Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Ramblings

Continuing the theme of my visiting raccoon a couple of posts back - you can find them here and here if you missed them - I found these two videos on YouTube. They certainly are very cute and adorable animals, and very smart! Makes me glad I don't have a pet door truth be told, but I do adore the little things. However, I have the same feeling towards them as I do the bear. I can't get enough of seeing them but wouldn't want to get up nose to nose with one if you know what I mean. As much as I would love to cuddle them like you would a pet dog or a cat, realistically they are a wild animal and that's the long and the short of it, from the mighty beast to the little scamp with the bandit eyes.

I hope all you Dad's out there had A Very Happy Father's Day. Gregg and I spent his walking around part of Washington DC, Gregg's all time favorite thing to do. We both love that city. Took lots and lots of photographs of course, and I will be showing them at a later date. We went to the National and Botanical Gardens - they are right next to each other - and the American Indian Museum next door across the street.

It was incredibly hot and the sun was beating off that pavement making it even hotter. Wimp that I am and I know I have mentioned this before, I can't take that humidity. I don't know how I would do in the tropics. Gregg is a Virginia boy, grew up in it and loves it. I grew up in a totally different climate in the UK, need I say more? I was feeling like a limp lettuce and not only that, was 'glowing' so much that the perspiration was running that sun tan lotion into my eyes, and they were stinging royally. I was prepared for the sun but my eyes were telling me that perhaps I had used just a tad too much lotion. I kept trying to dab them while walking and heard myself moaning a bit, but Gregg reminded me it was Father's Day, no moaning allowed! Happy Father's Day Sweetie, as I zipped my mouth and smiled. Yes, I am a wimp and proud! Not really, but you've got to find a silver lining somewhere, and when all's said and done we were having fun and I enjoyed our time in every other way. Except for my eyes. Blast, I am moaning again. Happy Father's Day Sweetie, here's me zipping my mouth, again!

We found that a lot of the roads had been blocked off because of a marathon. Not sure if there were runners or bicyclists. Fortunately because of Gregg's time spent in the city over the last 20 years, he knows it like the back of his hand and we were taking back roads all over the place. I got totally confused when we finally parked. We found a spot four blocks away and the road took us right to where we needed to go in a straight line.

Our son and daughter-in-law came over in the evening, having spent time with Lisa's mom and dad. Brad was driving over to see us that morning and fortunately he called to find us in the Botanical Garden and went back home. He said, "I forgot what a couple of gadabouts you two are on the weekends." He made me laugh because it brought to mind the Disney commercial where a son is saying to his wife about his parents who were on vacation, "Well, I guess the folks are in bed by now" and the next scene was mom and dad dancing the night away with the band music blaring in the background. We weren't exactly dancing the light fantastic but we were enjoying ourselves amongst all those beautiful flowers. Quite a contrast to the Disney Cruise but what the hey, it's all relative.


  1. Love the videos Denise, the first was a little weird but funny and the second is so cute. Why on earth did it want a carpet unless it's very houseproud lady or maybe a male wanting to impress his lady. Great to see though.

    Glad you had a good time in Washington and Gregg had a happy Father's Day. I sympathise with you and the heat and your eyes - know exactly what you mean. A x

  2. I know what you mean about the suntan lotion making your eyes burn! That happens to me often!

    I have a raccoon story. A family of raccoons moved into the attic of a cabin in Maine that I once rented. What a racket those raccoons made! I heard that raccoons didn't like mothballs, so we put an open box of mothballs in the attic when mama was away. When mama came home, she rolled each of those mothballs down the roof and onto the ground. Next we created a lot of noise, hitting a ball bat against the attic floor. That eventually did the trick. We watched mama that evening carry each of her babies out of the attic to a quieter home.

  3. The raccoon videos are funny, and that hand one is more than a little creepy.

    Father's Day salutations to your Gregg. :-)

  4. These videos were so cute and I also wondered why he wanted the rug. I am glad you two were having a good time. Will be looking forward to your pictures.

  5. Cute videos! Raccoons may be "cute" but what pests that can be! This is why my cats don't have a pet flap...I don't want them to bring home any friends!

  6. Thank you for all the lovely comments. I hope I have answered them all now by stopping over at your blogs.