Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nature Notes

More shots of the Juvenile Cooper's Hawk that landed on the deck rail out back not so long ago.

It was very, very interesting having the opportunity to observe him for several minutes, as he was definitely on the look-out for his next meal.

He saw me at the window with my camera, but he was far too interested in his surroundings than the woman with the box in front of her face.

He decided I was harmless enough.

There was a Blue Jay being very noisy up in the tree above its head.

And then he heard other birds behind him.

Back to that Blue Jay again. " still!" I said.

Shortly after these last photographs he took off after it....

but fortunately for the Blue Jay......

this time he left without it.

I was relieved and yet sorry that he had to go hungry. He is young and inexperienced.

As I said in my other post about this beautiful bird, my emotions were very mixed.

Michelle is the host of Nature Notes. Thank you Michelle for this great meme.