Saturday, February 13, 2010

Having Problems

I've had a bit of a disaster and lost all my followers and other links and I am not able to comment on your comments. I'm trying to sort this out but it might take a day or two. If any of you have had this problem and solved it can please let me know? I've tried just about everything, have gone to the help line and one of the fix-it's I tried just made it worse.

Update: Well as you can see I got my old template back. My head hurts with trying to figure this thing out but thank you Squirrel Queen and thank you Betsy for the comforting words and good advice. I had to convert back to 'layout' as all the tinkering I did changed it to 'template'. I am so confused, I still don't know how I did all of this but thanks to the help forum at least I got back everything. I had not lost it all as I had first thought and that was making me feel awful.

I still can't comment on my own blog but I will do as Betsy suggested and contact blogger direct.


  1. I've lost my follower widget and dashboard list on several occasions. It seems to be a problem on blogger's end and always comes back. I usually go to Google Reader and comment from there when it happens. Good luck.

  2. I lost my Blogger Updater list on the Dashboard once ---and it was Blogger's fault. I wrote them --and they did fix it in a few days.

    I do have a 2nd list --on my blog. SO--when I lost the first list, I went to the one listed on my blog (which was still there).

    Another thing you can do at least for awhile is to go through the people who have commented on your blog recently. You can click on our names --which will take you to our blogs.

    Hope some of this helps. I know how frustrating this can be. Good Luck.

  3. It can be trying when something goes wrong Denise. I have had a few to sort out lately and it doesn't seem to get any easier. Perhaps I should ask my grandchildren for help! A x

  4. Pleased for you of getting things almost back to normal.

  5. It's wonderful when it works and a pain when it doesn't - a comment that applies to all things electronic/mechanical/electrical . . .

  6. SquirrelQueen, it has happened to me once before, but this is the first time I haven't been able to reply to comments on my own blog and also to not be able to comment on other's blogs. A fix-it someone mentioned on a help forum opened up a whole 'nother can of worms and I lost the whole template. It took me another half a day to find a solution, so on a wing and a prayer I tried it and it came back. I first of all saved my blog on my hard drive, just in case! Thanks so much for your good luck wishes.

    Betsy from Tennessee, I'm glad they fixed it for you, and thanks for the good advice.

    Strawberry Jam Anne, it certainly can. The grandchildren probably would be a big help, they know more than we do now.

    imac, thank you, me too :)

    jabblog, oh isn't that the blessed truth!

    Thank you everyone for your kind wishes. A problem shared is a problem halved and I feel so much better today.

  7. So sorry you're having problems.

  8. Patty, thank you and I am so sad I cannot comment on your blog either :( It is so totally frustrating.

  9. Looks like you may have things sorted out finally and that's a good thing. 'Tis always frustrating when these issues crop up and it's one of the reasons I ended up with my WordPress site. After several friends lost access to their blogs, someone suggested backing up my blogs at WordPress and once I'd done so I figured it would be wise to learn to USE that platform too. Hope you'll be able to comment on my blogs when time permits. If not, I hope you'll let me know. My email is available on my profile page. Glad Squirrel Queen and Betsy were able to steer you towards resolution of your Blogger issues.
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. happily retired gal, it certainly has been a learning experience :)