Monday, May 3, 2010

My World Tuesday Season # 2 Episode # 30

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These are photos from our walk at Walney Pond, a place I have mentioned many times before on this blog. It is only a short car drive from home and it's a good place to get some exercise and enjoy our surroundings.

The first place we headed for was the visitors center. I discovered last time that they had all these bird feeders behind the building and we all know what that means.....

except that I couldn't get near enough for any decent close-ups. I wonder if you know what this little blue bird is? An Indigo Bunting? Even though we are a short distance away I never get one of these at my bird feeders. I would be in seventh heaven if I did.

He didn't like me staring at him for too long so he escaped into a tree and then flew off.

This one is a female Cardinal and a little while later she was replaced....
by the male.
He disappeared into the tree too. There was another little bird next to him but I'm not sure whether this was the back of the Indigo Bunting or not, or just another unidentified bird that I don't get at my feeders.

The evening air was warm and balmy and the smell of honeysuckle was everywhere. I love this time of the year when their scent is heavy. It's intoxicating!

I am presuming this was the same Canada Geese pair I saw on my last trip. No signs of a nest on that island in the middle of the pond.

I always enjoy the look of the lily pads developing. They're small right now. There is also a beaver's lodge nearby but no beaver. Last year we saw him a lot and watched him dive to the bottom of the pond to grab the shoots and bring them to the top to munch on them. I was a little concerned because there was an oily sheen on top of the water. Gregg suggested it may have washed down from the road when all the snow melted.

The geese came over, probably to see if we had any food. I am sure they are well fed as this is a popular area.

Here's Gregg. We actually remembered to bring the binoculars today.

When I walked along the path I came across a pair of ducks.

I tried to keep my distance but they didn't like sharing the path so......

off they flew into the water.

They seemed content until more people turned up.

Off they flew in a blur of motion. I would have liked it a whole lot sharper but what the hey, it was better than nothing.

There were some these pretty wild yellow iris' in bloom all around the edge of the pond....

and other wild flowers.

This is the path around the pond. Wood chips had been laid down. Usually it's just plain dirt but with any bad weather it gets a soggy mess and we were happy to see the path well protected.

You can see where the cars are parked on the other side.

We made our way back because the light was fading fast, happy in the knowledge that we can come back here any time.

Thank you Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia for hosting My World.

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  1. Beautiful photography, Denise! That tiny blue bird reminds me of a parakeet I used to own -- til somebody stole the bird and birdcage one day.

  2. What a beautiful place! And your photos are fantastic, Denise! Love the birds, the flowers and the watery ones! Hope you have lovely week!


  3. Denise, this is an absolutely beautiful place to go for a walk! You got lots of fantastic bird and flower photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great place, even more so because it is so convenient.

  5. This is just gorgeous, Denise! Incredible photos! I wish we had some place like that close by that we could go to in Hawaii.

  6. Fantastic shots of beautiful place. The flowers and birds are very lovely.

  7. Such a lovely place. No wonder you like to spend time there and close to your home too. How fortunate.

  8. Great shots from your beautiful world by the pond. Love the new header.

  9. Great job, Denise. I felt like I was tramping along with you and Gregg. I love honeysuckle too!

  10. Thanks for sharing all the flowers and the geese with us! Your header is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Nice spring photos! :)

    Have a nice day!

  12. Looks like a beautiful place to walk. Your blue birds does look like a Indigo Bunting. Great photos, Denise!

  13. Thanks for sharing your wonderful world.
    Love all that birds pics.

  14. Fabulous pictures Denise...

    I used to stop by here all the time and then I lost you :0( Glad I found you again!

  15. Dear Denise,
    WE like so much your adorable World, full of sweet energies, beautiful and colourful flowers, cute ducks,happy birds, SONG AND POETRY!
    This World is a DREAM!
    thanks so much for sharing and Happy Tuesday

  16. Denise what a lovely place you have shared with us here...the light and colors are wonderful...I especially love the lily pads on the dark water and that tiny single yellow blossom. Ahhh, I miss walks in the woods.

  17. That looks a lovely, very relaxing place to walk with always something to see.

  18. I just love the lilly pad photo and the ducks in the water.Your nature shots are always so good and of such variety.

  19. You have some lovely photos.

  20. You really did get some nice photos, Denise.

  21. A great place to get out and enjoy nature. You have such colorful birds to watch.

  22. What a gorgeous place to take a stroll, and so nice to have close by. Your pictures are really lovely.
    Sunny :)

  23. Thanks you for taking us with you through this beautiful walk!

  24. Beautiful photographs, as always, Denise! Walney Pond looks like a delightful place to wile away the hours.

  25. A beautiful place to visit Denise - no wonder you and Greg like it so much. Lovely photos too. a x

  26. This seems to be a nice place. Your bird photos are beautiful, nice to see so many different birds on one place.

  27. What a very lovely and interesting post! :) I like it very much! So good to have that lovely pond not far from home. And so many birds beeing feed up there! Good to see people care for the birds. So nice if the beavers could come back to the pond! Me and my dear saw some beavers in a water in the forest of Oslo, some years ago. I don't know if they are still there, I hope they are.. :)They were just great to follow!! You've got many lovely flowers in your post as well! The honeysuckle sure gives an intoxicating smell..
    Have a nice Tuesday! :)

  28. about an ideal spot! I can imagine the smell in the air..the photos- birds and surroundings are stunning!! Wonderful share Denise! What a choice it- the lighting superb! Have a wonderful evening-

  29. What a wonderful collection of photos! I simply enjoyed this every photo that you posted! I love those little birds and birds houses, various flowers, the photos of the pond and ducks...I completely enjoyed!

  30. You've taken so many beautiful photos!
    I missed you so much. I didn't forget you but we had (and have) many health problems and i didn't have the time or i wasn't in the mood for blogging.

  31. Superb images. Light and colours are very beautiful. Have a lovely day. Antoine.

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