Monday, June 28, 2010

My World Tuesday

On Saturday night we were at one of our northern Virginia shopping malls, Tyson's II. There is a Tyson's I and this isn't too far away from there, but far away enough for us to always get lost trying to get to it. We don't come here very often and now there is major upheaval as they are building a metro line which should be finished in about three years. The traffic is complete chaos and when we were driving home around 10.30-11.00 p.m., it might as well have been rush hour. I was glad Gregg was driving as I don't like heavy traffic at the best of times.

My interest was peaked when I saw the cars on display below. I don't think I have ever seen a Lamborghini unless it was in a book or a movie. I liked how the elevator was coming down and trust me, that I am more interested in the elevator than in the Lamborghini. Oh well!

As you can also see, I was fascinated by these interesting looking plants, some kind of cactus. At first I thought they were fake, an artsy design in keeping with the mall, but no they were real.

You can see Gregg on the left. We were ambling around as this was the night we had arranged to meet up at the restaurant, to celebrate our son and daughter-in-law's first wedding anniversary. We were early and chose to walk around for a while rather than wait the half hour at the restaurant.

This is the outside of the restaurant and Gregg took a photo of Maggiano's, where we were having dinner.

Another he took inside.

This is another thing that grabbed my interest. Across from the restaurant is an Asian furniture store and this rather fascinating antique carriage was on display.

We had a lovely evening with our family and now we are on the way home. I was trying out several settings on my pocket camera. It is relatively new and I am getting used to it. Not good night time shots but I enjoyed all the multi-colored squiggles that the lights created.

It doesn't take much to keep me entertained and besides, it took my mind off all that flipping traffic!
Bye-bye Tyson's I and II, see you in three years as I won't be back until your metro line has been installed and all the crazy traffic has calmed down. Yes I am joking, sort of!

Added note: for shopping enthusiasts this is a fantastic shopping mall, a great place to window shop. Malls are also great places to get out of the heat as their air-conditioning is a welcome respite from the 90 plus degree temperatures outside. When I first moved to the States, Tyson's I was the first mall Gregg ever took me to - we didn't live that far away.

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  1. Looks like a really fun night -- well, except for the traffic! That Chinese coach is really beautiful and different! Love all your photos! Tyson's is quite a place!!! Have a great week, Denise!


  2. We would occasionally go to Tyson's (not sure if we went to I or II) when we visited Bob's brother and our sister-in-law. We don't have shopping centers that large where we live, so it was always a treat to go there. The Chinese coach is beautiful. A shopping center provides lots of photo ops, doesn't it?

  3. Always a safe road ahead for you all. Great photography, melting into an abstract impression, nicely done indeed ! You can certainly be happy, not driving over here in Athens ... Please have you all a great Tuesday.

    daily athens

  4. That's a nice mall, very nice and spacious. Our malls have crammed kiosks into every nook and cranny so what used to be spacious and open is closed and confining.

  5. Looks like you had a great time and caught a lot of fun photos on the way. I really liked the squiggly lights at the end.

  6. Wow! What a place to shop. I imagine one could be there for hours and hours. I was amazed by the potted plants that were there.

  7. You sure do get around, don't you? I love your photos, Denise. I would have liked to see what the Italian food looked like, though. I love Italian cuisine, and had that yesterday when we invited friends to join us for lunch at Assaggio's.

  8. Tyson's looks very futuristic. I like its cool, clean lines. The cactus plants remind me of undersea creatures--corals, maybe--in how they have curvy edges.

    Sounds like a fun evening.

  9. Looks like an interesting mall. I really liked the psychodelic light photos!

  10. Great place, wonderful series of shots shared. :)
    I wish you luck with your new camera, have fun!

  11. What a tour de force post!

    You guys are fun to hang with :)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  12. That is quite an elegant mall! And you last photos - neon!

  13. Bonjour sweetie!
    wow Today you show us wonderful modern cars, cool event!Boy's toys! LOL
    I love the way you manage your compositions here, it's ART, well done!
    Also love those lights!
    Happy Tuesday

  14. Wow I love shopping.
    Great captures Denise.

  15. That is one big beautiful shopping centre...I thought there was an economic crisis to get over. Seems some companies still have money to develop. Love your night squiggles...I've got some of those shots too.

  16. those cacti are really neat haven't seen any like that before. Glad you had a lovely night. By the way that year has gone by fast, hasn't it?

    Gill in Canada

  17. Most entertaining post Denise.

  18. What a great time you had. Love the exotic plant shots and car shots, I'll have that little red number, please... I really like that Chinese horse drawn carriage as well, beautiful coloring and ornamentation. Thanks for sharing your fun evening with us.

  19. I thought malls would be good places to take fun pictures, but they have asked me not to use the camera without prior authorization, and then did not answer my requests for authorization.

    The thing is, that they cannot do anything to a person for taking pictures, but if they want to get nasty, they'll ban a person from the mall, and can then have a person arrested for "trespassing."

    I decided it would be wisest not to push my luck.

  20. Great spot - my brother in law lives nearby and we have been once or twice.

  21. Fun trip to the mall! AND Maggianno's--a favorite of ours too.
    Very interesting photos all.

  22. A lovely trip for you all to celebrate your son and daughter in law's 1st anniversary. I dislike driving in heavy traffic too Denise so don't do it anymore.

    Love the Chinese coach, very ornate and beautiful. A x

  23. The lights are incredible. Good capture.

  24. Now that is an incredible shopping mall! Wow! I just saw a Lamborghini pass by us in Illinois and my son-in-law said that was a house you just saw. Really? It cost that much! Really took me aback.

  25. What an interesting variety of shots! I like the mall shots and that antique carriage is really pretty. Neat night time shots!