Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Watery Wednesday

On Sunday we decided to drive over to Walney Pond. Because it is less than ten minutes away from home in the car, we find ourselves here several times during the year and I have often mentioned it. It is one of our favorite spots and I was eager to get some snow photos.

We couldn't have picked a prettier day for a walk. It was cold but not uncomfortable and we didn't even have to wear a hat, though as you can see the pond was iced over.

I often wear what I call my Yellowstone Coat. It is one I bought at an outdoor store when we knew we were heading for the Yellowstone National Park two years' ago. Every time I put on that coat now, it takes me back to those wonderful memories of that holiday and in particular the animals I got to see for the first time, like the elk and moose. So, whenever I put on my Yellowstone Coat, those beautiful animals come back to me and fill me with a warm glow on a cold day, I kid you not.

On one of our road trips down south to see Gregg's family, I thought I had left it behind in a restaurant we stopped at on our journey home, and when I realized it was missing I was very sad at the thought of losing it. Much to my relief I found it a few days later, tucked away in the back of the trunk, a dark coat that was hidden in the back of a dark trunk and I let out a whoop when I found it. A few cans had fallen out of a shopping bag and rolled back there, and when I stretched out my hand I found my coat. I get very attached to things because of certain memories and I felt like I had been given a million dollars. Like a small child with a blanky, that coat has become like my blanky. Yes I am a child and reverting back the older I get.

Yes I am rambling, let's get back to our walk around the pond but I sure was happy to find that coat.

The sunlight sparkled on the ice but this sign is always there to remind people not to try walking on it.
The nesting box in the middle of the pond is waiting for the birds to come back next Spring. I'll be here with my camera to see if I can take pictures of some wee babies.

There is also our beaver of course. We have often seen him on our previous visits and I was wondering if he was hibernating until I saw this hole in the ice where someone may have popped his head through. Do beavers hibernate? I'm going to have to do a little research. His lodge was covered with snow and this hole wasn't too far from its entrance.

Definitely signs of disturbance as we walked by.

This was a little different. I think maybe a person/child had broken up the ice with a stick or thrown a rock into the pond.

I liked the different shapes and patterns the ice created.

Very pretty!

There is the gazebo also waiting for the picnickers to come back. We have often seen smoke rise from a small barbecue as the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs have filled the air.

No signs of life around the edge of the pond, no fish jumping or turtles sunning themselves on drifting logs, and no frogs chirping.

I saw a few birds flying around; a turkey vulture, some cardinals, woodpeckers, and this little fellow sitting within the safety of a tangle of branches.

The last several times we have not seen any ducks or geese but hopefully next Spring they will be back.

We continued our walk around the pond and ....

in this photo you can see that Gregg is ahead of me. As usually I am lagging behind as I tend to study things along the way, and study and study and study!

Here is an overlook where you will often find people with their fishing poles. Not today!

After our walk around the edge of the pond we make our way over the creek.

I finally caught up with Gregg.

It looks beautiful with the snow. It looks beautiful at any time of the year but the snow has given it another dimension.

Turn around is fair play. Gregg takes a picture of me.....

while I take a picture of the tree trunk that looks like a bent leg.

This is a shot in the other direction.

Usually we walk up to the visitors' center but we decided to drive this time. The snow made it a little more hazardous and I had already twisted my ankle having stuck my foot in a hole covered by the snow. Not bad this time but enough to feel it when I got home and enough for me to agree to a ride up to the visitors' center. "Do you want to go home yet? says Gregg. "Not on your nelly says Denise." Not yet anyhow, limp, limp, limp! Truth be known neither of us were ready to go home. We were having too much fun and who knows when we will be able to do this again. More bad weather is heading this way.

Thank you 2sweetnsaxy for hosting this great meme.


  1. Beautiful series of photos Denise! I like the ice mosaics, very original.


  2. I really enjoyed these shots. I hope I can catch some shots of the snow on the mountains here before it starts to warm and it melts away. Still, what great streams we're going to have coming down the mountains. :-)

  3. This has become one of my favorite places to visit :)
    I even look for the beaver...
    Your photos are just superb, when I clicked on the first one to enlarge, the shimmering pond, just takes your breath away.
    Full marks Denise !

  4. Thanks for taking us on that lovely walk with you Denise! So many beautiful snowy scenes.
    I really like the sun glistening on the frozen lake in the first one. I can almost feel the sun in that one. :)

  5. As usual all of your pictures are great. I particularly liked the photograph of the tree with the bent leg. I hope that the next storm coming doesn't dump lots of snow on you. Hope your ankle feels better too.

  6. Yes I always agree, all your photos are fantastic, ice mosaic is so nice, I enjoyed seeing all your photos Denise.

  7. Beautiful shots, while I was looking at your photos, I wish to be there! It's so nice.

  8. What a lovely walk in the snow! Thanks for taking us along. I appreciated being able to partake from the warmth of my home! ~karen

  9. Denise, it looks like a wonderful place to visit. And so nice to be so close to home. Great set of photos.

  10. What a nice post...I get that too..certain clothes bring you back somewhere else. Good stuff. Love the photos- the sun reflection on that first one is really pretty!

  11. Beautiful pictures of you two, of natural splendor, a dear bird - and loved your words about your blankey coat!

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  12. Fantastic series of snow photos. I love them all, Denise especially the first and the second one. Really beautiful.

  13. Oh I just love to go on your walks with you two. What a beautiful place. I would love standing on that bridge --looking at the water in both directions. In the summer, I'd love to 'hop' over those big rocks.

    Great pictures of both of you. Thanks for the sunny, wintery, snowy day walk.


  14. I love your story of your walk, and all the photos. My favourite photo is the shadows on the ice, just before the one of Gregg. Beaver don't actually hibernate, but they have stored up a lot of food at the bottom of the pond, and just take it back to their lodge to eat.

  15. what an enjoyable post. i felt like i walked with you. cool pix too.

  16. What a great series of pictures around the pond. lovely

  17. Hi Denise thanks for popping by. Looks like a super walk, thats what I enjoy about blogs I can go on other peoples walks. I havent been to good so its great to 'go out' even when house bound. Our snow has all but gone yours looks set for the long haul. I loved the shot of a tree looking like a bent knee. do the beavers hibernate? Love Don XXX


  19. Looks like a nice trip, nice pictures.

  20. It's a lovely spot and I can see why you keep going there Denise.

  21. I remember your summer shots of the pond and it sure does look different but very pretty with the sun on the snow and ice. It must have been nice to get out for a while.

  22. It looks like a place difficult to leave - very pretty! It's so good to have such beauty close at hand.

  23. Fabulous photos. They make snow and ice look actually appealing - and I am heartily fed up of the stuff ;)

  24. Dear Denise,
    I'm really enchanted now, what a perfect and beautiful day and lovely pictures!
    I'm always worried about skating in freezing lakes, nice to see they put signs there, it's dangerous!
    Your pictures bring to me happiness, it's really a fabulous nature there,I also loved that "leg"tree!Cool idea!
    And you both always adorable!
    God bless you

  25. wow this are pretty shots. I remember when we went to the lake of Salt lake Utah...Happy watery Wednesday.

  26. Lovely walk! Our beavers have no reason to hibernate during the winter and in fact keep very busy building their dam higher and higher until I have to go visit them. So I wonder like you, do beavers hibernate where it is all frozen and snowy? Hope your ankle is all healed up, does hot chocolate fix yours? It often fixes my aches and after looking at all your snow and hearing about your ankle I think I need some.

  27. Thanks for the watery, snowy walk. Gorgeous shots! -Delores

  28. Wonderful pics, Denise! Thanks so much for the virtual tour. Hope your ankle improves.

  29. What a lovely Watery Wednesday Denise and you certainly look cosy in your "Yellowstone coat". Ax

  30. Great photos of the ice. Thanks for stopping by my "Hiking" blog and leaving a comment. I hope you will sign up to follow that blog.


  31. Beautiful spot for a brisk walk and stops for photos.

  32. Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing your trip ;)

  33. Hi I came by via The Old Digger (Margaret) seeing you are from the old country thought I would look you up.What a pleasant surprise.
    I really enjoyed your post and the photo's were superb. Continue to enjoy your American Life, I have been over twice and is going God Willing in June to Nashville.
    Have a grand day.

  34. What a lovely walk about the pond. It is all so beautiful. One thing about nature lovers: they can all find beauty in the most simple things. I laughed when you said you saw patterns in the broken ice. Very nice. You got some wonderful shots. I liked reading about your Yellowstone coat. I actually have 2 Yellowstone ponchos! One was bought for me by my husband and the other by my brother. They both purchased them for me in Yellowstone NP, one of my favortie places on earth. I'm glad your coat takes you back there and I totally understand!

  35. It was fun looking through the photos and "visiting" with you. I noticed a sign that said the ice was dangerous or unsafe... Well, it's not the ice, but the frigid waters beneath, that's the problem. Thin ice... dangerous icy water.

  36. Denise: That was a neat walk around the pond.

  37. Thanks so much for sharing these wintry views from your walk with us. I confess I shivered a bit looking at them because it looks so cold ... hope YOU stayed warm ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  38. Still, what great streams we're going to have coming down the mountains

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