Monday, April 19, 2010

Words to live by......

My Symphony

To live content with small means,

To seek elegance rather than luxury,

And refinement rather than fashion,
To be worthy, not respectable,
And wealthy, not rich,

To study hard,
Think quietly,
Talk gently,
Act frankly,

To listen to stars and birds,
Babes and sages
With open heart.

To bear all cheerfully,
Do all bravely,
Await occasions,

Hurry, never!

In a word,
To let the spiritual,
Unbidden and unconscious,

Grow up through the common.

This is to be my symphony.

~William Ellery Channing~


Another weekend over with. We didn't go too far as I find my energy level is still very low, which always happens when I have had a bad cold. I don't know why it always surprises me that it takes me twice as long to get over one as any one else. Frustrating, as the weather has been incredible, cooler than we had it a week ago but ideal for walking. I could only manage a short walk, and after each one I dropped off for a two hour nap once we got home. I even ventured to say perhaps it's because my 60th is looming but Gregg always says it's all in the head. It probably is because I feel like I just reached my hundredth birthday! No, Gregg will have none of that talk and yes I am smiling.

We spent time with our son and daughter-in-law today and what a lovely time we had. Always great to get together with them, to catch up on what's been going on in their lives. We get so much joy from our children. I took photos of Peaches. Peaches is my daughter-in-law's pet snake. I can't remember what kind she is but she has the most beautiful creamsicle and dark orange pattern, and the prettiest eyes that look like jewels. She has also grown quite a bit since we were first introduced to her. Lisa has had Peaches longer than she has known Brad. Little did she know that she would have a mother-in-law who would be quite taken with her. It's the closest I have been to a snake in years, except for rare visits to the reptile house at the zoo. She was quite active too.

Like Lisa I have always had a fascination for reptiles but there is no way I could have gotten one in our house when I was young. I realize they are not everyone's cup of tea and I suppose they weren't my parents, though we did have a dog, a cat, a tortoise and lots of pet rabbits. A monkey was also on my list and I never stopped asking. No joy there either. So here I am 50 years on and now I have a pet snake one step removed.

After having lunch with the 'kids' at Macaroni Grill we left them and drove into Manassas to pick up our car which we had dropped off on Friday for some minor work, only to find that the dealership had closed half an hour earlier. Drat! I suppose if we had thought about it we could have figured that out - it being a Sunday - and gotten it yesterday but that two-hour nap got in the way! No big deal, we will pick it up later this evening instead.

This afternoon a lady is going to be here to measure windows in our front room. Last Friday the nice lady I met at the store came by and we sorted out what I will be ordering. Pretty neutral colors because as I said to her, I have never forgotten a real estate agent telling me that for selling a home it's always best to have neutral window treatments and it also fits in with our own conservative tastes. With Gregg's retirement on the horizon - not tomorrow exactly but not too far in the distance either - we're still not sure whether we will be selling our house or keeping it for a while. No matter what we decide we intend to do some extended traveling, something that we have always wanted when we have more time to do so.

Anyhow, after more years than I care to mention we are finally going to have new curtains and I couldn't be more delighted. We have a couple of side windows at the front door that will also be getting a fresh look. Eventually we will need to do the whole house but this is a good start.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. I am not a fan of snakes AT ALL, so rather you than me, getting that close!!

    Good for you and Gregg wanting to do some traveling. Hopefully one day we'll be able to do that.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Oh, I should have said thanks for the comments about the church ladies.....


  3. Nice photo of the bird and the snake, well actually I enjoyed the whole blog and you writing as well. Thanks

  4. Peaches sure is a pretty color - I don't think I've ever seen a snake quite that shade. Neat!

  5. What a nice post, Denise! A snake is a very special pet, provided it's not venomous. It's quite normal that you are tired after a bad cold, but still, if I were you I would see to it that it doesn't last too long! Please take care!

  6. You are more tolerant than I. I do not want a snake as a grandchild. I'm hoping someday you have a human grandchild!

  7. New curtains sound wonderful! Yes, neutral is best. I couldn't imagine moving. What would I do with all my stuff? On the other hand, it would be a fantastic reason for chucking most of it. :)

  8. You have a great week!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  9. Now I am a fan of snakes and I wonder if peaches is an albino corn snake? She is very pretty whatever she is. I did have snakes as a child and I let my children have them also. We had a beauty called a green smoothie. It was slender and long and very gentle but my youngest son fed it too many crickets and the crickets ate the snake instead! Yikes! I enjoyed the poem at the top and I wish you a Happy Birthday!

  10. I am glad you are getting over the cold. I appreciated the photo of the robin, and the snake made me squirm. Great post!

  11. lovely images and those words are truly inspiring! take care Denise!

  12. Your robin friend is a cutie, and so is Peaches! I love snakes ! We were lucky to see 7 this weekend on our hikes :) Peaches looks like a corn snake - they are very laid back snakes! My friends have two and I love seeing them when we visit- they are extremely social and seem to love being around people. Ohh, great poem too!