Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Ramblings

I found this squirrel up in the tree out front. He was trying to relax but I didn't bother him for too long. This photo was taken out of one of the side windows next to the front door. He stayed there for a long time.

I was going to go out and do some weeding this morning but Mother Nature must have heard me and sent the rain. Hopefully I can get out later on today.

I need to start writing things down every day as I am having a hard time remembering what I did last week.

Over the weekend we pottered and it is the second weekend where we haven't gone on one of our more lengthier drives. But it still seemed to go very fast and here we are, it's Monday again.

Gregg is working out of the house today. At the moment he is taking a break as we have just had lunch. I'm getting ready to fix my first and only cup of coffee of the day. I'm trying to cut back, though I did stop off at Starbucks yesterday, after a grocery run at the local supermarket and picked up the largest size they had to offer, the venti and I always get a cafe latte. That first sip is divine - can you say 'hooked'? They used to have a Starbucks in our supermarket. I would pick one up and put it into the little round slot on the shopping cart, and sip it as I did my shopping. They got rid of both the kiosk and the slot on the shopping carts. I don't suppose they were getting enough business but when I think about it, it slowed me down enough to pop a few more things in my basket that I hadn't thought of. Oh well, I guess they ran the numbers. Dagnabit, I miss my little ritual. Maybe just as well as now I only get a rare coffee when I have time to walk along the strip to the regular Starbucks and stand in line. I am sure they are happy the supermarket got rid of their competition and now that place is busier than ever.

Yesterday we went over to Chantilly and treated ourselves at the custard ice-cream shop. That place was busy too, full of parents with their kids of all ages. On the way back we stopped off at Walney Pond. It was in the middle of the day and quite hot. There was a birthday party going on under the Gazebo, with more fold up tables set up down by the creek. Not much wildlife activity but it was at the wrong time of the day. I did take a photo of a solitary duck - not sure where its mate was - on the small nesting island in the middle of the pond. No nest! The Canada Goose pair were nowhere to be seen but there were a couple of turtles sunning themselves right next to the duck and he didn't seem to mind their company.

Last Tuesday we met up with our son and daughter-in-law at the Reston Town Center. We ate lunch at a Thai restaurant. Always good to get together with them. Gregg had been working so I drove over to Lisa and Brad's apartment and met up with him there. Gregg, Brad and I jumped in my car and drove over to the restaurant and met up with Lisa. She had been giving lessons to her piano students.

After our meal Lisa and Gregg left for more work but as Brad had the day off he asked me if I would like to go to a movie. This was a belated Mother's Day Celebration as we couldn't actually get together on Mother's Day. He and I have similar tastes in movies and we went off to see Iron Man. A fun action movie. I find I enjoy the acting of Robert Downy Jr. - he was excellent in Sherlock Holmes too and I enjoy his style. A good day in all, fun with my family and fun watching the movie.
On Wednesday I got together with friends. It was Kathy's birthday celebration. I borrowed Gregg's van and drove four of us over to meet up with another friend Anne who lives well over an hour away. She is always so good about driving to meet up with us here, we thought it would be a nice idea to save her the trip for a change. Next time we get together we're going to meet up at a pub half way between.

After lunch Anne took us to a place where they sell Vera Bradley handbags, in a real nice gift store with loads of other goodies to look at. I didn't buy a handbag but I did treat myself to a print and a little notepad with my name on it. Probably impulse buys but I looked at the print and thought I had a place for it at home. The only thing is, when I tried the spot I was thinking about it, it was much too big. I'm sure I will find another place for it when I start looking around. Otherwise it's going to go into the phantom zone, a cupboard where I have other 'where the heck am I going to put that' phantom zone objects. After living in a place for 20 years you tend to run out of room for such things, so my question is, why do we keep buying this stuff? Time to start thinking of turfing things out again.

Added note as of Monday evening: Just got back from Kathy's surprise birthday party. We all jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!" as she and her hubby walked in the door. I think she had an inkling what was going on but much to her credit she didn't let on. I got to meet her son, his wife and her three grandchildren. We had a great time helping her celebrate and her husband, son, daughter-in-law and the grandkids got up and told us lovely stories about their mother/mother-in-law/grandma and what they thought was so special about her. Our friend Anne also told us about the first time she had met her 'sister' and that they had been mistaken on many occasions for being sisters. It was certainly a great evening and a very heart-warming one.

And it's still pouring with rain, but what's a little liquid sunshine between family and friends.

Leaving you with one of the waterlilies on Walney Pond.


  1. You know what you could do, Denise, is exchange your older art work for the new one for a while, and then rotate one for the other every so often. Hey, art museums do it, so why can't you? LOL.

  2. A good coffee is something I will not be enjoying much anymore, since I'm trying to stay decaffeinated as much as possible.

    Downey's Sherlock Holmes was cool. I'll probably wait for Iron Man 2 to come to DVD, but it looks like the kind of movie I'll enjoy as well. I try to see sequels with low expectations.

  3. I liked the first Iron Man movie - hope I like the new one. LOVE the waterlily ... and the squirrel... and the duck!! Sounds like you had a nice belated mother's day!

  4. Sounds as though you manage to keep pretty busy. No wonder you are having trouble remembering everything you did! Love that waterlily! ~karen

  5. Denise, you have a delightful family and you do stay very busy. Reston Town Center and Clifton are both fun for day trips. My Jack sure loves his Starbucks coffee. We have a Starbucks in the Giant at Dominion Valley and in the Target at Gainesville. Jack knows where they all are located. LOL!

  6. A busy little Bee arn't we.
    I also have a job remembering,lol.
    Nice to meet up with family for a meal.

  7. Beautiful photo you've got, and the lilly flower very neat and pretty. Thanks for sharing your story very interesting.

  8. Ah...what a fun weekend you've had..what fun to be with your loved ones, both family and friends. The lily photo was gorgeous.

  9. What a great shot of the squirrel, love the turtles too!

    Waterlily is just divine.



  10. You certainly had a busy week, lots going on. That Water Lily is very pretty.