Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Ramblings

I put these two photos together for my Monday Morning Ramble. They seemed to fit together. I will be showing photos of my trip to the northwest for some time. These two and the one below were taken at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, and I will be sharing more of its inhabitants in my next post.

Saturday I went over to Whole Foods Supermarket and bought vegetables and fruit. I try to buy the local and organically grown produce and would have gone to our local farmer's market but I got up too late and I didn't get out of the house until after the market had just about ended (night owl me didn't go to sleep until almost four a.m.)

On my list were potatoes, a hot house cucumber, tomatoes, oranges and strawberries, basil and baby spring greens. I didn't look at the Ostrich and Emu eggs this time. I'm almost tempted to buy one so that I can see how many I can feed scrambled eggs to at our next family gathering, but no I stick to my regular chicken eggs. When I lived in the village back in England we used to go down to the farm half a mile away. You practically had to step over the chickens to get to the farm house. One last stop to buy my favorite multi-grain rolls from the bread department and ignored Maggie Moo's, the ice-cream store Gregg and I discovered three months' ago.

On the way home I stopped off at our local supermarket for a few items. The day's treat was Ice-Cream - I can have my own Maggie-Moo's. Next I picked up a package of Brownie Mix for the next time Lisa and Brad come over. I also have four bananas ready to bake a Banana-Nut Bread. A strange phenomena happens in this house. When I start counting calories I tend to bake up a storm. What the heck is THAT? My will-power is pretty good as I have already lost 8 lbs., and when I bake I cut everything into individual portions and into the freezer they go, ready for when we feel like a treat. It makes sense to me that if you deny yourself everything, you're setting yourself up for failure, what do you think? Eat well, eat healthy and the occasional treat, along with portion control and moderation I'm thinking.

I did stop off at Starbucks for another treat - this is becoming familiar, weekends are like that after 'being good' all week - a Venti - yes I said a Venti - Cafe Latte. My weakness! When in Seattle I got hooked again because of the one on the street corner near the hotel. Every day I would pop in. I checked on line how many calories were in one of those things - 301. Okay, I guess I won't be having any more of those for a while, maybe next weekend? So, I enjoyed it while I walked around the supermarket and sipped away, finishing it off when I got home. It took a while. L-U-V-E-R-L-Y! Strange that I didn't feel I had overdone it on the caffeine as I slept pretty well that night.

One day last week a friend and I went to see the new Julia Roberts movie, "Eat, Pray, Love." I enjoyed it very much. It starts off in New York and then the main character - Julie - makes her way through Italy, India and Bali where she meets her true love. Both my friend and I are trying to lose weight, so I'll warn you now, don't go hungry. Looking at all that delicious food in the first part of the movie while our main character is in Italy - and to add insult to injury, on the big screen - let's just say I had a sudden urge to go eat something Italian. Oh well, time to get back to the calorie counting.

Sunday I spent several hours with my son and daughter-in-law. Lisa and Brad came over at eleven and the three of us went to this place where you pick out a piece of pottery and paint it. Lisa has done this before and thought it would be a fun thing to do together. She was right, I had a great time. I chose a little bird house, Lisa painted a plate and Brad painted a coffee container. It has been a long time since I did any painting but it was good to pick up a paintbrush again. My piece left a lot to be desired but it will be a fun memento when I get it back. It has to be fired and we are to pick it up in two weeks.

When we got back home Gregg called and we had a nice long chat with him, and then my niece in Germany called and we had a lovely long chat with her. Lisa and Brad have just returned from a week in Las Vegas, and we all enjoyed hearing about their trip. They had such a fun time and said I could share the photos on my blog sometime, which I enjoyed looking through. My son said he took 700 photographs. He is his mother's child.


  1. Yeah but your ramblings are so interesting keep going. Love the last shot of the penguin

  2. That was a most enjoyable ramble, Denise, and it has given me the energy to go and feed the dogs. Frodo has been complaining for some time that he's starving - he keeps trying to train me!

  3. Those penguins are so beautiful!What a cool day!And I'm enchanted by that little cute girl ( second shot), it's adorable!
    Have a nice week Denise,

  4. I do believe you are on the right track with how you should eat. If you deny yourself all good things you will not make a stable weightloss.

    Love the penguin shots :)

  5. Enjoyed your ramble. It's fun to read about how others spend their days. Who doesn't love penguins? The other day, Little Sister and I toured the whole foods grocery in a nearby city, then went to Burger King for lunch. Are we bad or what? ~karen

  6. Sounds like a great weekend all around. My daughter buys Starbuck's new skinny frappacchino - a Venti size is 200 calories!

  7. Glad you enjoyed the movie! I agree that the food in Italy looked scrumptious! In fact, after we left the theater, we went straight to Pizza Hut and bought a pan pizza supreme, which we consumed with gusto at home! Yumm!

  8. I also like to read what you are up to and believe me this was a good post, what a busy person you are.