Thursday, January 14, 2010


Having run a few errands we were coming out of one of our local shopping parking lots when I looked up and noticed how pretty the sky was. It is a very rare occasion that you will find me without my little pocket camera.


  1. Such varied skies!
    I love the golden glow of the first one and yet the subtle colors of the second behind the silhouetted trees is so soft and soothing.

  2. gorgeous the first and second one bestest.
    have a fab weekend.

  3. That first shot is beyond pretty!

  4. What beautiful captures! I love the colors - Great shots

  5. Beautiful captures, Denise! The first shot is so colorful and my favorite.

  6. Now THAT is spectacular. It almost looks like the forest is on fire.

  7. Lucky for us you had your pocket camera. All these photos are very nice.

  8. Carletta, they were. Every direction there was something a little different.

    Erin, have to agree with you.
    January 14, 2010 4:59 PM

    J Bar, there certainly was.

    KaHolly, I think that was my favorite.

    Tricia, thank you so much.

    eileeninmd, me too.

    Kay, it does doesn't it?

    Richard @ The Bewildered Brit, thank you very much.

    LV, so kind of you to say so.

  9. Denise, wow, such great pictures, lovely colours and silhouttes. Have a nice weekend

  10. Fantastic captures, Denise! Brilliant colors, perfect backdrop for the bare trees! Marvelous! Have a great weekend!


  11. Lovely skies! Something I don't see over my home in Foster Village, Hawaii...

  12. Beautiful sky pictures, Denise. We are ALL thrilled to see some sunshine this week---after so many cold, dark, dreary days!!!!


  13. Beautiful series. The first golden sky is glorious.

  14. I love the second pic -the tree trunks standing as watchers of a golden sky!

  15. Lovely colours in the first one and I love how graceful the leafless trees look against the sky.

  16. Beautiful skies such colour and contrast, think the first one is best

  17. Brilliant set of skies!
    Have a fabulous weekend dear Denise!
    God bless you

  18. Such a wonderful range of colours Denise. I never tire of witnessing such beauty, it is a privilege.

  19. Beautiful skies! The second shot is quite stunning.

  20. Happy New Year, Denise!
    I missed you and your posts. I love your photos. From sky, snow, first ladies' dresses, how you and your hubby met...
    I loved your presents and the music... how did you know? It's my favorite.

  21. Grand series of sky photos Denise, applause!


  22. That is a warm glow. Just what I need during this cold January season in VA.

  23. Beautiful skies! All are great captures.
    Love the first one.

    Have nice week.

  24. Beautiful skies! All are great captures.
    Love the first one.

    Have nice weekend.

  25. Evelyn Howard, thank you. It is amazing what you can see by looking around even in the most ordinary surroundings, just by looking into the sky it can be truly be beautiful. Have a nice weekend too Evelyn.

    Serendipity, thank you so much.

    Sylvia K, thank you and you have a great weekend!

    gigihawaii, there are days when I think how lovely it would be to be in a place like Foster Village, Hawaii, especially this chilly January, which seems to be so much more chillier than usual! ;)

    Cactus Jack Splash, thank you very much.

    Betsy from Tennessee, aren't we just? It is supposed to get up to 50 deg F here over the weekend, woo-hoo! :)

    Janie, I love that first one too.

    jeannette stgermain, that's very poetic and I agree.

    diane, a very nice way of putting it.

    Monts, yes I love that first one too.

    Cezar and Léia, you too Léia and God bless my friend.

    Strawberry Jam Anne, you and I think alike.

    CambridgeLady, thank you so much.

    jabblog, thank you too.

    Mo, thank you :)

    antigoni, and a Happy New Year, to you too :) How kind of you to say so. So happy you enjoyed my present. These songs are some of my favorites and I was hoping you would enjoy them also. When I play them I shall now think of my friend in Greece :)

    Roy, thank you :) Have a great weekend.

    AL you're so kind.

    Jack and Joann, isn't that the truth Joann but we're going to be a little warmer this weekend, yay!!!

    imac, thank you my friend.

  26. Outstanding! I like how these are sized.

  27. Gorgeous! That second one is worth a frame.

  28. Wowee...Those first two shots are just sheer magic!!!

  29. Great pictures. Very colorful. I'm never without my camera either.

  30. Beautiful sky series ... the first two are my favorites at the moment, but I might have different favs the next time I dropped by.
    Hugs and blessings,

  31. Craver Vii, why thank you my friend.

    MyMaracas, kind words much appreciated.

    Arija, very sweet of you to say so.

    Yogi, thanks. I think most of us find our cameras are not far away.

    storyteller at Small Reflections, me too.

    Thank you everyone, you're always so kind with your comments and it is a joy to read them.

  32. Thank you Eve.

    Thank you all for the kind words.