Friday, June 11, 2010

Camera-Critters #114

I had several furry and feathered friends visit me in our back garden yesterday, and as I always have my camera close at hand, I took several photos to remember the occasion. Depending on where the sun was at the time - I was shooting through a mesh screen - some came out a little bit fuzzier than usual.

This Mourning Dove and two House Finches left their calling card first.

Then came along the Black-capped Chickadee, feeling in a bit of a fog.

This male House Finch liked all the dropped birdseed on the deck. My birdfeeder was getting a bit too crowded for him.

Another House Finch giving me the eye and probably asking me if it needed to make a reservation.

Patiently waiting for someone to vacate one of the perches.

Getting a bit bored and starting to check out what was below. I wonder what it was looking at.

Must have been the White-breasted Nuthatch.

Mrs. Carolina Wren stopped by next.

And another Mourning Dove who thought resting on the deck was just fine.

Mrs. Cardinal decided to join her.

Mr. Cardinal is looking down from the rail.

I never know how you can tell the difference between a female and a male Blue Jay. Sorry sir/madam but you make it awfully difficult. You're both as bossy as each other for a start.

I mean no offense!

I read that Blue Jays are known for their intelligence and complex social systems, with tight family bonds. Did you know that their fondness for acorns is credited with helping spread oak trees after the last glacial period? Why thank you Mr. and Mrs. Blue Jay! Where would we be without you, and your other feathered friends for that matter?

A Red-bellied Woodepecker decided to get into the mix. HE is a fine looking bird isn't he?

He was joined by baby after a while....

who was very demanding.

I think Dad got a bit fed up and tried to show his wee bairn that it was time for him to fend for himself. There was a burst of action and he took off into the trees, with wee one high-tailing it after him, forever hopeful that Dad would give him some food. Dad was trying to teach his offspring that it was time to fend for himself. A hard lesson to learn but a necessary one for his own survival.

Well, look who else turned up at the new blue water dish? Not so new now as it has been well used.
I think it's time for you to move along there sir/madam.

There are others in need of a drop to drink and if you hang around for too long there will be none left. Your reputation at the bird feeder is getting around you know.

There is someone else waiting too.

Oh my, be still my beating heart! This is the first time I have seen a chipmunk on my deck this year. You might have guessed I am a big fan of them too.

He - she? - filled up his/her cheeks to take home to his/her babies, maybe.

Come back again now, ya hear?

While surfing I found this great ornithological site.
If you click here the link will take you right to it.
There is a wealth of information about birds.

Camera Critters is a wonderful meme created by Misty Dawn. Thank you Misty!

You can find other critter photos by clicking here.


  1. Wow! You DID have a lot of visitors! At least preparing lunch was an easy task! What fun to read! ~karen

  2. What a wonderful bunch of visitors came to visit with you, and snack at the same time.
    Awesome pictures Denise, I especially love the chipmunk one, I've never seen a chipmunk in our area.
    Have a great weekend !

  3. A lovely lot of images here Denise.

  4. For a second there, I thought I was looking out MY window. We have all the same birds and animals. Loved seeing them through your eyes.

  5. You did real good at showing all these critters. I enjoyed the baby woodpeckers. I have a red headed woodpecker that actually comes when I call woody to him for a unsalted peanut in the shell. He comes dowm and grabs the nut off the ground when I throw it for him.

  6. You had a variety of critters visit you yesterday. I like chipmunks too. I think they are such a pretty animal. One of our Brazilian exchange students referred to a chipmunk as "chipmunkey". I think this was because he pronounces the "k" as key in Portuguese.

  7. Wonderful photos of your backyard birds, Denise. Love the little chipmunk and the juvie woodie is cute.

  8. Wow, what a wonderful group of visitors! I enjoyed all the different birds. We have a chipmunk here all the time, matter of fact he has managed to empty two full bird feeders, antagonize the dog by running around where the dog lays in the sun as well as looking at us on occasion as if to say "could I have some more please"! Nature has some great entertainers!

  9. Some of those animals look like they are posing!!!!

  10. wow so cute visitors!Lucky Denise!
    As usual, your pictures are lovely and bring so happiness to our heart, thanks so much!
    Happy weekend dear Denise
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  11. What a wonderful group of pictures, your backyard must be a wonderul place to relax.

  12. Wow! Your yard is the hot spot for the neighborhood! Very nice selection of critters!!


  13. Wow ... that must be some buffet you provide for your feathered and furry friends! Loved the commentary, too!

  14. How lucky they all came visiting you. Great captures.

  15. You have great variety and activity at your back yard feeders. It was fun to watch through photos.

  16. You have so many wonderful visitors, Denise!

  17. This was so much fun, Denise. I can't get over the diverse bird population you've got. Lucky you! I love how you're able to see them right out your window. Here in Hawaii, we want them away from the house as much as possible. Thank you for sharing these fun photos.

  18. Wow, you have different variety of birds, they are gorgeous and the chipmunk very cute they look they have clever looks.

  19. Denise: Everyone wants to get a bite to eat, cool pics.

  20. This is one of the best posts EVER! I LOVE this! It's entertaining and absolutely full of fantastic photos!!! OUTSTANDING work, my friend.

  21. Excellent shots! I love them all. Squirrels are so cute!

  22. I don't really say "Wow" too often but WOW!!! what a great set of pics. Love them all. Woodpecker baby is great.