Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am looking forward to summer flowers and walking through gardens that are full of them.

"That beautiful season the Summer!
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

TODAY’S FLOWER’S was created by our good friend Luiz Santilli Jr.

You can find beautiful and unusual flowers from all over the world by clicking here.


  1. Wonderful shots - I´m dreaming of green grass and blooming flowers now!!!

  2. Yes roll on Spring and Summer. It's been quite a long cold winter and we still have a way to go! A x

  3. Beautiful gardens and flowers, Denise! I am really ready for spring and to see my green grass. Wonderful photos.

  4. Lovely flowers. 1st shot is my fav.

    My entry this week : in HERE. I hope you have time to visit. Thanks

  5. Osteospermas (sp)are one of my favourite flowers and do really well here in Devon.
    Great photos!

  6. A gorgeous garden. Thanks for warming me up!

  7. Your flower photographs are very pretty. Summer is a good time to look forward to. Right now, though, I wouldn't mind it being springtime! I see that you got your links and stuff back.

  8. Spring is around the corner..
    Lovely pictures!
    - Cheers Gisela.
    One of the most delightful things about a garden
    is the anticipation it provides.
    - W. E. Johns


  9. Yes, I am looking forward to gardening too.

  10. I could just sit in one of the benches and feast my eyes with those beautiful flowers.

    I hope you are doing fine with the storm and weather. Take care.

  11. I am with you on that. I am so tired of snow..

    Beautiy of a Rose, happy valentine's day!

  12. me too, mind you at this point, I would love to know where my flower garden's are under this snow!!

    Gill in Canada

  13. I would love to be sitting on one of those benches deciding what flower picture I wanted to take next.

  14. Sun, flowers, bees, butterflies - warmer days will soon be here again, though it's hard to believe if you're gazing out at snow!

  15. Beautiful series!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  16. awesome shot of beautiful flowers here..i like the flower in the first looks like sun...

    it is summertime here in the Philippines and we are currently suffering El Niño, too hot, some lands started cracking good

    mine's here

  17. Beautiful flower photographs Denise,wish we had some flowers in the garden,roll on summer.Glad you got the computer problem sorted.

  18. Wonderful reminder of summer. These are all so beautiful. I also like the way you can see the seeds forming in the middle of the first flowers.

  19. Looks good. I posted sedum also, mine are still under 2 ft of snow.

  20. Lovely shots Denise!
    I love the shape of that first flower.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Carletta’s Captures.

  21. The benches seem like a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the flowers of the garden. I can hardly wait for spring/summer here as well. We do have lots of signs of spring, especially the rain!!
    The first picture of that flower is beautiful. I don't know what kind of flower it is but it is gorgeous!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  22. Beautiful flowers! I also look forward to spring and summer, although I like winter. But it will be so good to climb the mountains and see all the amazing flowers and the green hills.

  23. Such beautiful flowers. I love daisies so much. I have few in my garden too. Love the first photo the best.

    Happy Valentines

  24. Very beautiful flowers! It's the first time I saw them. Have a wonderful week :)

  25. Randi, thank you I'm dreaming too :)

    Strawberry Jam Anne, we certainly do, especially as I look outside and see those HUGE piles of snow!

    eileeninmd, thank you, me too.

    Juliana RW, thank you, glad you liked them. Hopefully I can come over and leave a comment. You might have read I have been having difficulty leaving them with some blogs.

    JJ, thank you, they are a beautiful flower aren't they?

    imac, thank you!

    SandyCarlson, you are so welcome. Thanks for the visit :)

    Linda (PA_shutterbug), yes Spring would be very nice. I'll take Spring any day. Yes, got them back thankfully. Had to struggle through a few settings but it was educational :)

    Anonymous, hi Gisela, thank you and yes it is, somewhere soon :) Love that quote!

    Ramosforest.Environment, thank you!

    Stine in Ontario, yes, won't that be lovely?

    Ebie, me too right now :) A little tired of seeing these enormous piles of snow but yes all is well here, thank you for asking.

    chubskulit, thank you and I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day also.

    Gill - That British Woman, thanks and yes, wouldn't we all? ;)

    Digital Flower Pictures, what a lovely thought.

    jabblog, it is but it's certainly something to look forward to.

    Xavi, thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to you also. I hope it was a great one.

    Chie Wilks, thank you. That first flower is very popular. I love it too. Amazing to think it is so hot in the Philippines. It is 9 deg F. here this morning.

    matron, thank you and I don't have all my problems sorted out but at least I got my template settings back to normal.

    Carver, thank you. I had to go back and look at my own picture. Thanks for pointing that out :)

    Pat's Addition, thank you. Hopefully it won't be long before we see a big thaw :)

    Carletta, thank you, me too. Hope you had a great Happy Valentine's Day!

    msdewberry, thank you and like you I would enjoy sitting on those benches right now looking out at all those lovely flowers.
    I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!!

    Wenche, thank you, me too and like you I enjoy winter but all seasons have so much beauty and those green hills full of flowers sound fantastic :)

    eden, thank you and hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

    Rosidah Abidin, thank you, you too.

    Evelyn Howard, thank you.

    Thank you all for visiting me today. I shall be visiting your blogs in the next day or so and hopefully I will be able to leave a comment.

  26. What gorgeous flower photos ... I love the first one especially ... wonder what it is and whether it would grow where I live ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  27. Denise: That is a beautiful garden. I really like that first flower photo, so unusual.

  28. Small Reflections, I also like the first one and I wish I knew what it was too. Hugs and blessings to you also.

    This Is My Blog - fishing guy, I agree and I hope I can plant some in my garden this summer.

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