Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My World Tuesday Season # 2 Episode # 24

Here are a few pictures Gregg and I took on our trip to The National World War II Memorial, which was opened to the public on April 29th, 2004. This is the first time I have been to it and I was so impressed by the beauty of it all. These photos do not do it justice but it will give you an idea of what to expect if you ever visit.

In the center of the Memorial is the Rainbow Pool, so called because a rainbow can be seen when the sunlight hits the spray at a certain angle.

These are two of the 24 bronze bas-relief panels that depict scenes from the front and at home. Raymond Kaskey is the sculpure. Mr. Kaskey is also the creator of the eagles and wreaths that were installed under the two arches at each end of the pool. You will see those in a few of the photos below.

This is part of the Freedom Wall. The Lincoln Memorial is beyond it. It looks close but it is actually just over a mile away.

There are 4,048 stars honoring those who died.....

each one representing 100 service men and women.

This is a reflection of those stars in the pool at its base.

"Here We Mark The Price Of Freedom."

This plate is on the ground underneath the eagles. It might look at a bit of an odd angel. That is because I turned it upside down the right side up, so that you wouldn't get neck ache! Yes I know I am confusing. Why was it taken upside down just for the curious? There were so many people, this was the only open spot for a shot.

These columns are arranged around the Rainbow Pool in order of State Admission into the Union, alternating back and forth (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, etc.)

As we are living in Virginia I felt I had to take this photo but all the States are represented.

This one because it is where Gregg's Dad is from....

and here for his Mother.

I like this photo of Gregg's, of the 'rope' between the columns. He often sees things that I miss and we enjoy getting home and looking through each other's photos.

On a hot day the water might tempt a few to dangle their feet to cool off, but we are asked to treat this area with respect.

I saw one little boy ask his mother why he couldn't do this and heard her explain that this was hallowed ground. It's good to start teaching our young such things, the earlier the better. I couldn't help but smile at the wet sole on this little boy's shoe though, and the other with his foot over the edge. Just too tempting sometimes.

We saw many wreaths at the two Memorials we visited, the other at The Vietnam Wall. I will be sharing those later as it our next stop after walking down to the Lincoln Memorial.

You can find more photos and information if you click here.

It was an amazing place. I did have a video but I am having difficulty loading them lately. I read at the help forum that I am not alone and many others have had the same problem. When I get home I like to watch these short excerpts from our day out and enjoy listening to all the sounds, water, birds, people talking, just seemed like it all added to the visit. In the meantime I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of The National WWII Memorial in Washington DC. It is located at 17th Street between Constitution and Independence Avenues, NW.

Thank you Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia for hosting My World.

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  1. I did not realize how large the Memorial was. I know one thing I am going to make a effort to see it. Thank you for showing us all the pictures. I had chills when I saw the soldiers on the wall. This is such a wonderful tribute to our men in harms way that gave their lives so we can live free. Thanks again.

  2. Wow thanks for the tour. I really enjoyed that. I have not been and these are the best photos I've seen.

  3. Dennis: What a neat memorial, I've never seen photos of it. Thanks for sharing this part of your world.

  4. What a lovely memorial! Thanks for the 'virtual' tour. Your photos are wonderful and I agree that teaching children while they're young to respect appropriate boundaries and behavior is essential.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. I really like your close-up photographs, Denise. I agree with you that the WWII Memorial is a beautiful place. Would you like to see the photographs that I took while at the memorial? Bob and I visited twice, once with Raphael our exchange student from Brazil (Oct 2004) and once with Sung Won our exchange student from South Korea (Mar 2006).


  6. What a beautiful place Denise. Freedom has a very high price - it is fitting that there are such memorials to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Ax

  7. Denise, I am left both breathless and speachless, my heart racing...
    These men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice, when you look at those stars on the wall, and realize it represents a hundred lives, the mind is numb.
    God rest their souls.
    I hope someday to visit the Memorial, and pay my respects in person.
    Wonderful pictures !

  8. Love seeing the Memorial, Denise. I have seen pictures --but have never seen it in person. I almost cried when thinking of all of those people who died for our freedom--yet our govt. is trying to take it all away from us now. So very very sad.

    I'd want to wade in the pool... Since I was born and raised in VA --I enjoyed seeing the Virginia column.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Beautiful sights. Let us always remember.

    I like that cute pic of the little boys. It had a Norman Rockwell feel to it. It is good that their mom tries to teach them why some things are special. I think they'll turn out better for it.

  10. Gee, the last time I was in Washington, DC was 1987. Time to go back and see new sights!

    Beautiful shots!

  11. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. I would love to see the Memorial in person, it must be quite moving.
    Sunny :)

  12. Dear Denise, thanks so much for this beautiful post, for the memories because I loved to visit this Memorial.
    Wonderful shots in such a beautiful sunny day.

  13. Really an indepth look. Glad you got the photos.

  14. a wonderful tribute. Great photos here.

  15. Thanks for the pictures and the great thoughts about this memorial. It's really beautiful.

  16. What a magnificent memorial. Your photos are great. I love the one of the little boys.
    All those stars give you a real feel of the numbers that didn't come home.

  17. It is a great tribute to the people whose lives they have sacrificed. The artistic aspect of the bronze panels are so exquisite, and you have taken us to a fascinating virtual tour!

    Thank you Denise.

  18. What I said about not having been to the memorials...now I feel like I've been there. These are outstanding captures!

  19. That is one incredible monument. Really.

  20. Thank you Denise and Mike, this is a beautiful post.

  21. these are truly amazing shots. you must have smile on your face when taking these because the outcome are truly heartfelt. great shots. thanks for sharing.