Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My World Tuesday

Thank you Kathie at Sycamore Canyon for telling me about the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. We headed south on our second day in Seattle. It was about an hour away by car and we couldn't get over how beautiful it was. The following shows a map of the area found in the visitors' center.
We are walking through a riparian forest. I got the following information from Wikipedia.

A Riparian forest is a forested area of land adjacent to a body of water such as a river, stream, pond, lake,marshland, estuary, canal, playa or reservoir.


The term riparian technically only refers to areas adjacent to flowing bodies of water such as rivers, streams,sloughs, and estuaries. The terms riparian forest and riparian zone have come to include areas adjacent to those non-flowing water bodies such as ponds, lakes, playas and reservoirs.


Riparian forests are subject to frequent innundation.

Riparian forests help control sediment, reduce the damaging effects of flooding and aid in stabilizing streambanks.

Riparian zones are transition zones between an upland terrestrial environment and an aquatic environment. Organisms found in this zone are adapted to periodic flooding. Many not only tolerate it, but require it in order to maintain health and complete their lifestyles.

It was one of the prettiest places I have ever walked through and yes, it does indeed flood about every ten years.

It wasn't long before I felt that feeling you get when you realize someone is watching you. We were walking along a boardwalk above the marshy ground and as I turned around and looked to my left, there she was.

My first sighting of a deer on the west coast.

We came across these large barns. The land was once the Brown Farm that dates back to the 1930's. It survived the Great Depression, fire and earthquake but what finally closed it was changing patterns of land use that made farming on the Delta unprofitable.

The barns were built in 1932. You can read more about the history of the farm if you click here.

I have a fascination for old tree stumps.

The refuge is famous for its many species of migratory birds. I spotted several but still being only a novice, I couldn't identify many of them and they were often too far away to get a good photo.

These nests were found everywhere.

And this is what we saw flying overhead.

I was lucky enough to get some photos of parents returning to a nest, and thanks to Kathie over at Sycamore Canyon - her link is above - I now know that they are Cliff Swallows and not Barn Swallows as I had at first thought. This is one of the many reasons I love blogging, there are always the generous hearted who are only too happy to help you learn as you go along. Thanks Kathie!

Finally we were struck by the shadow patterns of reeds on one of the ponds.

There was a feather lying in the middle. I wonder what bird this came from?

Thank you Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy and Sylvia for hosting My World.

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  1. It certainly is a lovely place. The birds are so pretty - well done for capturing them.

  2. Denise, your blog is amazing. I so enjoy nature photography, but my camera isn't the best. I will be back to visit you! Thanks again

  3. Lots of interesting photos Denise. Those barns are so unusual.

  4. so lush and green. the barns are interesting. love your shot of the deer.:p

  5. oh gosh, I'm enchanted by that pictures that shows the mommy bird returning to the nest, outstanding shot and adorable moment!
    This Forest is a paradise, thanks so much for sharing your pictures and teach me about the plants and animals there.

  6. It is a beautiful place and I love your photos, Denise! Interesting to see those huge barns! Don't see many of those anymore. Your bird shots are lovely and the one of the deer is perfect! Enjoy your week!


  7. All great photos but love the one of the tree stump with the big hole in it!

  8. Super photos Denise, and I love your Header.

  9. enough for 10 excellent posts!

    a deer post...loved the cathedral stump.

    Aloha from Honolulu :)

    Comfort Spiral

  10. Lovely tour of the wildlife refuge, looks like a pretty place to visit. Beautiful photos, Denise!

  11. This is definitely going on my list for the next time I visit Seattle - I loved it from the minute I saw the first photo, of the sign. Great to see all the swallow nests, not to mention babies!

  12. Denise, what an excellent post! You so make me miss this place! Gus and I have a photo of that barn in our kitchen. I remember that stump with the hole in it!

    As for your swallows, they are Cliff Swallows. You can identify them by their buffy rumps and a buffy collar on their necks. Cliff swallows also have a small patch of white or buff on their foreheads. Their tails are more square or fan shaped, whereas the barn swallow has a deeply forked tail. Barn swallows are deep blue or purple from their foreheads to their tails but you were in the right family group and these 2 species can be difficult to tell apart at first. Bravo!

    I am so glad that you went and so glad that you took all these photos to share with us. Gus and I were there in early Februay of 2007 right before my son went off to the war in Iraq for 15 months. It was cloudy, gray and chill for the 4 or 5 days we were in the area but on the morning we visited Nisqually the sun peaked through for a little while. Other than seeing my son, if was my favortie part of being in that area. Because it was winter there were lots of geese and ducks there and I saw a winter wren in the woods, which was so cute!

  13. I enjoyed the walk with you through the forest. Your pictures are always great, because you capture things along the way and your narration of the forest was very interesting. Have a nice week.

  14. all photos are great...and the place is superb!love it!

  15. I am here 'to say hello' as it is my first time reading, wondering your blog. I am so happy that I find a way to your blog. Wonderful!
    Thank you so much!

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