Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nature Notes and Signs of the Season - Arches National Park - Part 2

This is a continuation of a post where I shared photos from our road trip to the Arches National Park. You can click here if you want to see the other shots.

These are a few of the little creatures we saw in the desert. I think there was a lizard somewhere in the mix but I didn't get its picture.

This beetle is sometimes called the desert skunk beetle. When threatened it will raise up on its back legs to stick its derrière in the air. This is a warning to stay back. For protection, it can emit a bad smelling odor.

Michelle is the host of Nature Notes and Signs of the Season. Thank you Michelle.


  1. Oh my! You're right behind him. I've never heard of this beetle or seen one. Fascinating!

  2. Nature is so fascinating, in all its aspects. Great photos Denise. Ax

  3. Beautiful macro shoots.
    Love that black beetle.

  4. Dear Denise!
    Great and impressive shots!
    That black beetle is huge!

  5. Stunning shots as always Denise !
    I'm sure we have a similar beetle, they call it a "Stink Bug" here in Tennessee, same disgusting habits, and if you happen to trigger him, look out :)
    Always enjoy my visits here...

  6. The beetle didn't feel threatened by your photography; that's good. Your photograph of the beetle is good.

  7. Denise: Neat captures of the bugs, great macros.

  8. Denise,to someone who likes bugs,these are good photo's,but I have a phobia with all things creepy crawly and a would be fatal phobia with wasps.Please pre warn me if you are ever going to put up a picture of a wasp !!!!!
    Wishing you and your family well in this new year.

  9. beautiful picture, thanks for the visit Denise, blessings to you always!

  10. those are pretty large ants...have a wonderful wednesday denise.

  11. Ah ... I've seen this beetle but never thought to photograph it. Great macro views ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. I bet those ants can bite if they get on you. Couldn't see the lizard though, perhaps the ants were eating it. That's probably like the one we have around here we call the stink bug.

  13. That skunk beetle reminds me of some naughty children who amuse themselves by polluting the atmosphere.

  14. I have never seen a beetle that big. Thanks for the link to the Park, wow, incredible so beautiful, nature sure likes to put on a show. Hope the new year is being kind to you.

  15. You took great close up photos of a beetle!

  16. Very nice shots! That beetle I would not have met, but I must admit it's a wonderful creature :)

  17. That's quite a beetle! I'm glad I won't be encountering that bug when I'm crawling around in my garden.

  18. My oldest son (when he was little) LOVED bugs... He had all kinds of bug collections. Me???? I hate bugs. They make me shiver!!!!!!

    You did get some great pictures though.

  19. It is amazing at how much life there is in deserts. great bug pictures.

  20. I saw this come up and I will add your link to Nature Notes.. I went and looked at info about the park and at your other photos. I would love to go out west and see all this scenery so different than here in NY. I love that you took the time to photograph the little critters. I have been getting over my fear of insects by learning about them and photographing them. Thank you for posting to Nature Notes Thursday.. Michelle

  21. Kay, yes I did try to get a bit at eye level with him but I had my zoom and you're right, it is fascinating. I never thought that at this stage of my life I would be so interested in insects.

    Strawberry Jam Anne, most definitely, agree with you one hundred percent, and thanks Anne.

    Tabib, thank you so much, me too.

    Léia, thank you, he was one of the biggest I had ever seen.

    A Brit in Tennessee, thank you Jo. I've heard of the Stink Bug before, one of nature's ways of saying, "keep off" :)

    Linda (PA_shutterbug), I'm glad knowing what I know now. That's the great thing about photography, it makes you want to find out about your subject.

    This Is My Blog - fishing guy, thanks very much :)

    matron, I'll try to remember that.

    The Horizon, thank you, blessings to you too :)

    The Good Life in Virginia, they sure were. Thanks Erin, have a great day today.

    storyteller at Sacred Ruminations, nothing is safe from my camera - ha! Thank you and hugs and blessings to you too.

    Patty, yes I bet they do, and I wasn't going to get too close. I wasn't able to take a photo of the lizard I saw and I'm going to have to look out for that stink bug. I haven't come across one yet around here.

    Craver Vii, hey you're back. Welcome home! Trust you to make me laugh and what a delicate way to say it.

    Margaret Cloud, you're so welcome and it certainly does. Happy New Year Margaret.

    MedaM, thank you, he was an interesting little critter.

    Viola, thank you.

    Linda Reeder, I wonder what bugs you do find in your garden? :) I think I am going to explore my own a little more this summer.

    Betsy from Tennessee, then you were such a good mummy to let your son have his bug collection. Does he still like bugs?

    diane, it certainly is and thank you.

    ramblingwoods, really appreciate you putting my link in Michelle. I was going to check again first thing this mornin to do just that. The scenery out west is a lot different from my area too. I just love it. I am glad you're getting over your fear of insects. Photography has a way of doing that and the closer I get to them and see the details, you begin to appreciate them even more.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone. Always enjoyable reading what you have to say.

  22. Fun!!poor guys got to defend himself somehow though! I can tell you guys had a wonderful time.
    Your watery shots are pretty too Denise!

  23. many things you have seen and places you have visited!!! Looking back at your posts, I travel along USA in just a few minutes! And what a beautiful couple you are, you and your dearest husband!

  24. I'll be watching out for that little skunk beetle from now on!

  25. Cool shots of the beetle. Well done!

  26. Nice macros of fascinating little critters. Glad the skunk bug didn't get you.

  27. Marina, I'm so happy you have enjoyed traveling with us and for such kind words my friend. Thank you!

    Janie, he's a cute little guy isn't he ;)

    eileeninmd, thank you so much.

    MyMaracas, thank you and me too ;) Little did I know he actually could but at least I do now!

  28. These are wonderfully detailed shots of the critters. Great idea for nature notes.