Saturday, January 9, 2010


The other morning I realized I hadn't taken any shots for Today's Flowers, and couldn't think of any I hadn't shared in my archives. As I often do I was browsing through our vacation photos and as I have been sharing several of the ones from the aquarium in Monterey, I did a double take when I looked at these. My first thought was they're beautiful, just like flowers. Guess what my next thought was?

So here they are, this week's Today's Flowers entry, my "Flowers of the Sea".

Or to be more precise, Anenomes.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.....

and let me ride with this stretch of my imagination.

It can get pretty broad at times.

They look a lot like flowers don't you think? To me they are 'flowers' that are living, breathing things in the ocean. The flowers that we know are living, breathing things on the land.

And this human, the living and breathing thing that I am who is so enamored with both worlds, hopes you will forgive my flight of fancy, for it truly is a beautiful garden of the sea.

TODAY’S FLOWER’S was created by our good friend Luiz Santilli Jr.

You can find beautiful and unusual flowers from all over the world by clicking here.


  1. Oh Yes, Denise! They definitely are flowers of the sea. The colors are gorgeous! Beautifully captured.

  2. Oh, glorious, wonderful sea garden! What a great choice.

  3. Amazing and beautiful captures!

  4. They are very beautiful - such amazing colours.

  5. thats so beautiful , looks like a garden

  6. Peaceful captures and it brings beauty to our hearts!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Denise
    Firstly many thanks for stopping by my blog, and hope you enjoyed it.
    I have just taken a look through yours and enjoyed all the beautiful photo's.Especially the landscapes and the water plants.
    So many thanks and I will visit again.

  8. Great photographs, Denise. I would agree that they are flowers of the sea.

  9. Its certainly another world under the ocean.

  10. This is indeed a flower garden of the sea. What a great idea to show us these beautiful and varied anemones.

  11. What gorgeous colors and to think these are forever flowers. The fifth one down reminds me of a heart with fringes, very beautiful and thank you for sharing. Thank you also for coming by. Have a nice Sunday.

  12. Beautiful 'flowers of the sea' Denise... Love seeing them --and you took fabulous pictures.


  13. Kay, thank you, so glad you enjoyed them.

    Linda Reeder, appreciate the kind words.

    corvedacosta, thank you also.

    Regina, they are amazing aren't they?

    Strawberry Jam Anne, indeed.

    naveen, I thought so too.

    Cezar and Léia, that's a great way to describe them. said...
    Peaceful captures a

    Monts, nice to see you here and thanks for the lovely comments.

    Linda (PA_shutterbug), glad you enjoyed my 'flowers' :)

    imac, I agree.

    Carver, high praise :)

    Margaret Cloud, I looked again and you're right. Have a nice Sunday too.

    Betsy from Tennessee, thank you, so kind.

  14. My dear Denise, these anemones are really flowers of the sea.
    Wonderful photos!

    Great week to you!

  15. This is an outstanding post! Very original and creative, and full of wonderful images!

    By the way - I see you are one of the hosts of Today's Flowers. I accidentally entered the wrong link on Mr. Linky. So, I entered the correct link, but couldn't figure out how to delete the first entry. If you could delete the Misty's Words entry,I'd appreciate it.

  16. Beautiful shots, the sea anemones are always my favorites at aquariums. They make a beautiful undersea 'garden'. Great choice for Today's Flowers.

  17. I am impressed with all these wonderful flowers of the sea. Thanks for sharing this post which is spectacular to me.

  18. those are such beautiful flowers.....

    Gill in Canada

  19. What a marvelous idea! I love these ... so many colorful varieties ... just lovely!
    Hugs and blessings,

  20. What a clever take on Today's Flowers!
    They are gorgeous images that do indeed look like beautiful flowers!
    Very nice shots!

  21. Oh wow! What a wonderful choice for flowers, Denise. I never really thought of this! So pretty and colorful like the rainbow... beautifully done here!


  22. Richard @ The Bewildered Brit, I thought so too :)

    Rosamaria, hello my friend. Thank you and a great week to you too!

    Misty Dawn, thank you. I will check on that for you.

    SquirrelQueen, they are my favorites too. So happy you enjoyed them.

    MedaM, you are so very welcome :)

    Gill - That British Woman, thank you.

    storyteller, so glad you liked them.

    Carletta, thanks for the kind words.

    This Is My Blog - fishing guy, thanks for stopping by.

    Michele J, appreciate your kind words :)

  23. I LOVE this post for Today's Flowers. And I've copied the soup recipe above. Thanks a ton. I also appreciate the tour of the Double Arches. I had no idea they were so huge.

  24. Wonderful post and yes they do look like flowers of the sea. Great captures and photos.