Monday, April 12, 2010

The Blue Squirrel

Hello Dear Squirrel,

Why are you so sad?

The sun is out

And the sky is blue,

Not gray enough

To make you of

The same hue.”

To this he replied,

“I worked so hard

To store up my food,

I buried it in a

thousand holes

Said this sad little soul.

I can’t remember

Where they might be

I’ve dug everywhere

As you can plainly see.”

And yes there were

A thousand fresh holes

But no nuts to be found

At the top of each mound.

“How long has it been?”

Said I to this sad little face

“Quite a while “ he said

With barely a squeak,

“As I don’t remember this

Wood when I fell asleep.”

I said, “Your brother

must be Rip Van Winkle

My dear little friend.”

And I said as a tease,

“All those nuts that you buried.

Are now very big trees.

You’ll have nuts a plenty

But next time you bury,

And from one nut to another,

May I suggest

With not as must jest,

You make an extra large map,

And mark each hole

With a very large ‘x’!”


In the meantime this dear little squirrel won't have to put up with my poor prose, as I keep filling up the new feeder in which to bury her nose - ahhhhh!!!!!

And patiently wait I for the little birds to appear, when squirrel has had her fill for never fear, she is feeding her own babies at this time of year.

Welcome to one and all to my feeder I say, room enough to go around on this kind of day.

And now I leave so that you can stop your groaning, I say. Denise is feeling better and will be out of the house for the rest of the day.

The sniffles have almost gone, no more time on her hands to mope, for there are lots of lovely things with her camera to be found, now that she is no longer cabin and fever bound.


  1. Love the story and photos lol..

    Thanks a lot for the visit today, hope to see each other often.

  2. How adorable !
    Such a fun story, and awesome pictures of our squirrel friend ;)

  3. Hi Denise, this is such a lovely story and I love the photos, specially the one when the squirrel is told about his nuts, how precious.

  4. You are sounding better. Lovely shots of the cheeky squirrels and clever prose.

  5. I'm glad that you are feeling better. Your squirrel pictures and story were very cute. We've seen a chipmunk on our bird feeder but not a squirrel yet.

  6. You really started my day with a smile. What great pictures and story!
    Sunny :)

  7. What a cutie ! our squirrels are smaller and more red, I saw these big grey once for the first time when I visited my son in London.

  8. Trouble is, we have so many squirrels they never seem to get their fill and they have holes everywhere.

  9. That was so fun! I love the pictures of your squirrel. And your poem was appropriately nutty!

  10. Glad you're feeling better. Cute squirrel expressions.

  11. Beautiful pics and funny dialogs.

  12. Lots of action packed shots here Denise of someone who has lost his nuts.!{:)

  13. cute and yes, I guess I can forgive the little chipmunk (no squirrels in site, at least for now!) for cleaning out three feeders last week! This was so cheery indeed.

  14. I just love these pictures. I have two squirrels that come up and stand on their hind legs with their arms out stretched to have a nut.

  15. Isn't the squirrels a show off! They are so adorable and cute! I have observed that they are more domesticated and are not camera shy anymore!

  16. Glad you are better, and out and about, looking for nuts,lol.
    Great words to go with wonderful pics.

  17. That is so cute! the story, and the photos! Great shots! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  18. What a cute and wonderful post, Denise. I love the squirrel photos.

  19. What a terrific post! Can't tell you how much I enjoyed your witty rhyming and these adorable pictures! You are quite talented, indeed!! Cheers!

  20. Great post, it made me smile. I like the photos as much as your test also.

  21. I believe you have a creative streak! Cute!

  22. this is very beautiful post i like the story of squirrel

  23. How luck the squirrel is to have you taking care of itself and its baby. But the birds must be very impatient by now waiting in line behind it for the bird feeder.

  24. such a fun foray loved it sandy

  25. Dear Denise,
    This post is so lovely!This little friend is cute and he is enjoying a lot this photo session.Very creative post!

  26. Ha! Squirrels who live near bird feeders don't need good memories. All they need to remember is the path to the feeder. :)

  27. Beautiful,lovely and fantastic shot ! Simply amazing and lovely words !!

  28. Cute post, Denise. You are MUCH nicer to the squirrels than I am.... I do NOT want them anywhere near the bird feeders... I don't have money to feed them too--and they'll eat all of the bird food if I let them... I do allow them to eat anything which falls to the deck and ground. And there are always plenty of nuts around the yard --where they have hidden them in our flowerbeds... Grrrrrrrr!!!! Sorry Denise... It's just what it is!!!!! ha ha ha

    Glad you are feeling better.

  29. So that is what a blue squirrel looks like! Beautiful pictures!

  30. this is such a great post, Denise. He's a sweet little squirrel. the last picture is my favorite - that look! too cute! :)

  31. I love your squirrel feature for today. I can assure you they know where they buried things in my yard. I have some very big holes as proof.

  32. This was so cute!! Normally I would say "how did you ever capture those expressions"?..but I realize the mind behind the camera! Just fabulous -and what a delightful read Denise!
    Sorry about your cold- glad your getting btter and no longer cabin bound!! Have a wonderful evening!