Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh joy, it may be spring but that nasty cold cometh...

Okay I am cheating. This is not my photo but one of the samples on the computer I am using right now, so presumably it is okay to share. If I could take a photo like this I would be doing the happy dance. Fantastic photo! I just wish they had shared the name of the photographer.

Gregg started it - I bare no grudge. The poor guy rarely gets sick but a few days ago he started developing a stinker of a cold; sore throat, hot one minute, cold the next, sneezing, the whole gambit. You know how it goes. They say that colds take ten days from the time you catch it until the symptoms appear. I really should research that. About ten days ago he was on another plane going somewhere. Hmmmm.....all that circulated air? Who the heck knows. Well, at least I have the comfort of being under my own roof. He had to fly to Long Beach yesterday armed with antihistamine for the flight. He has also to fly to Chicago either today or tomorrow - my addled brain can't remember the exact day - and he will be home on Friday. By then we should be ready to enjoy the weekend.

In the meantime I have my in-law's here and I am truly hoping that we have not passed anything on to them. I am busy wiping down everything with disinfectant wipes without being too obvious and turning into Lady MacBeth with the hand-washing.

I bought two new bird feeders last weekend and hung one in its usual spot on the deck. We have had Squirrels, Sparrows, Grackles and Blue Jays. The other feeder is the type with suction cups that you attach to the window. I have put it near the chair where I keep my camera ready and waiting. No visitors to that one yet. I will probably fall out of said seat when that day happens.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be meeting friends for lunch. I have been drinking like a fish, loading myself up with Vitamin C and yes, still taking that cod liver oil. Usually when I get a cold it hangs around for a month, so I am timing this one.

The last two occasions I went to the local supermarket I bumped into old friends, so we chatted in the aisle for a while and left with a promise that we would get together for coffee in the not too distant future.

I haven't felt like doing much but I have watched a couple of movies that are on DVD. One was "UP" - such a cute animated movie, very heartwarming - and the other was "AUSTRALIA" - I loved that one too, full of hero's, heroin's and villains but with a happy ending.

I am also on a different computer. My older and trusted fellow ran out of its anti-virus subscription and when I renewed it, it wouldn't let me reactivate. I kept getting the error message and following its instructions to no avail. What a complete pain and Murphy's Law that my computer whiz is out of the house. Fortunately I have the new laptop he gave me for Christmas, the one that I have not completely fallen in love with yet and because it takes me forever to get out of my comfort zone, I have used it only now and again. Maybe this is a mixed blessing?


  1. We're plan to hang a hummingbird feeder on our picnic pavilion. I hope to capture a good picture of a hummingbird!

    I've been battling a cold too. I think I went a long way to cooking it out of me yesterday. I sat on our front porch reading, the hot sun shining down on me. I'm not sneezing today like I was earlier. I do have another complaint, though, unrelated to a cold. I got too much sun! I have sunburned arms and neck, and my face is a bit rosy. I won't complain too much, if the heat helped to lessen the effects of a cold! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. They don't call it a cold for nothing. You catch a cold when you are cold. So keep warm!!!

  3. Oh, hope you're feeling better soon, and that you get lots of visitors to your window feeder!!


  4. Sick and relatives to boot? And you still have a happy sound in your voice (at least your computer voice!).

    I loved the movie "Up." And I've never been a fan of animation but it is getting sooooo good these days.

    Hang in there with the cold and the computer!

  5. Hi Denise, Sorry you have an old cold... Hope you conquer it soon --and hope it doesn't hang on long.

    Glad you got some new feeders. Sorry for the birds you attracted --along with the squirrels... YUK!!!! Hope the little birds find your window one soon. You should get some great pictures.

    I love my big computer also---and don't use my laptop as much as I thought I would. It is nice to take the laptop and sit on my recliner though--while I watch the birds. I just need to make myself use the laptop more.

    Get WELL, my friend.

  6. Just remember not to kiss Gregg, or you too will get it bad.........remember my post about the very same thing!!

    Take good care of yourself,


  7. I like to feed birds and any little creature that happens in to my yard.I hope my little hummingbirds come back this year. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, colds sure do hang on, take care.

  8. I hope you'll both be feeling better soon and able to enjoy the weekend.
    I'm sure you're right about recirculated air in aircraft. Barry used to travel a lot by air. He would be away for two or three weeks and withot fail succumbed to some lurgy when he returned home.
    Persevere with the laptop - mine is almost attached to my person!

  9. I look forward to seeing the bird pics from your feeders. I'll look for Gregg in any planes passing overhead and wave, okay? Those two movies sound like good ones. My son brought home a DVD of Sherlock Holmes. I liked it.