Thursday, July 15, 2010


I haven't done a foodie post in a while and this isn't a recipe really, just a sandwich thrown together for my lunch. I told you a couple of posts back that after such a wonderful week of celebrating my birthday and going out with family and friends to various restaurants in the area, that I was going to be good and get back to my celery sticks. Oh joy! I am so excited about that as you can see.

Basically Gregg and I want to eat healthier and have been trying for a long time to do just that. There are always ups and downs but I think we've been doing a pretty good job at home. We have never made a habit of keeping 'goodies' in the fridge. A memory comes back of one of my son's friends who looked inside years ago and said, "Mrs. G., where are all the goodies?"

I had apples and oranges, veggies all cut up, low-fat milk, juice and water. No goodies - no candies, no cakes, no puddings! I felt pretty bad for the little guy and after that when I knew he and the other kids were coming over, to save son's face I slipped a few goodies into the fridge. Basically I caved BUT, never did I buy any of that stuff when we were on our own. I wanted to teach Brad good eating habits. (Little did I know in my naivety that he was taken pity on by his friends at the school lunch hour, throwing healthy snacks from his lunch box into the trash, to be replaced by the gooey goodies said friends gave him. He fessed up to this years later.

I also one morning after a sleep-over, decided to make them all pancakes for breakfast. I didn't think they would eat what I had to share. I was tired because those guys had a great time playing videos all night and watching very loud movies into the very wee-hours, until just about getting up time. No school nights obviously but holidays and maybe a Saturday every now and again.

I don't do well when I am tired. Have I mentioned this before? One of the friends said in a genuinely surprised voice, "Mrs. G., these pancakes are delicious but how do you get the butter inside them like that? I want to tell my mom how to cook them." I was curious and with spatula still in hand I leaned over his shoulder and looked at these 'amazing buttery pancakes'. It turned out that I was tireder than I thought. That 'butter' was actually uncooked batter! "Ewwwwww!!!!" I thought but I told him, "Don't know Jay, it just comes out that way", and I went back to the stove inwardly rolling my eyes as I cooked more pancakes. I made sure the next batch was done a little more and Jay was actually disappointed that he couldn't find that 'butter.'

To this day when we know we are having company we will feed the fridge a carton of ice-cream, a cake maybe and I started putting a dish of candies on the kitchen table. I'm not saying we don't have dessert, but if we want an ice-cream and it's just the two of us we will occasionally go out to the ice-cream parlor for a treat.

So here we are trying to eat healthy and we're both wondering why we are both putting on weight. The age thing - a dirty word age - and the gene pool doesn't help. Personally I can look in the mirror these days and see my great-great-great-great-great-great whoever winking back at me. We exercise when we can and never give up, our motto being 'hang in there!" I guess that's all we can do.

Back to lunch. I bought this wheat roll from Whole Foods last night. It was called 'Seeduction'. Name aside it is one of the best tasting wheat rolls I have ever had, just about the best. Gregg was surprised how much I enjoyed it and said he was going to give it a try. I told him he wasn't going to like it because Gregg is a white bread man not a whole wheat fan. True to my words he said, "I don't see it!" But take my word for it, if you are a whole wheat fan you're going to like that roll.

I spread a little low-fat mayonnaise first and added slices of tomato, cucumbers and a few leaves of basil, plus a dash of salt and pepper. I usually eat breakfast but as I didn't today I ate a small dish of Greek Yogurt with blueberries for dessert. I bought a whole case from CostCo's. I'm going to be having a lot of Greek Yogurt for lunch in the next week or so, minus the sandwich.

Bye-bye my wonderful "Seeduction" roll. I can see why they gave you that name because you're too darned delicious and I am looking at you longingly. I'm not going to Whole Foods for a while because I know the next time I go, I am heading to the bread counter and I'm not putting bread on any of my plates for the next few days at least. Celery sticks where are you? I didn't mean to insult you by the way, you make a good snack food in between those itsy-bitsy little diet meals. Onwards and upwards! Or should I say downwards when I get on the scales? Keeping my fingers crossed and now I am going to get off here and go for 'walkies.'


  1. Thats a great name for a roll Denise.

  2. Oh, my this looks so scrumptious, fresh tomatoes hanging over the edge of that bun...mouth-watering.
    I had a smiliar plate of food for my supper last night, I prefer cold sandwiches with fresh fixin's in the Summertime.
    I giggled at the empty goodies fridge, it's the first thing my son-in-law looks for when he stops by..
    Now what's fer supper ma ;)

  3. My doctor told me to cut the carbs. I have not obeyed him. LOL.

  4. We should eat more healthy..and I have that same recipe for pancakes.. @:}....

  5. I'm convinced! I need to try that sandwich. If you buy plastic mirrors instead of glass ones, you can "teach" them to compliment you. They will literally bend the truth for you. And if somebody dares to contradict the friendly mirrors, you just let Gregg take care of that. ;-)

  6. This looks very good! I think a lot of us are trying to eat healthier. I have my ups and downs. I like cucumber tomato sandwiches and that roll looks tasty.

  7. Eating healthy and keeping the weight off is a constant struggle for me. I lose that struggle more than I win.

  8. I love wheat rolls. I also love veggie sandwiches. I eat pretty healthy overall. I just eat a lot is the thing.

  9. That's good to hear Denise, eat healthy, think healthy and stay healthy!

    Me too, have been staying away from meat products, I make sure that I have lots of green salad and fish at mealtime.

  10. Your snack certainly looked delicious Denise. I know too from experience about this age thing and gaining weight without even trying! I am also trying to be as healthy as possible but it really can be hard work.

    I did laugh at your story about Brad and his friends taking pity and sharing their goodies with him. They all "fess up" in the end, don't they. A x

  11. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... that looks really delicious! We have to watch our salt content because of my mom and Art who have blood pressure problems. We also have to watch our sugar because of my mom and me. Sigh.... it's hard. Tonight we had watermelon and it was scrumptious!