Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Morning Ramble

This magnificent animal - The Snow Leopard - was found at the Woodland Park Zoo. I will be sharing more photos of him and other animals in a later post.

In the meantime I thought I would take the opportunity of a quiet moment and have a ramble. I don't think it is going to be a long one.

Right now it is 70 degrees F. in Northern Virginia. It is supposed to get up to 90 and most of the week they are promising rain and thunderstorms.

As I look outside it is nice and sunny but very quiet. No bird or squirrel activity. Over the weekend I bought a new bird feeder. I am going to see how long it takes for the squirrels to pull this one apart. The last one - made out of wood - is no more. The roof 'shingles' are missing and other parts are a bit ragged. As I only paid a pittance for it, I decided it could be replaced with another wooden bird feeder. Gregg and I are taking bets how long this one will last.

Gregg and I made one of our rare visits to the mall on Saturday. I left my sunglasses back in Seattle, I think at one of the restaurants. I can't do without them as I start getting headaches in all this bright light and I was getting tired of squinting. I am not a shopper - probably mentioned this before - so you know if I head for the mall, it has to be out of necessity. I came away with not one pair but two pairs. One to keep in the car and another for whenever I mislay the other pair. Gregg's idea. The good part about this time of the year is that everything is on sale and I got a great deal if I bought another pair.

A little while ago I had a senior moment, with my reading glasses this time. We had a repairman in the house and while he was working I decided to pay some bills. When it came out to writing his check I had yet again mislaid my reading glasses. He saw me lifting up papers on the kitchen table and I was getting a bit frustrated as this wasn't the first time that day. After observing for a little while he asked me what I was looking for. When I told him he gave me one of those quizzical smiles and said, "You mean those things on your head?" I have a habit like a lot of people do, of putting my glasses up there. I thought that happened to other people, not to me. I rolled my eyes, told him I had just turned 60 and that it 'had started'. He laughed and went on his way. I decided then and there that I was going to put something else on my shopping list for the next trip out, one of those 'strings' you attach to your glasses so that you can hang them around your neck. Hopefully I will remember that I put them there. Now where did I put those car keys?


  1. Glasses are a pain! Barry's always losing his and I think I've caught the habit.

  2. Bonjour chère Denise!
    This leopard is beautiful, my cousin is a star in the Woodland Zoo there, cool! :)
    About the glasses, I'm always hearing about it here, because my mommy Léia use to lose her glasses every day it's the same way..."Where did I put my glasses?" LOL Poor mommy!

    purrs and love

  3. First, the snow leopard I think is one of the most beautiful creatures around. Your photo is amazing. As for the glasses, I lose mine all the time...

  4. Gorgeous capture of the snow leopard. Keeping track of glasses is a common problem for most of us baby boomers I think!! And keys! ~karen

  5. Great shot of the snow leopard. I look forward to other zoo photos from you.

    I'm always losing stuff that I'm holding right in my hand especially when I get a little frazzled.

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous snow leopard, so regal.
    I have four pairs of sun glasses, since I fear being without them.
    My reading glasses have those dangly things around my neck, so that I can keep up with them at work, otherwise, I tend to plop them on my head, or attach them to my shirt neck, and lose them ;)
    I don't like this getting old stuff..

  7. I also lost my glasses very often.
    But since I have to wear varifocals, I take them off only when I go to sleep...
    Your picture of the snow leopard is great, Denise! I also love the flowers in your last post. So delicate! Have a nice week ahead!

  8. Hi Denise I'm a frequent reader but I don't often comment...I do enjoy your writing and pictures.
    Today's post made me laugh...for you see I'm 61. I laugh at myself daily. It is the best therapy I know and good for the soul.
    I'll write myself a note about something I think I'm going to forget but I remember it. Life is good,
    Mom of Madi and Mom

  9. This post was so funny!!! I laughed aloud.

    My mom hangs her reading glasses from her neck with a chain. Trouble is she keeps dropping food while eating. At the end of the meal, I see bits of linguine and tomato sauce on her lenses. LOL. But, you are probably a neater eater!!!

    Good luck!

  10. Love this big cat photo, a real beaut.

    So pleased that I'm not the only one to forget where things hide themselves.

  11. Ha Denise, About losing glasses, I have about 5-6 pairs of those Walgreen's cheap reading glasses --which I have in various places around the house... That keeps me from losing them!!!!!! ha

    That Snow Leopard is one gorgeous animal, isn't it???

    We are still HOT here and DRY... I keep waiting for some milder weather --but so far, none. Hopefully, Fall will be here soon.

    Glad you replaced your sunglasses. I had to buy some new ones this summer also... Can't do without them!!!!

    Have a great day.

  12. Bob has several pairs of sunglasses, and he can never find them :-)