Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Rambles

These are the Canada Geese who are always around when we go to the dry-cleaners on a Saturday morning. Over the brow of the hill is a steep slope that leads down to a small man-made pond.

I saw friends this past week and we went over to son and daughter-in-law on Friday night for a couple of hours. There was a lot of time catching up on the housework the rest of the week, and trying to ignore the computer which is hard to do at the best of times.

We enjoyed our Saturday and Sunday but apart from running a few errands, a lot of time has been spent at home trying to get a few projects done around the house. We went through several boxes in the garage and found dozens of lovely old family photographs of Gregg's which I am looking forward to scanning. Several snapshots were from his navy days. It brought to mind a lot of good memories and we talked about the friends we found in the photos. We also came across some amazing ones of his Step-grandfather Johnny. I only met him once when we we were first married and were stationed up in Rhode Island. Johnny lived in Boston and we drove up one weekend. It was the only time I met him as he passed away not long afterwards. Amazing what you find in old boxes, it was like a treasure trove of discovery.

We had trouble with the TV and a lot of the higher channels disappeared. As one of them was C-Span - gasp -and another was the cooking channel - gasp - we called our cable company and a real nice chap came out to fix the problem. It took him a while to figure it out but he was very thorough and eventually all was well again. Gregg was glad to get his C-Span back and I was glad to get the cooking channel. My favorite chef is Inez Garten's in "The Barefoot Contessa", and I also enjoy Rachel Ray's "30 Minutes A Day".

The leaves have started falling off the trees out back. As soon as September rolls in they seem to know that Autumn is around the corner. This was taken last week when the little raccoon turned up for a drink and to see what he could help himself to from the bird feeder. They don't come that often but I am always glad to get a shot of them when they do.

If you enlarge the photo below you will be able to see him at the bird feeder.


  1. Isn't it amazing what memories photos bring up. I read somewhere that photos really cheer people up and keep their spirits lifted. That's why I've actually made an effort to keep family photos (old and new) around my mother's room so she can always see them.

    Have fun scanning, Denise. I'm still working away at our family stuff. It feels endless. I'm beginning to think it's my retirement job. I've got enough to do for months and months and months.

  2. So cute that picture of the geese, a reunion family! :)
    Glad that you had a wonderful time with friends during your weekend, these moments are really precious!
    Have a nice day,

  3. The Canada geese are preparing to leave from here where I live.. Some have left already I suppose.. The animal photo #2 and 3 we dont't have in Norway. Have a nice day! :)

  4. loved this My favorite cooking channel people are Giada de Laurentis, Inez and David Rocca..I am so enjoying the Great Truck Race on sunday nights with Tyler Florence dreamy--91 in florida super humid..

  5. I'd hate to lose my TV channels too--although we don't watch the same ones you watch. We watch Fox News, Fox Business, ION, TNT, USA and FX mostly... We love programs like Leverage, the Closer, and Rizzoli and Ives...

    Raccoons are smart... One actual stole our suet feeder from the clothes line it was hanging on on two different occasions. (We never ever found either of those feeders.) I finally found a heavy-duty clip which he cannot manipulate!!!!! They are smart with their 'paws'....

    Cute picture of the geese..

    Have a fabulous Labor Day.

  6. I really like the geese photo with them lined up like that and the 'coon is cute too.

  7. Hi Denise! I like your pics. So that is what a raccoon looks like. I have never seen one in person. Rather cute.

    Glad you got your TV fixed. David would have gone nuts, as he watches the tube more than I do.

  8. hi denise- thanks for your visit! these photos are cute!!happy day

  9. Time with friends is always special. Your shots of the geese are too cute. Love the raccoon as well. Nicely photographed.

  10. You have a beautiful blog, story and eye for a photograph :-)

    I wish we had raccoons in UK, and Ireland whee im from originally... they have such cute faces !

  11. Love the photos!! I know many people think geese are dirty, filthy, fowl, but I LOVE them and see them everyday at work around the lake. Of course, if they started camping out on my lawn at home, I'd probably change my tune....LOL

  12. I know how you feel about finding a treasure trove when you discovered the photographs. That's how I felt when going through my Mom's old photographs.