Monday, October 4, 2010

My World Tuesday

I thought I would share more photos from my trip to the San Diego Zoo a couple of weeks ago. It started off a really grey day but as often happened in the mornings, an hour or so later there was a lot of blue up there.

These girls were part of a school group. I noticed the Koala Bear backpack on the little girl on the right.
Later on I found myself looking at the real kind, several of them who were sleeping. And not an actual bear as my blogging friend Diane in Australia reminded me, but an honest to goodness marsupial. Marsupials as we all know carry their young in pouches. Thanks Diane!

There is that blue sky I was talking about.

This lookalike seal caught my attention too. At each side there were two holes where children could stick there head through and have their photo taken next to him. I saw grown ups taking their turn.

Another statue, this time of the polar bear.....
right outside of their exhibit.

This is an Arctic Fox next door. I couldn't take a real good photo of him. In the wild he would be following the polar bear for a free meal.

More bears, this time the Panda.
An opinion Mr. Panda?

This one was high up in a tree.

I always like to make a trip to the reptile house. This is a Rainbow Skink from East Africa.

This handsome fellow is a West African Dwarf Crocodile.

I couldn't figure out if these were female pea fowls or juveniles. Indian pea fowls are found in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Green pea fowls Southeast Asia, Congo pea fowls in central Africa. The Indian and green pea fowl like open forests, while the Congo pea fowl lives in the rain forests.

Not much of a crest as yet but still a pretty bird.

Here we have a Bornean Binturong or Bearcat. He can be found in Western or Northern Bornea. He likes to live in dense forests.

A Spotted Hyena. He is found throughout Africa below the Sahara Desert, living in savannas, semiarid regions, scrublands and in some cases, mountainous areas.

Here we have a Visayan Warty Pig from the Philipine Islands of Negros and Panay.

This is a Red River Hog, the smallest of the African swine. Look at those ears, he has his own decorative tassles.

A yellow-footed Rock Wallaby who would normally live in the rocky outcroppings of Southern Australia.

Enough for now, more zoo photos in later posts.

Thank you Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy and Sylvia for hosting My World.


  1. What a great group of photos - I feel just like I've been there. That's what I like about That's my World. We get to visit so many cool places.

  2. I've always wanted to go there for real, but you took me virtually! Great tour, Denise.

    I hope you have a great week. We're going to get cloudy skies and rain all week, they're saying. :-)

  3. Fantastic shots from the zo, Denise. My favorites are the Panda and polar bears and the koala.

  4. this zoo is pretty fantastic as evidenced by your images. i would love to go back for a visit.

  5. Oh, I do love the San Diego Zoo!! And your photos are the very next best thing to being there! I, too, love the bears. Hope you have a wonderful week, Denise!


  6. love your photos especially the ones where the Koala is sleeping and the panda's butt is showing:) seems San diego Zoo is a must-see place to see in San those animal pics you took. have a good week!

  7. You were a long way from home, but when in San Diego, the zoo and Sea World are two of the really fun places to visit. The trouble is there are soooooo many there. Nice shots and thanks for taking us along.

  8. Great zoo and great pictures, Denise... I especially like the pandas.. SO cute... BUT--I enjoyed the tour. Thanks!!!

  9. What awesome zoo pictures. Love how the eyes glow in some of them.....very cool

  10. I love the zoo photos, Denise. I especially love the shot of Yun Zi up in his tree, the darling boy!! Your picture of his mother is almost identical to the one we took, all we could see was her back!! But Gao Gao, the daddy panda, was a real show-off!
    Thanks for sharing your visit to one of my favorite places.

    Kay, Alberta

  11. Amazing captures and amazing you know what they all are. (Methinks I'd struggle).

  12. These pics create a child like excitement in me. :)

  13. Great zoo with some unusual animals. Like that decorated wallaby. I especially like the backside of the panda.

  14. Lovely animal shots. Great butt on the panda. All the animals look remarkably cared for and healthy. I just pity our yellow footed rock wallaby, a very shy creature, exposed to people. In the wild they live high up in the rocky peaks of the Flinders Ranges and are seldom seen by visitors.

    You certainly got your money's worth in pictures on your day out!

  15. Thanks for taking me to the zoo. I met some interesting animals thanks for the info. I recognised some of our native animals. The Koala is mostly asleep in the day as they are nocturnal. BTW they don't like being called bears because they are marsupials not bears.hee hee only whisper

  16. Nice shots and great Zoo of San Diego!!!
    Have a beautiful day, Denise!!

  17. Hi,
    queste sono delle bellissime foto, anche se non condivido che questi animali così meravigliosi debbano vivere in uno zoo.
    Buona giornata :)

  18. You captured real nice pictures of the zoo. Through your lens is the best way for me to see the San Diego zoo. It's like being there!

  19. I like the dwarf crocodile - he looks almost cuddly!

  20. OMG CUTE PANDA!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures!This zoo is fantastic and all animals very special!
    Mainly that panda, for sure! :)

  21. Great pics. The Koalas and Pandas are always a hit.

  22. You saw a great variety of animals. Wonderful photos of them all.