Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Winter Poem

Talking in Their Sleep

"You think I am dead,"
The apple tree said,
"Because I have never a leaf to show,
Because I stoop
And my branches droop,
And the dull gray mosses over me grow.

But I'm still alive in trunk and shoot;
The buds of next May
I fold away
But I pity the withered grass at my root."

"You think I am dead,"
The quick grass said,
"Because I have parted with stem and blade.
But under the ground
I am safe and sound
With the snow's thick blanket over me laid.

I'm all alive, and ready to shoot,
Should the spring of the year
Come dancing here
But I pity the flower without branch or root."

"You think I am dead,"
A soft voice said,
"Because not a branch or root I own.
I never have died, but close I hide
In a plumy seed that the wind has sown.

Patient I wait through the long winter hours;
You will see me again
I shall laugh at you then
Out of the eyes of a hundred flowers."

~Edith M. Thomas~


Edith Matilda Thomas was an American author and poet in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Thomas was born in 1854 in Chatham Center, Ohio. She received her education at the Geneva Normal Institute. Thomas gained national attention with her poetry and novels that reflected her interest in Ohio and the Western Reserve. Scribner'', The Atlantic Monthly, The Century and other prominent magazines published her poems. Her writings include "A New Year's Masque and Other Poems," "The Inverted Torch," "The Dancers," and "The Children of Christmas." Thomas acknowledged the influence of American author Helen Hunt Jackson on her own work.


  1. Beautiful poem, Denise... I love winter --and the bare trees... One reason I love it is that I can see the birds way up in the trees during winter... That is NICE!!!


  2. That is beautiful Denise and tells the winter story perfectly. I agree with Betsy - I love winter trees, not only for the birds but I love to see the shape and outline, almost in silhouette. Ax

  3. Wonderful post Denise!
    You are very inspired by this winter!It's great!

  4. All seasons have their beauty and each in their turn becomes my favourite. I love the poem - what a simple and beautiful way to show how to look beyond, beneath and forward.

  5. this is a wonderful poem no doubt about it. i like the last stanza so very much:
    Patient I wait through the long winter hours;
    You will see me again
    I shall laugh at you then
    Out of the eyes of a hundred flowers.

    have a wonderful day my friend.

  6. What a beautiful poem! The photo fits perfectly with it. I hope your days are rolling along as you would wish and you and yours are happy and well.

  7. Such beautiful lines, this was a wonderful read. :)Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lovely. It's because of winter that we get a reawakening in the spring.

  9. A very apt poem for your time of year. Our plants are battling for survival against the burning sun. The native plants can manage but the introduced ones need a lot of help with constant watering.

  10. that's beautiful , great wonderful poems eels better

  11. Such a pretty poem Denise -and so true huh? Winter is just special..the elements have such a profound effect on all plant life. Here in the tropics, I really look forward to this season's blooms.
    Regards, Regina

  12. I can see the birds way up in the trees during winter... That is NICE!!!

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  13. Betsy from Tennessee, I thought so, and I've always loved the winter AND the bare trees. Took some great photos of birds today thanks to those bare branches. VERY nice :)

    Strawberry Jam Anne, thank you Anne, me too. Dx

    Cezar and Léia, thank you Léia, hugs to you my friend.

    jabblog, I think it is now one of my favorite poems.

    The Good Life in Virginia, sheer poetry :) You have a wonderful day also my friend.

    Richard @ The Bewildered Brit, thank you.

    tricia, and you too my friend.

    Indrani, you are so very welcome.

    Linda Reeder, very true!

    diane, always amazes me to realize you are experiencing summer in the middle of our winter.

    naveen, it certainly does.

    Cloudia, you are very welcome :)

    Kilauea Poetry, I would love to be where you are to see them too :)

    kanishk, yes it is.

    Thank you all for visiting and leaving such nice comments. Always enjoyable to read them.