Thursday, February 4, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

We have another storm heading our way this weekend, promising to drop over a foot of snow along with freezing rain, and yet another snow storm the following Tuesday. So when I looked up at the sky last Sunday and saw this plane flying over, I thought how nice it would be to get on one and head to Greece, Hawaii or Australia, or any number of those other marvelous warm and sunny places. I could see myself overlooking the ocean and feeling the sea breeze cool me down as I basked in the warmth. I am now in a happy place in my head, sitting on my beach lounger, shaded by the banana leafed beach umbrella, and there's that nice young lad bringing me my delicious tropical drink with an orchid sticking out of it. How lovely that would be and yes I have played out this fantasy before?

Don't get me wrong, I love snow but.....

I'm still thinking of that tropical beach....

with drink in hand and an orchid sticking out of it, which I will pick up, lick the droplets off the stem and stick behind my ear - how Dorothy Lamore of me. Bing and Bob where are you my friends? I will stare out at the ocean for hours and hours and hours. Yes, I am definitely in my happy place and what a great imagination I have. Bring it on foul weather! While you are dumping yet more snow on my doorstep I will be on a tropical beach somewhere. Okay, no tropical drink but a glass of Cointreau will do, and I can grab a Gerba Daisy off the table can't I? It might be a bit top heavy but what the heck.

Our local weather man is getting SO excited about the approaching storm - those wonderful words - a MAJOR winter storm heading our way - and is actually waving his arms around enthusiastically. I think we ought to sign a petition to send him to Antarctica but on reflection what a thankless job being the bearer of such news. Poor weatherman, let's think kindly and not send the messenger to Antarctica. I'm sure he would like that trip to a warm beach instead. Maybe I'll pass him my Gerba Daisy. Only the Gerba Daisy you understand, because I am hanging onto my Cointreau!

Gregg just reminded me he is heading for California next week on business. I shot him "the look". He's definitely NOT getting my Cointreau!


  1. I don't know what to say..."enjoy the snow?" Would that be okay? It looks like the airport must not be too far!

  2. Those are amazing shots of the plane.

    Now I tellya, I live in South Texas...where it's supposed to be balmy and subtropical...but this winter it's been downright bone chilling....I'll catch that plane with you to Australia or Hawai'i!! Right behind you.

  3. Love these shots Denise! Are you in a flight path? Super shots.
    We're getting your storm first and they've predicted anywhere from 6-10 inches depending on the track going a little this way or a little that way.
    Stock up early. I know in your area they aren't prepared as well for removal of a lot of snow.

  4. Oh yes a get away would be nice!
    No snow here at the lower elv. in Southern Calif but we have had and continue to have a very wet , dark and rainy Winter.BLEH!
    Perhaps that nice lad with you drink can bring something over to my lounge chair, something fizzy and a snacky-snacky!

  5. I like your pictures of the airplane and yes it would be nice to fly away to warmer weather. I see by the weather map that we are having crazy weather all across the USA. Can't you hitch a ride with Greg for sunny California?

  6. A funny post and I'm glad to see you can be happy even with news of bad storms ahead. Hope you will be safe without Greg. Love the sky and plane shots. I often imagine of flying to exotic destinations when i see a plane fly over. It is a pity we can't send weather via the internet. We could do with some cooling off and you could do with some warming up.

  7. great captures my e-friend. like the send of the series with the focus on the branches....

    well, i am off to italy the 15th providing i can get to dulles :)

    i am so very tired of all this snow as well. supposed to be ugly tomorrow morning and perhaps it will keep me home. alas...


  8. I think your weather person is correct---from all that I'm seeing on the radar and the predictions. BUT--I think you all may not have as much as places west of you... I do think ALL of you will get alot this time.

    We will only get rain--which will help get rid of the rest of all of this nasty snow. BUT--we may even get some snow on Tues/Wed... The fronts just keep on coming... You'd think it was February!!!! ha

    Be carefull---and keep dreaming about that beach.

  9. Great post, Denise. I would love to escape this approaching storm. Our weathermen are calling for up to 2 feet of snow. Yikes!

  10. You do have a great imagination. May I join you on the beach?
    Maybe your husband could take you along to California!

  11. I love your fantasy...
    and great closeups of that plane!

  12. I am so looking forward to May. I'll be in your happy place then, in Hawaii :-)

    We are supposed to get snow, too, but not as much as is predicted for your area. The snow is supposed to be wet and heavy as opposed to the fluffy and light snow that we have been getting.

  13. Wow I like these alot, great pics.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  14. Fabulous captures, Denise! I like the first one the most. Looks like you have a beautiful day.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Great photos!

    We're bracing ourselves for a snow storm here, too. Apparently it should have started already... but so far it's eerily normal!

  16. Poor Denise. Here in Hawaii, it was sunny and dry, but windy and cold. I've got most of the windows closed for that reason. The indoor thermometer at 6:35 pm shows it is 79 degrees.

  17. Fantastic shots blue on blue. You dream of a tropical beach; it is very hot and humid here and it needs a lot of ice in the Cointreau;
    Was rummaging in your post in search of your Teddies. Found them. They are so cute looking out of the window. As a child I had a very big yellow bear which I would dress up. I do not know where it went, I should have kept it.
    I am glad you still have yours. It looks a venerable old bear.

  18. Love the shots of the plane. Sorry to hear you are in the path of the snow, stay warm and keep the Cointreau handy.

  19. You are a dreamer, Denise. I often wondered where people in horse and buggies were going and guessed, "not far," but now you can imagine and realize places like London or Japan or where your mind wanders. And some people used to be able to stick a little piece of plastic down on the counter, on a whim, and find themselves going. Wow. I never imagined that.

    Thanks for the nice comment about my Sharp-shinned Hawk. He was back yesterday for an hour and I got to take more photos of him learning how to hunt. What a sight he is.

  20. Hope you're all stocked up with the important things in life - like Cointreau, chocolate and lots to entertain you while you remain safe and warm inside as the cruel winter winds blow.

  21. Ya know I am living in FL, but I have heard more about snow this winter than I ever heard when I loved in NJ just an unusual year. We just gott grin & bear it. get to the grocery store! teehee, now there is where some fun is now!

  22. Nice shots my friend.
    I should go to with Hubby.

  23. Wonderful shots of the plane ... am wondering what kind of a lens you used. It's finally raining again here in Southern California ... for how long this time I don't know. I understand your thoughts of someplace warm ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  24. Great shots - love the branches! We're in the middle of the storm today. I wouldn't mind a tropical drink on the beach myself, but I'm making do with some Earl Grey and my fleece blanket.

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  26. .Love these shots Denise! Are you in a flight path? Super shots.

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