Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Season 4 Episode 33

Taken last Sunday while walking in one of our favorite parks. Huntley Meadows in Alexandria. We were lucky enough to see this flock of Canada Geese take off. What fun to hear them honking so loudly. I am not sure what kind of little bird this is in my photo below. He was high up in a tree and I cropped the photo to get a better view.

The skies were a real pretty blue with lots of snow still on the ground.
Happy SkyWatch Friday everyone. Have a great weekend.

Thank you Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia for hosting SkyWatch Friday.


  1. I wonder if they are heading north to us? Haven't seen any Canada geese for a long time............

    Great photo,


  2. Lovely picture of the Canada Geese Denise. Could the little bird be a kind of finch? A x

  3. Great pictures of the geese. Getting them in full extension of the wings and so clearly is difficult. I love it.

  4. Love, love, LOVE when birds get all puffy and round to protect themselves from the cold! Such a great picture with the sky behind it! And the geese, well, that pic just plain took my breath away!

    Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Well everyone, I got the date mixed up on my SkyWatch Friday post and was surprised to see it here. I had THOUGHT I had pre-dated it to come on later tomorrow night. Oh well!

  6. Gill - That British Woman, that's interesting. They must be all down here. We have thousands!!!!

    Strawberry Jam Anne, thanks, it may be. Just wish I knew more about birdies. Still learning :)

    Yogi, thank you. I have more flying geese to post at a later date. They sure are magical when they take off.

    Anything Fits a Naked Man, me too, just cute as buttons aren't they? Seeing them take off right next to me took my breath away. That rarely happens to me. It is an awesome sight.

  7. Amazing birds on a lovely blues skies!

  8. Dear Denise!
    Those birds are adorable and you did a great work with these pictures.Amazing blue sky in such a perfect day there!Lucky girl! :)

  9. Very pretty blue sky and snow. Soon be spring. Honk Homk

  10. Super pictures. The honking of wild geese is one of my favourite sounds :-)

  11. Wonderful picture of the Canada Geese, they looks great against the blue sky. Not an easy picture to capture!
    Sunny :)

  12. Fabulous capture and so sharp! Well done :o)

  13. I am sure the geese are getting ready to come north this time of the year. Very nice picture, I would say the little bird looks like a finch. Have a nice weekend.

  14. what a lovely picture! i can hear the geese in my mind's ear! that little bird is adorable!

  15. Lovely snapshots Denise! The little bird looks so precious against that blue backdrop! Miss you..hope you have a great weekend!
    Regards, Regina-

  16. Great capture of the geese in flight!

  17. Regina,thank you. Those skies looked an even more vivid blue next to the snow :)

    Cezar and Léia, thank you and yes I did feel very lucky having such a beautiful day for a walk :)

    diane, yes soon be spring, honk, honk! ;)

    imac, thank you :)

    jabblog, thank you and yes my favorite sound too :)

    Sunny, thank you. Some times that good luck fairy taps you right on the shoulder :)

    CambridgeLady, thank you :)

    Margaret Cloud, they probably are. Thanks for identifying my little bird. Have a nice weekend too Margaret :)

    louisebah, thank you :)

    Kilauea Poetry, thank you. Hope you have a great weekend also! :)

    Lorac, thank you too :)

  18. Great shots! Love the Canada Geese! Can almost hear them honking!! Lovely little bird, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Denise!


  19. Fantastic captures. I love the image with the geese in flight. You captured it wonderfully. Have a nice weekend

  20. Gorgeous blue sky, white snow, and geese in flight - well composed and very lovely Denise!

  21. You did a real great job on catching those geese in just the right time. Very good pictures from your lovely part of the world.

  22. You did so well capturing them in flight like this, great.

  23. How cool to be quick enough to capture that shot of the Canada Geese! What an amazing scene!

  24. Perfect timing, wings spread wide..
    There is nothing that makes me smile more than seeing and hearing a flock of geese overhead.
    You captured them perfectly !

  25. The little bird too waiting for spring. :)
    Lovely captures.

  26. Great photos, Denise. Love the Geese in flight. I have been to Huntley Meadows with my birding club. It is a lovely place.

  27. Good captures...we too have Canada Geese here..some that stay year round and come daily honking on their way to two ponds beyond our cabin here and upon their return near the end of the day.Alwya sfun to watch and hear.

  28. Lovely picture of birds in flight - we have huge amounts of Canada Geese in our local park but I've never managed to get a pic of them flying, let alone one so crisp and beautiful!

    Happy Skywatch!

  29. Wonderful! So wintry and fresh, there is something magical about geese in flight and you have captured it :)

  30. Lovely photos. We have geese in the farm fields nearby - so smart with their markings.

  31. Sylvia K, thank you, me too. I wish you a great weekend also

    eden, thank you, have a nice weekend too.

    Carletta's Captures, thank you Carletta.

    LV, thank you too.

    Brit Gal Sarah, thank you.

    Carolyn Ford, sometimes you just get lucky :)

    A Brit in Tennessee, I agree Jo.

    Indrani, thank you.

    eileeninmd, really happy you got to experience this area with your birding friends.

    Eaglesbrother, they certainly are fun to watch, and hear.

    Aethernaut, I hope you get your picture soon. I agree, they certainly are magical in flight.
    Happy Skywatch to you also.

    Carolina Mountains, I bet they are an incredible sight in the fields. They do have beautiful markings.

  32. Wow nice shots of Canada Geese in flight! Beautiful!

    Pixellicious Photos

  33. Beautiful views ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,