of their window in the coffee shop part.
It was pretty quiet considering it was a Saturday morning. Usually I can't find a table to sit down and.....

drink my coffee.

Gregg had a Pepsi. If you knew Gregg you would understand why I asked if the tide had suddenly turned because he has always been a Coke man and he doesn't like coffee. They don't sell Coca-Cola here, just Pepsi, so...........

Okay, enough of the people photos for now.

After a while Gregg got up and started browsing the aisles while I finished my coffee. It wasn't long after he had left that my brother-in-law in Germany called. We have it set up that we can receive calls anywhere through Skype. Always amazes me that the line is so clear and here we are talking with all this distance between us and we had a lovely chat. We have come a long way since the days when you could only speak for a few minutes because you had to practically promise your first born child for the privilege. I ended up going outside because my voice tends to go up in volume on the cell phone, and I didn't want to disturb anyone else sitting around me. I found a quiet corner out front, cell phone in one hand and coffee in the other.

Sunday we popped over to Home Depot to buy some stain for our patio door and more paint for the kitchen.

Nothing too exciting but it has been a lovely weekend and sometimes doing the simplest things can be just as fun. The only problem is it went by far too fast, always does.


  1. I always look forward to your Monday Rambles, Denise. As an author, I love words -- even Scrabble.

    As for the Thai food, it all looked lovely. But, you should have shared both dishes family style -- each trying each other's dish. More variety that way.

  2. I agree with you about the squirrels and their comical ways, however they do tend to be destructive also. I can't tell you how many sets of garden fairy lights they have eaten this year, I 'spect it's a trade-off.
    They food looks delicious, and lots of it !
    Sounds like you shared a wonderful pottering weekend ;)

  3. An enjoyable post. It is nice to see people photos it sort of helps to get know you better. The book shop looks a nice place to hang out. The food looks yummy too.

  4. Hi Denise, Sounds like you all had a fabulous weekend... Think I recognize that bookstore!!!!!!

    Great pictures of the two of you... i LOVE people pictures... It helps me know my blog friends better.

    Cute picture of the squirrel... I'm not a squirrel love --and they have done damage around here. The final blow to our friendship was when they started eating the buds off of my gorgeous rhododendron... That was IT!!!!!!ha


  5. wonderful images and lively commentary!!

  6. Definitely sounds like a great time and the food looks especially yummy! And yes, it is nice to see the people behind the pictures!

  7. Your weekend sounded fun packed and productive!
    Your little squirrel buddy made me laugh!
    Hope you have a great week.
    ☼ Sunny

  8. I'm with Greg! I loved seeing the photos of both of you. That food looked pretty darn amazing, I must say.

  9. Sounds like you had an eventful and fun weekend!

  10. fun post love new header..sandy

  11. How lovely to see pictures of you both!
    We have demanding squirrels too; they stamp their feet if I am too long with their food!
    Jane x

  12. aw, great post, Denise. Looks like the two of you are having fun. Love thai food! That first picture with the squirrel put a smile on my face -how funny (and cute, too!). Happy monday!

  13. I love the squirrels.. if you feed the birds you just have to know you will get the squirrels and their babies.
    My sister who lives in South Carolina, every morning feeds her squirrels a peanut butter sandwich.. Yes, she buys the cheapest peanut butter and makes a sandwich fro themevery morning, cuts it into 6 squares and sets them outside on her deck.. It's so cute to watch them. Even the birds come for a taste.. If she doesn't have them out there at a certain time they come to her kitchen window that is above her sink and taps ~taps the window until she hears them... Oh my goodness they are so smart..
    Have a great and blessed day...ta ta for now from Iowa..

  14. That squirrel would have totally freaked me out!

  15. We all need to keep those wild pets out for sometime. :)
    Thai food is yumm, thanks for the virtual treat.

  16. Great to hear about your weekend Denise. A little of this and that - I always find those times quite satisfying. Have to say your Thai food looks delicious - Cheers!

    Lucky squirrels in your garden to have such a kind and caring lady to keep their stores replenished. A x

  17. I was warned about the Squirrels, but still love to see them come to the feeders. The food looked good, but I am not into Chinese. I also like to hang out in a book store.