Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Rambles

A busy day on Saturday and a quieter one on Sunday, a fun weekend all round. I can't even remember what I did last week, so won't even bother to try putting it together.

Saturday I met up with my friends for the televised performance from the New York Met of Wagner's Das Rheingold. We always buy tickets for the season and this was our first one. The production starts at 1.00 p.m. and we usually meet up an hour beforehand so that we can get decent seats. It only takes me 20 minutes to drive to the movie theater and I met everyone in the foyer. By the time we sat down five minutes later it was already getting quite packed, and when the opera started it was a full house.

It comes as no surprise that half way through I start to nod off, not from boredom but from sitting in a darkened movie theater in one of those little seats. I feel myself getting drowsy and my eyes start to close. There was no intermission which usually gives me enough of a kick-start to get through the rest without nodding off again. So, there I was, drifting into oblivion until I jolt awake with a snort that sounds to me - in my head - like a pack of wild pigs thrashing through the underbrush. I always look around to see if anyone noticed. My friend sitting next to me did but she was kind enough not to do anything other than to keep her eyes straight ahead, but we had a bit of a laugh afterwards. We've been going to our opera sessions for three years now, and we've all been down that road before. The lady on the other side whom we didn't know seemed to jump out of her seat at the first snort, but my friend once again said that it wasn't as bad as I had thought and she probably didn't notice. Apparently the rampaging pigs through the underbrush was indeed all in my head. When I looked on the stage there were at least four other performers singing, and I wondered where the heck did they come from as I continued to watch Das Rheingold. One more snort an hour later and then we were off to Olive Garden for dinner.

My dear son and daughter-in-law were coming over. They were turning up at seven and I got back at at six-fifteen. We were supposed to be going out to dinner again, but when Brad called to let us know he and Lisa were on their way over, I asked Gregg who had picked up the phone, to ask them if they wouldn't mind mind stopping off at the local Chinese restaurant to pick up dinner. (I wasn't hungry at all after eating out with the girls.) They were all for that bless them and we chatted around the kitchen table until they had all finished their meal. It was a lovely evening. We showed them our holiday photos after and they were nice enough not to glaze over after the first thousand, yes I jest. However, I really do have to remember to whittle them down a lot more the next time we put them through that. We wanted to show them the photos of our old house particularly, and the school Brad used to go to. He remembered a lot of the old neighborhood, and in particular the wall he ran into when he cut his chin. Me? I remember it as the curb his chin came into contact with after he had been trying to do a trick on his bike - this after seeing a PeeWee Herman movie - and did a somersault over the handlebars. But maybe the wall was another mishap. There were a few of them in that old neighborhood. He was an active little boy, I have gray hairs to show for it.

Sunday the only thing Gregg and I did was to go out to a jewelry store and the supermarket. Before we get too excited I was in the jewelry store to ask them to enlarge my engagement ring. I haven't been able to wear it for more years than I can remember. I had always thought I could get back into it again one day but the test of time has not being that kind, and so I took the bull by the horns and I will be picking it up tomorrow ready to pop it on my finger. The lady asked me if I would like to look around the store but I thought that I should be kind and say "No thank you, perhaps another time!" I did oggle a bit and I heard Gregg say that we - the royal 'we' no doubt - hadn't bought any jewelry in a very long time. I thought "Hmmmm..........." I've also made an appointment to get my ring appraised in a couple of weeks or so. They did have some lovely things in there, I noticed as I oggled my way to the door. Hmmmm............

Off to Starbucks to pick up my weekly Venti Latte, off to the supermarket next door and off back home. We spent the rest of our Sunday enjoying our day quietly and eating left-over Chinese food.

(All my photos in this post were taken at the San Diego Botanical Garden while on holiday a few weeks ago. I don't know the name of the bird yet, but his cape would have fit in very nicely with those worn during Das Rheingold.)


  1. What a wonderful weekend. I think it is nice that you nodded off in the theater. Sometimes that is the best naps.

  2. I hope you didn't pay too much to sleep in the theatre.You had a big weekend. It is fab to spend time with the family.

  3. Dear Denise, your pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing!I also don't know the name of the cute bird, but he is really beautiful!Let's call him LOVE!
    Love is everything and love changes all for good in life.We always find good moments visiting your blog, I'm always happy, it's all about the love from your words and pictures , this adorable energy, thanks so much!
    I'm so busy nowadays doing two different classes of French, during my mornings and evenings, but I think I'm doing well.But please forgive me if I'm late with my comments okay!
    Have a nice week,
    *** little Luna is sending you purrs and many thanks for your always kind words in her blog!

  4. what a wonderful way to spend a weekend, it sounded perfect to me. It's annoying isn't it, when those pigs snorting wake you up....LOL


  5. Trying to remember what you did last week, I have the same problem Denise.{:)

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely and full week-end. Next time get some Starbucks before the opera, I would think that would keep you wide awake. But I can remember how easily I could drift off. I think at the time it was just sitting down that caused it. LOL Have a great week.

  7. Since the demise of the Honolulu Symphony, we are wondering how small the orchestra will be during Opera season next year. We may very well decide to see the opera at the movie theater instead -- just like you, Denise! That might not be a bad idea.

    Oooo, jewelry! Don't get me started. I had so much jewelry in 2001 that I let my 2 daughters pick out what they wanted til I had nothing left. Then, a couple of years ago, I began buying some earrings and necklaces, again, so now, I have a large stash again!!!

  8. Hi Denise and thanks for the birthday wishes I shall be 55 on Wednesday And feeling every day of it LOL thanks for sharing your piccies UNTIL MY POOTER IS FIXED ITS WORDS ONLY FROM ME . XXX Don