Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Ramblings

I hope those of you who were celebrating Mother's Day yesterday had a wonderful day. Mine was lovely though I couldn't get together with my son and daughter-in-law because son was working. He did call and said how about getting together on Tuesday and so I said great. His Dad is home and I daresay we will be going out to lunch somewhere.

From Tuesday to the Friday Gregg was in Seattle on one of his business trips. I filled my time with the usual activities; running errands, chatting with family and friends on the phone, housework - ugh! - taking photos of course, getting together with friends on a couple of those days, and generally having a good time. Gregg always knows I miss him but having been a navy wife for the first half of my marriage with the memory of very long deployments, a week is a drop in the ocean, no pun intended.

On Friday afternoon Gregg called to say he was already in the taxi on the way home and that he was starving. I popped a Beef and Mushroom Pie in the oven. The day before I bought it from the British shop where I worked for six years and retired from a couple of years ago. The pie looks home-made. I also fixed a very simple appetizer with a couple of sticks of celery (all I had was creamy peanut butter to stuff them with and Gregg enjoys those so.......I cut them up into bite-size pieces - voila, appetizers!) Made a quick salad and he was through the door before I could say "Bob's Your Uncle!" No disrespect to anyone out there called Bob. It's an old English saying. Frankly, I don't even know where it comes from or what it means exactly. If anyone does please let me know. A post for another day perhaps?

Gregg saw my fancy appetizers on the counter and they brought a big smile to his face. That's what happens when you're starving, you look at peanut butter and celery as though they were points of toast topped with sour cream and caviar but honestly, he would enjoy these a whole lot more. It wasn't long before the rest of the meal was on the table. He gave it all a big thumb's up and had seconds. It was a delicious and satisfying meal with very little fuss, and what else do I love? Leftovers for another day and a total of four no-fuss meals.

Gregg brought home some work to do so we didn't go very far this weekend. Yesterday we ran a few more errands, one of them to Home Depot where we had ordered a new patio door a few weeks ago. A man came round a couple of weeks' ago and measured. It took us a a while to get back to the store to sign on the dotted line. We will be hearing from the measurement man to set up a time when they can install the new door.

Today for Mother's Day I was spoiled as Gregg fixed me breakfast - brunch really - we ate pretty late. Mid afternoon he said that he had heard about a new ice-cream store in Clifton and would I like to take a drive over there. Clifton is about 15 minutes away in the car and is a lovely little town with lots of historical houses - you can see one in the photo above which was originally owned by a gangster, according to the historical sign out front, no mention who that person was. We ate our ice-cream and walked around for a couple of hours. I'll be sharing photos when I get them organized.

Sunday evening Gregg was back on his laptop at the kitchen table but when he got hungry again he insisted on fixing dinner because - as he said - it was still Mother's Day. We had those left-overs I mentioned but I really appreciated him taking time out to put them together as at 8.00 p.m. he was on another conference call with colleagues, which lasted about an hour. Yes we could have gone out for a nice Mother's Day meal at a restaurant but Gregg knows me well, that I don't feel comfortable when places get too crowded, and I know everywhere would be very crowded on this special day. Like Gregg enjoyed his peanut butter stuffed celery, I enjoyed this meal better than any fancy restaurant. It doesn't take much to keep us happy. That was the end of his work day and this is the end of my Monday ramblings.


  1. All that talkin' about food makes me hungry! But I'm glad you were spoiled on Mothers Day:)

  2. It's good to have time to oneself and the appreciation for one's mate grows with absence. Glad you had a pleasant Mother's Day :-)

    (Bob's your uncle - some thought it was to do with Balfour being promoted to chief secretary for Ireland by his uncle Robert (Bob) A more likely explanation is that 'Bob' was a name for any man whose name was unknown (like John Doe maybe?) and 'all's bob' was 17th century slang for 'all's well'.)

  3. Sounds like you had a nice day and your hubby treated you well.

  4. I am glad you had a good time and that your husband treated you well. I am sure that you deserve that.
    I so much like the photo you posted in this post. I like that wooden gate and the window on the roof of the house (decorated with flowers) looks so lovely and charming.

  5. Dear Denise,
    First of all thanks so much for your kind message in my blog.So nice to know about your weekend and so on.Girl, you need to explain more about the Mushroom Pie, I'm not good with those stuffs but I'm learning with you a lot! :)
    oh yes, beautiful shots, it's really interesting!

  6. nice to know that you are truly living a good life! have a great week Denise!

  7. That was quite interesting about "Bob's your uncle." Your meal sounded fabulous just from Gregg's reaction. It's making me want to go out and buy some celery.

    Actually... now I'm feeling hungry. I'd like some ice cream, too.

  8. Happy belated Mother's day, Denise!

    Your photos of the Mexican primroses are beautiful.

  9. I like how Gregg insisted on preparing your meal because it was still Mother's Day. I have rarely cooked a real meal. It turns out to be a big mess, takes a long time, and never turns out quite right. Grilling burgers is about all I'm good for. It's a good thing my children are more like their mother than like me.

    Hey, there's a hole in that wooden gate. Is it a bullet hole?

  10. Your Mother's Day sounded lovely. Bob, my stepdaughter and I went out for breakfast. The restaurant was packed, as expected. We didn't have to wait too long to be seated; our meals took a bit longer than usual to be delivered. The food was delicious; the company was great. Rest of the day was spent watching movies and relaxing.


  12. Pleased to hear you had a lovely Motehr's Day Denise and a great weekend too. My "Bob" always spoils me on UK Mother's Day and we usually eat in because as you say the restaurants get so crowded on these special days. A x