Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Watery Wednesday

“My heart knows what the wild goose knows
And I must go where the wild goose goes
Wild goose, brother goose, which is best
A wanderin' foot or a heart at rest.”

These are the first few lines of a song composed by Terry Gilkyson

You can read the rest here.

Thank you 2sweetnsaxy for hosting this great meme.

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  1. Isn't he/she a beaut....
    I do love geese, albeit they don't love me ;)
    Great photo !

  2. Love the detail of the waves gently lapping round this beautiful goose!

  3. They are my special friends. Back East growing up I knew the seasons by their voyages. Here in Hawaii, the Nene goose is our state bird.

    Sorry I haven't been visiting as often as I'd like, but I've been
    having connection issues that I THINK I've solved. Thanks for YOUr
    visits & comments :)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  4. It's a perfect one...love it so much!

  5. You captured a great picture of a goose. I joined the Watery Wednesday meme for the first time :-) Thank you for the invitation to join the Today's Flowers meme. You are the second person who invited me to join. I'll try and join in next week.

  6. I love the goose :) I have several of the Canada Geese that love the congregate here.

    The rippling of the water is a lovely capture.

    Great blog, I enjoyed it. Thank you.

  7. I got goosebumps with that song hee hee, cute goose Denise.

  8. Beautiful photo and poem! We have these geese too in my country. They even breed here.Thanks for sharing!

  9. I think Canadian Geese are so cool!! This photo is exceptional.

    Here is my Watery Photo, hope to see you stop by to view. It's always great to have you visiting.

  10. Such handsome birds in their smart livery. I know they can be a pest but I really enjoy seeing them.

  11. He's a majestic goose with his white bib and black shirt.
    I know that song.....

  12. Lovely WW photo - such a beautiful creature. I know the song! Was it sung by Frankie Lane? A x

  13. I always love to see them fly over head making honking noises. Very nice picture. Thank you for coming by.

  14. I hope you had happy moments during Easter my dear friend. My best wishes for you and your family.

  15. Beautiful picture of the goose, Denise. It's perfect for Watery Wednesday!!!!

  16. Nice shot, displayed wonderful.
    Also love the words.

  17. Excellent! And I love that header!~karen