Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My World Tuesday Season # 2 Episode # 22

Part 1

On Sunday afternoon Gregg and I went for a walk at Manassas Civil War Battlefield. It is only 15 minutes away from home by car, and we often find ourselves on the various trails.

This stone wall is all that is left of Bernard Hooe's family home and plantation known as Hazel Plain. The house was eventually purchased by Sophia Jones in 1836, sister of Benjamin Chinn. The actual wooden structure stood until 1950 when it was taken down for safety reasons. Benjamin Chinn and his family moved in to take care of his ailing sister Sophie. Inside was the very first piano ever in Prince William County, which they are assuming he bought for his musically inclined children.

There is an archeological dig near the house where African American Colono-ware pottery was uncovered. Excavated in 1990, this and several other sites nearby revealed not only the usual vessels and plate fragments but also unique gaming pieces, pipes and bone rings brought by the inhabitants from Africa.

These digs in the area have been subsequently covered back over to safe guard them.

The base of this tree was practically rotted through and yet the tree still stood at least 40 feet tall. It made me wonder how long before it will also be taken down for safety reasons. There was a lot of beauty in its base.

Taking a left at the house it took us past this gate.

We headed beyond the sign to see what we could find at the line of trees.
This field was covered by flattened grass at least five feet in length. We realized that the snow had been the cause of this 'carpet' that covered the whole area.

There were signs of animals, with many, many holes. Rabbits perhaps? Who knows! We could see tunnel activity just under the surface.

We reached the wood and took a trail we had never been on before. In all the popular areas there were lots and lots of people. I think this must have been one of the lesser known walks. and we were surprised and happy to stumble across it.

There was only one other walker going in the other direction. We gave each other a friendly wave and a smile as we ambled on.

Gregg spotted what he called 'widow-makers'; branches way up in the tree tops that had broken off but had gotten caught up in the tangle of other branches. They would have been quite dangerous if a person walked underneath when one came down. This big old tree seemed safe enough.

The further we walked the more we noticed that the snow had uprooted many trees and sent them toppling to the ground....

and even snapped a few at the base of the trunk.

The Park Authority had obviously sent crews out to clear the pathway but when we saw the tree ahead across the trail, we thought it prudent to end our walk and come back another day.

The sap was coming out of this sawn trunk. It caught Gregg's attention as it sparkled in the sun.

Still signs of a little snow but it is fast melting. The temperatures have risen to 60 degrees F. this week - that should see to the last of it.

I try to look down at my feet to see where they are going and always have to be careful, as years of experience has given me this lovely title, "The Queen of Sprained Ankles'. There is always something that I find interesting, even looking down at my feet.

This was the gift that ended our walk through the wood. We were chatting away and I saw a movement that made me look sideways and there he was. There were two other deer in his group but this one was the only deer I could get a relatively decent shot of.

He was a magnificent little thing and we said almost in unison, what an amazingly beautiful and fluffy tail, which we saw as it shot up as he ran away. It spread out snowy white, like an open fan. As fluffy tails go, this little deer would be the King of Fluffy Tails.

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  1. I love the photo with the fence gate. I don't know why, but there is just something about it that is cool.

  2. I really enjoyed the tour. I love the old tree trunk - it could tell many stories of ware and tare. Beautiful shot of the deer. I love the fluffy tale too.

    The photo of the fence gate is postcard perfect as is both of the deer photos.

  3. Denise: What a great look at the neat place. Thanks for a great tour of the battlefield.

  4. What a great visit to the old place.
    It reminds me of The Hermitage home of Prsident Andrew Jackson, just fifteen miles away from our home.
    The pictures are spectacular, love the one with the gate, ( I seem to have a thing for old gates ).
    Thanks for sharing your world with us this Tuesday !

  5. What a lovely walk Denise - so interesting and so much to see. I love the photo of the gate too. And what a special end to your walk to see the little deer - so pretty. A x

  6. Your words and photos tells a great Tale - Tail.

  7. What a gorgeous deer with that fluffy tail. I have never seen a deer up close and personal. Not even in the Honolulu Zoo.

  8. I can smell the cool air here, reminds me of walks back home!

  9. Thank you for the tour of Manassas Civil War Battlefield. I notice it says "Part I"; looking forward to the next installment. How fortunate you were to see the deer and quick enough to get its photograph!

  10. I really like all the photos, this is an amazing trail. Does anyone ever find some tokens of the battles? Thanks for sharing your walk, the deer picture was my favorite.

  11. That was a fun visit, and the deer was an especially nice find. It's a good thing you turned around. It is prudent to avoid anything called "widow makers" as well as that precariously leaning tree.

    ...and so, you live to tell another tale.

  12. What a great walk. Thanks for taking us along. I love, just love, trails in the woods.

  13. what super photos, especially of the deer.....


  14. Nice pictures and what a beautiful walk. I have a couple books on Civil War Ghosts I may just go have to dust them off!

  15. Seems you have some wonderful places and things to see when you take your walks.

  16. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  17. I am glad I came along on your walk, there were so many interesting things to see. I liked the gnarled old tree roots and the lovely deer with his fluff tail.

  18. Great shot of the deer, a wonderful animal! Lovely path as well! I see Spring has come there, the snow is absent.. :)