Monday, June 7, 2010

My World Tuesday Season # 2 Episode # 35

One of the small towns I have enjoyed visiting during the 20 years we have lived in Virginia is Middleburg.
Last week my British friends and I went to lunch at The Red Fox Inn which is reported to be the oldest inn in America. It's a terrific place and for my small group reminds us very much of an old English pub.

It has whitewashed stone walls, low-beamed ceilings, lovely old fireplaces, pewter mugs and plates, horse brasses, and prints of dogs everywhere.

I also found a print with the Union Jack.

The servers were very friendly and the food was excellent.

I fell in love with this little honey pot when one of my friends was given honey for her iced-tea....

and these out front and at the side of the building.

It's horse country around here.

It was hot, hot, hot! A little too humid for a long walk but we crossed over to the other side of the street

....and popped into an all-year-round Christmas shop one of my friends told us about, a few shops down from the building in the photo above. I had seen it on other trips but never gone in before. I wasn't allowed to take any photographs because there was a sign as soon as you went in "No photographs!" I asked the gentleman behind the counter, "No photographs?" He replied with a smile, "No photographs!" It was very hard to be good but I didn't take any. I did have an itchy trigger finger because everything was just so beautiful. I purchased a couple of items, a very prettily painted metal ornament in the shape of a swan and a small pot with a blue design from Holland. All the pots displayed were painted with the names of each State and I chose one with Virginia.
We managed to get lost amongst all those lovely treasures for at least half-an-hour. We could have spent much longer and it was hard to pull ourselves away, but we all decided we would visit again when the weather was cooler. We were all wilting by then and the humidity made everywhere feel like a sauna. The store went back a long way, all the rooms were small, shelves filled from floor to ceiling with the loveliest imports from Germany. There was even a room with traditional German clothing for all ages, but we oohed and aaaahd the most over the baby and toddler outfits. But "No Photographs!" That gentleman doesn't know how much restraint it took for me to be good and follow those rules.

Thank you Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia for hosting My World.

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  1. What a lovely day out you had. The Inn looked very English, a super place for you Brits to meet. Those all year round Christmas shops are fun to visit.

  2. Very different from Hawaii, that's for sure. Lovely in its own way.

  3. looks like you had a great time...and the place looks nice place to visit...all the photos are great....

  4. A lovely outing indeed! And your photos are delightful, Denise! It's definitely a place I would enjoy visiting for the history if nothing else. Thanks for the tour, next best thing to being there! Hope you have a great week!


  5. What a nice town to visit and spend some time. Your interior photos are excellent...perfect color and lighting. I could enjoy anything that resembles an English pub right now!

  6. Ooooh aaaah, that is my kind of an excursion! I love old places with history and charm, and a German Christmas shop makes me go nuts!

  7. Ooh so much like the pubs at home !
    I absolutley love the decor with the old prints, the hounds and the dogs, like stepping out of an old country English pub.
    How lucky that you are able to visit and not too far from home.
    Love the Christmad shop, we just don;t get enough of all the Christmas decorations do we ;)
    What a lovely day out, oooh, I wish we lived closer...
    Thanks for sharing, such lovely photos.

  8. what a marvelous old place. i love the stone walls and the warm ambiance of the place. great pictures.

  9. Your blog header is so awesome, that little squirrel shot. I enjoy today's tour, it's always nice to have a get together with friends, glad you had fun.

  10. Thanks for sharing these photos--most interesting!

  11. Denise, I certainly enjoyed the excursion to Middleburg today. Your photos are exquisite! I just love historical towns and buildings. Spend a lot of time in Massachusetts, another old soul! Thanks for sharing, karen

  12. small town charm- nothing like it sandy

  13. Denise: You did a great job of capturing the quaintness of this place.

  14. A lovely day out Denise. The pub does look very reminiscent of an English one. We saw several all year round Christmas shops when we were on holiday and actually there is one in Stratford on Avon too. A x

  15. Denise, First I love your header. Squirrels are my favorites and so adorable. I like the look of this in. It has sort of an old world charm and very inviting. The food photo has my mouth watering too. What a fun day you had and thanks for sharing your photos with us. I love those year round Christmas Shops. I used to manage one here in SF at Ghirardelli Square until they went out of business. Very charming. Thanks also for visiting my blog.

  16. hahaha .... sorry Denise, No photographs. Yes, they are scared others will replicate the exclusivity of their business.

    Beautiful place indeed! I love to roam and browse a place like that. Why so many good things flow in just everywhere!

    Lucky, I was allowed to take photographs in one of the old countrytown inside the premise of the store. No I haven't post that yet. One day I will.

    And thanks for the visit too.

    Now, I am going to put the link of your blog so I can spy when you have something new on. I did miss a lot in the blog world.

    I managed to get about 2 hours sleep yesterday and still feeling alert at the book launching my friend and I attended. We both enjoyed taking photographs inside the gallery and some with important people.

    I enjoy my visit here and the tour, your narration and next time, try to employ a woman's power of "Persuasion" with your sweetest smile and a dash of a "Wink". haha. People like that will have their hearts melt on a humid day. haha

    Have a good week because I'll be off to visit my granddaughter and be away for days.


  17. Oh well, at least you got a bunch of nice piccies of the Red Fox Inn. Congratulations on the display of self control.

  18. OH, this is such a nice place! Wish I'd been there with you. Well, I guess through the magic of blogging I kinda was. :)

  19. Wow! This inn is my kind of place! And...You are my kind of blogger! I feel as if I have been on a vacation to Middleburg? Did I get that right? I live in Alabama, teach high school English in nearby Georgia, and love all things English!! Your love of photography is evident.

  20. A superlative place, and no doubt about it. Looks like a wonderful place!

  21. What a quaint little Inn! I would love to visit there! So glad you had so much fun and I applaud your restraint with the photos. I would have found that hard also. Did you tell him you write a blog and he would get free advertising here and abroad?