Monday, March 15, 2010

A poem about Dinosaurs

A little bit of whimsy, a fly-by photograph from the passenger side of the car and a poem found on line.

Dinosaur Names

If the dinosaurs had such peanut-sized brains,

Why were they given such difficult names

Why not Beak Mouth or Bonehead or Horny or Chops,

Instead of a mouthful like Triceratops?

And as sure as the winged Archaeopteryx flew,

A much simpler name like Fly Guy would do.

If dinosaurs knew that their names were so tough,

They'd turn in their graves and cause earthquakes and stuff!

Why not Spiny or Spike for our friend Stegosaurus?

And Stretch seems to work for the long Brontosaurus,

Their names should be simple and bold and distinct--

I wish that long dinosaur names were extinct!

~Holly Davis~


  1. Great stuff.
    I also loved your story of your romance.

  2. Great post. I tell my grand kids the one about the one eyed dinosaur call a 'doyouthinkhesawus' XXX Don

  3. Fantastic poem - I shall have to copy it and send it to my grandson who loves ALL things dinosaur. A x

  4. Cute, Denise..... My grands are older now---but a couple of them used to LOVE all things dinosaurs... They knew everything there was to know about dinosaurs.


  5. This is such a cute poem. You are right about their names, they should be shorter.

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