Monday, March 1, 2010

My World Tuesday

For four days last week they had a Home and Garden Show at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, and on Sunday we decided to check it out. We were there for less than an hour because I thought it was more along the lines of Chelsea Flower Show but there were hardly any flowers at all, and that's why I really wanted to go. If you were in the market for some home renovating then this was the place.

Here were some of those flowers. The wall and brickwork impressed us so much that we put our names down for getting an estimate, We need to build a new walkway and steps in the front of our house. In the Spring we are going to be making phone calls because even though a nice lady told us they tackle small jobs, most of the work they do started from $20,000 to $80,000. Gregg looked a little green, I gave him a big smile as if to say "Don't worry My Love", said to the lady"Why thank you!" and off we went without a backward glance.

There was a handbag vendor but I wasn't in the market for one of those, and I think I have mentioned before I don't really like shopping unless I absolutely have to. There are still a lot of miles to go on the one I have.

I liked the look of this glass work but had my mind on those flowers and was still looking for them.

Another view of the glass work display.

We both said what a beautiful fireplace this was and we would love one of those in our house, let alone on our patio.

Oh boy, loved this too but no don't think it's going to happen.

More flowers and a lovely arbor but no, not going to happen either.

Okay, when I saw this sign I was immediately drawn to it - for some reason - and I think there is a trip to Manassas in our future.

We also liked the eagle but I don't think he is going to find a home at our house, he's just too darned big. He would look beautiful glinting in the sun though, and he was magnificent.

We were on our way and passed this RV advertising to the world, one of the vendors inside the center no doubt.

After stopping off at McDonald's we finally reached home. The bear family wanted to know where the heck we had been and why hadn't we brought them any breakfast. We were duly chastised.


  1. Denise: What a fun look at the neat show, so much to see.

  2. nice outing, Denise! I enjoyed the home improvement tour. What a difference colorful flowers make in the patio.

  3. Lovely, like a glimmer of spring.
    Your header is so pretty.
    Sunny :)

  4. Fun post, Denise! Love those kind of shows, but there's usually more of the kind of stuff that I don't need than there is the kind I do need. Great tour! Thanks! Have a great week!


  5. Ooh, I get a little crazy at these kinds of shows!! I come home all inspired to do things to my house I have no business trying! LOL!!

    Love that beautiful flowers and walkway picture. Only $80,000.00? Hmmm, do they take cash?

  6. Oh I love going to these things too. Not only are the displays nice to look at and you get a ton of tips on how to fix whatever needed fixing, you also get a ton of freebies, right? Makes up for the entrance fee I thought :D

  7. Hi! We had a home and garden show here in Minneapolis too. We went and saw a lot of the same sorts of things. I will have to post them on my blog too! However, we went with our grandson who is three and wouldn't be still for more than a second in any spot, so when we left we were kind of wishing we could have gone again the next day too so we could actually see a little more.

    It was great seeing the photos of the show you were at...I think I got more out of those than the show we were actually in attendance at. ;)

  8. It looks like there was a lot to see even if it wasn't the flower show you were hoping for. I like that fire luxurious it would be to have one outside!

  9. This past weekend must have been the weekend for Home and Garden shows. Your show is the third one that I have heard about. I have a blogging friend in Toronto who visited a Home and Garden show there. We had a show in Erie, too. I thought about going but an hour's drive in blinding snow wasn't my idea of a good thing to do.

  10. It looked like a nice peak into Spring gardening...
    We have the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show next week, sadly I won't be going, because I work, but it's along the same lines. I loved that outdoor fireplace, and that rockwork fence was impressive, although expensive.
    Are you in the mood to plant now :)
    Great photos as always, I feel as if I've had a day ramblin', thank you !

  11. Very funny comments. I love that stuff also but I'm not buying any, but I'll go look.

  12. Interesting stuff! I wish I could lay my hands on some of them. ;)

  13. Poor little bears... They had to stay home and stay hungry all day long!!!!! Bad Mama and Papa....

    WELL--looked like more of a Home Show than a Garden Show. BUT---some of it looked nice. Like you, I'm not a shopper--so I don't usually go to things like that.

    Great pictures though.

  14. Enjoyed the post but got pretty excited when I saw the Teddy Bears.. Wife and I have hundreds at our house and a lot of our furniture looks like your chair. Of course they do have their own furniture to LOL

  15. Yep, we want to see flowers when we go to a garden show. It is fun to imagine owning some of the stuff displayed, and then to write it off as "not my style" or "too big".

  16. Love your new header photo! I hope you take that trip to Manassas. I'm with you on the fireplace thing. I want one too! This house did not have one inside or out and oh how I miss it! How I love to sit next to a warm fire during the winter with a hot cup of tea! If there is a view out the window to the bird feeder, that's all the better!

  17. Some good patio ideas there. My husband won't be happy - ha, ha as I am always coming up with some ideas to change things. I just realized you live in Virginia. Have you ever been around Upperville and that area? The stone fences there remind me of England. Take care, jane

  18. I don't mind going to expos but I am like you, it has to be something I am interested in. I did enjoy all your photos, especially all the Teddy bears. I enjoyed the flowers on your header, made me immediately think Spring. Thank you for coming by, have a nice day.

  19. Lots of lovely daffodils in the shots Denise and a fabulous new Header.

  20. Thanks for sharing all the marvelous photos from the Home and Garden show. It's been a while since I've gone to one but now you've whetted my appetite. Love the bear family at the end ... adorable.
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. beautiful pics and looks like wonderful show

  22. Hello, Denise!
    I love your visits! Your Portuguese is great!
    What a beautiful place to visit!
    I will not be able to participate in the TF Sunday because I will travel.

  23. wow i love the stuffs here..esp that winter garden look like with the red couch..i wish to have that one...

  24. What a wonderful show to attend. I enjoyed the shots so much.