Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nature Notes and Signs of the Season

Part 3 - continuing our walk from Sunday, more photos from the old Civil War Battlefield in Manassas, as shown in my two previous posts. Just in case you haven't seen them before and you are interested, you can find them here and here.

Gregg and I are coming to the end of our walk and behind us is the parking lot where we left our car.

But first, the closer we looked at this gnarled old tree, we could appreciate its natural beauty.

This is one of the signs describing the battle. Hard to imagine that all that fighting went on in the peaceful surroundings we are enjoying now. If you are history buffs you can enlarge the photo and read the sign. It shows the house called Hazel Plain which is mentioned in Part 1, where I took photos of its foundation wall.

Another photo of the sign showing the area.

Gregg is on the left reading that same sign.

Here's another next to to the parking lot and that is his shadow.

These uniforms were worn by the Yankee soldiers....

and these by the Confederates.

It is a lovely sunny day as you can see from this photo.

By this time we had already reached our car and were heading home when we saw a small herd of deer cross the road. Fortunately for them they were still in the park, the road was not much traveled and the speed limit is low enough that you have plenty of time to stop. We pulled over to take photos, of course.

Aren't they lovely?

Deer are amongst my favorite animals.

Michelle is the host of Nature Notes and Signs of the Season. Thank you Michelle.


  1. This battlefield is near where you live? Such fascinating history! Cute deer, too. ~karen

  2. What a wonderful walk. I also looked at parts one and two and they are all great. I love the close look at the old tree and the deer are so beautiful and serene looking to me.

  3. Great scenes from the battlefield, Denise. It looks similiar to Antietam and Gettysburg. Lov ethe shots of the deer, I always enjoy seeing them.

  4. I think it is spelled Yankee, not Yanky.
    Beautiful shots, as usual, Denise. Love the deer.

  5. I've enjoyed the tour of the battlefield with you - your photographs and words.

  6. I haven't been to this particular place and I am trying to remember the name..but my parents were real Civil War buffs and my brother is too. You're much death and suffering in a quiet beautiful place. Thank you for participating in Nature Notes..I love deer too.. Michelle

  7. Thanks for the wonderful tour. I love the dear deer.
    Sunny :)

  8. Thank you for the walk through history and I enjoyed the photos of the deer, especially the fluffy tailed one.

    My Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War and when I see these photos it brings home to me a bit of what it must have been like to fight and see death all around in what should have been peaceful farmland.

  9. KaHolly, we're lucky to be so close. A beautiful area with all this history.

    Carver, thank you.

    eileeninmd, I have been to Gettysburg but not to Antietam yet. We were talking about going there this year.

    gigihawaii, thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. I don't know why I didn't catch it.

    Missy AKA Little Messy Missy, thanks, I can never take too many photos of deer.

    Linda (PA_shutterbug), happy you enjoyed it.

    Rambling Woods, I enjoy your meme very much Michelle, thank you.

    Sunny, you are very welcome. It seems we all love those deer :) I will have more photos for Camera Critters.

    Callie, we are very reflective every time we visit this place, thinking back to the way it must have been. How interesting about your Great Grandfather. I wonder if you have any old photographs of him?

  10. Happy that the area is now peaceful and nice place for deer than a scene of death and slaughter.

  11. I'm not much of a war buff, but I do enjoy visiting historic sites like this, although I've never been to this particular one. They're great places to sit and meditate. I didn't know there were differently styled uniforms like that for each side. I've only seen pics of the standard blue Union and gray Confederate uniforms. Very interesting! The deer don't seem to be bothered by much, do they? Thanks for posting about your travels and for commenting on my post!

  12. Lovely photos, especially liked the men in their respective uniforms. A big deal in the day and it still is.

  13. An interesting post and lovely Deer to round it off Denise.

  14. Lovely deer! And I enjoyed all of your photos here! :) Long time since I visited your blog now. So long! :)

  15. history can be very interesting!
    i love the photos, i never had the chance to capture a shot of a deer, i hope i have that chance one day

  16. Denise: What fun to walk on the battlefield and see the history and the deer.

  17. It does seem strange that such a bucolic setting could have seen so much bloodshed. The tree and the deer are lovely. Nice set of photos!