Saturday, February 6, 2010

We had a little more snow but after 48 hours....

You can see Gregg at the bottom of our driveway, where he has dug a path down to the bottom of the road. He did most of this when it was snowing hard. The man with the snow plow came around earlier but it was a bit too much for that plow to handle, and I think he will be back again in the morning.

Gregg worked really hard and considering what he had to deal with, carving out a path all the way down hill to the road was a major accomplishment. I hope it won't be rock hard when he has to do the rest tomorrow but at least it won't be snowing hard. On the corner we saw someone had a snow blower but all of a sudden a burning smell filled the air. We think he may have burned out his motor as it disappeared quickly and we saw that he had replaced it with a shovel.

I got out and chucked a few shovels of snow to the side, but I knew it was time to quit when my nose began to feel like a Popsicle and my fingers started going numb. I decided to get my camera out as it had 'mysteriously' appeared in my pocket. It was truly glorious and I felt it had to be recorded. I don't think we will be going anywhere for a few days. At least I won't.

This is the corner of our house. Our path and the front door step are under more than two feet of snow.

This is our mail box and....

Gregg's van in the driveway as we are looking up the cul-de-sac.

Our next door neighbor's house.

Remember the snowman across the street? It was on my other neighbor's porch. Even he decided to high-tail it inside. I suspect by now he is just a puddle.

Several people are digging their driveways out.

And Man's Best Friend is helping out too.

Someone round the corner tried to leave the neighborhood. He didn't get very far and I saw the poor guy on his hands and knees hard at work with that shovel, trying to free the wheels from the icy snow's vice-like grip. Well, I think many of us have been in his shoes at some point in our lives when we've said, "It can't be that bad surely?" It was that bad! He was on the corner of our street and at times his wheels were spinning and going nowhere.

Man's best friend said it all.

I called Gregg but a good Samaritan neighbor had seen what was going on and had already gone over. It wasn't long after that the young man was able to carefully maneuver back into his own driveway. I'm glad he didn't get stuck too far from home.

From our snowy part of Northern Virginia, I wish you all safe and sound in your own homes tonight, and take some good advice from Man's Best Friend, "don't try doing that" unless you desperately have to. Even that young man had a four-wheel drive and came a cropper. I am also thinking of my friend's daughter whose baby was due three days ago.

To all those people out there like emergency workers, police, firemen, hospital workers, those much needed road crews and all of you, thank you for everything you are doing. Hope your guardian angels are taking care of you on this snowy night and in the days ahead.


  1. Well we had some snow, but you certainly got a pile of it and then some.

  2. Wow oh wow! Sometimes it can be fun! And, it surely is pretty! That last photo is gorgeous! Just tuck yourself in and keep warm. Drink lots of hot chocolate and take naps. And enjoy! ~karen

  3. YIKES! That is a LOT of snow! (Even by Ontario standards.)

  4. All that snow sure did make for some great photos.

  5. let's hope your friend gave birth BEFORE the snowfall. I can't think of anything worse than being stuck at home in an emergency. And how do all those hospital, fire, and police personnel get to work???

  6. Wow. That's real snow! It doesn't sound like you lost power, as I'm sure many have.
    Wishing you a Happy Super Sunday, and a nice gentle thaw.

  7. Hi Denise, That's more snow than I have EVER seen... Good Gosh -- I wouldn't be going anywhere for a long time!!!

    It's pretty though. We got some flurries today--and some snow last night--but not much accumulation (just s dusting)... That's about it for us...

    I have a blog friend (Marilyn --Thistlebroom) from Connecticut--who is leaving tomorrow for Florida. I am worried about her driving through your area. I gave her your blog site and email address and told her to check with you.. I hope she does!!!! Even on interstates, I don't think I'd try it.


  8. OH MY GOSH! That's TOO MUCH SNOW!!!
    I've been watching it on The Weather Channel & they said parts of Jersey got 27"! That's insane

    Hope everyone is ok & you all have plenty of food, cuz you're not gonna get out anytime soon. Be careful & God bless!!!

  9. Wow that is a lot of snow. It is pretty but looks a lot of hard work and dangerous. Look at Greg's van under it all. I hope you don't have to go out in it for a while. I wish I could send you a long distant blow of the hot air we have here. If you want some warm scenes check out my post.

  10. Wow! Lots of snow! We only got a dusting up here in "snow country".

  11. Oh, my....that is way too much snow! How awful.

  12. Wow, that is a large storm, even by New England standards!

  13. Patty, glad to hear yours wasn't as bad.

    KaHolly, yes sometimes it can be fun. I'm following your advice though :)

    Stine in Ontario, I think this one is for the record books here.

    Squirrel, thank you. I had a lot of fun taking them.

    gigihawaii, as of today they were still waiting for that baby. I think there is an organization of volunteers with four-wheel drives and snow tires who carry people back and forth to the hospitals but even they would have a hard time with this lot I think.

    Linda Reeder, the electricity has been cutting in and out since the snow started. I wish you a Happy Super Sunday also.

    Betsy from Tennessee, it certainly is. No I won't be going anywhere for a while. Fortunately we are well stocked up. Sounds pretty out your way too. I do hope your blog friend waits until this has all settled down. We're expecting another storm on Tuesday.

    Tricia, yes just a tad too much ;) I'll be interested in learning how many inches we had officially.

    diane, no not going anywhere for a while. I wish you could send me some of that warm air too and I did check out your post. Just lovely!

    Linda (PA_shutterbug), glad you only got a dusting up there.

    Mary, I am sure it is going to get old after the initial fun of it all. I can't even begin to guess when it will finally all disappear.

    Steve Borichevsky, that's saying something. I always thought New England could beat us any time with it's snow up there.

  14. I heard on our news that you were having severe snow storms Denise. You must have had most of it! Lovely shots though, so pretty and would make a great Christmas card scene. Hope you keep warm and cosy and that your friend's baby arrives safely. A x

  15. Hey Denise, so why didn't you video Gregg then, you could have got your own back there.

  16. Strawberry Jam Anne, thank you Anne, I haven't heard anything about that wee baby yet but he's going to be a snow baby that's for sure. We're all warm and toasty here.

    Roy, now why didn't I think of that? Oh well, there's a missed opportunity ;)

  17. wow you guys did get hit hard, it missed us up here, thank goodness.

    Great photos though.

    Gill in Canada

  18. That is a LOT of snow. Even when we lived in the Wasatch foothills, we rarely got that much, and then we had a huge snowblower that could handle it.
    Poor Greg is going to do plenty of shoveling.
    Fresh snow is a beautiful sight, though, clean and pure.
    Hope you got in enough supplies ahead of time so you can stay home until conditions are better.

  19. Simply amazing! I can't imagine dealing with all of that, but, then having to stay home might be kind of fun (for awhile). At least you can get outside far enough to take some great photos! I still see pleasant frowns! :-)

  20. Oh my ... what a LOT of snow! Thanks for taking the time to share here on your blog. It's pretty amazing to see. I've been watching the news about the mudslides here in Southern California and my heart goes out to those folks whose homes are literally BURIED in mud at the moment. Glad you're safe ... stay warm!
    Hugs and blessings,
    Sacred Ruminations

  21. ohmigod, it's so much snow!I'm really impressed!

  22. Wow! you sure got a lot of snow. It missed us, thank goodness.
    Your pictures show a winter wonderland.
    Stay safe and warm.
    Sunny :)

  23. We have just gone three days without power from ice - would rather have the snow! Will post some photos of our version of this storm on Monday!

  24. All that snow sure did make for some great photos.

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  25. that is some out of control snow, whoa! I love the pictures. I've only been in that much snow once or twice and it was a looong time ago, so i have to say, i'm a tiny jealous cause it looks like fun (for a while!).

  26. It sure is beautiful, but I'm glad I don't have to be shoveling that much snow over here. I love those pics, now go inside-both of you, and have some hot cocoa.

  27. My gosh, that is a lot of snow. We live here in Michigan next to Lake Michigan and have only had one major snow storm but today may prove it still has more to give us. Thank you for coming by and leaving such a kind comment.

  28. OH MY, all that snow! and i am complaining about the unseasonalbe cold here in Florida. i think there are about 7 states that look just like VA, I have been in snow but never this much and do prefer Florida in the winter time.
    I enjoyed all your flower photos and clicked around on Today's flowers. Flowers are wonderful no matter where they are in the world. I like seeing what grows in other countries and it amazes me they are much the same as ours.