Monday, January 4, 2010

My World Tuesday - National Arches - Part 1

I haven't taken any photos that I could use in My World Tuesday, so I thought I would go into my archives and share a road trip we took to the Arches National Park a few years' ago. When I saved the photos I had already added the commentary. If you are ever out that way I can highly recommend a visit here. It has the most incredible rock formations and the scenery is spectacular.

I am sure there is more than enough wildlife here but our eyes weren't trained back then, and we had not thought to ask advice on where we might see any, apart from the Big Horn Sheep which was volunteered. However, we did spot one very loved and adored pet. It was a bit chilly and he was shivering but his needs were taken care of immediately. Once the photo shoot was over he was wrapped in his blanket and whisked away back to their car.


  1. I've been to National Arches and it is a fantastic place and you've captured it beautifully! Terrific photos. Thanks for the memories!

    Hope your new year is off to a great start!


  2. Wonderful shots! Gregg has really a steady hand. I love the photo result. You look great together. Wishing you all the best for 2010 :)

  3. Arches NP is one of my favorite places on earth. We have been there twice. The first time I nearly suffered heat stroke trying to hike to Landscape Arch. I recovered with cold compresses once we got back to the car, and learned never to go anywhere without water!
    The second time we arrived in the evening, in autumn, and I went crazy photographing the red rocks in the setting sun. We returned the next morning and hiked to Delicate Arch. Amazing. We returned just before a thunderstorm hit, but we did go out in it to see one more arch, in blowing rain and sand, before we headed to Grand Junction and a motel with laundry facilities!

  4. Beautiful shots. We were there once but didn't spend enough time exploring.

  5. Wonderful post and photos, the rocks formations are wonderful. My and I have been there also and we loved it too.

  6. National Arches is a beautiful place; your photographs show it well.

  7. hey denise.
    spent many a summer driving through utah and had the chance to visit the arches with my mom and dad when i was growing up. always enjoyed vacations across the country with them. so miss them.
    enjoyed your photographs very much.

  8. So so envious. One of my must-see destinations. Wonderful shots. When is the best time to go?

  9. Beautiful place. Those stone arches are amazing.

  10. I can only imagine how small you must have felt.

  11. What a neat place. I feel the wind and sense the wonder as I admire your photos.

  12. Arches National Park is a wonder indeed ... amazingly beautiful. That pampered pooch is too much and kudos on your creativity taking your own photo when no one was around to assist.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Hi Denise, these photos are GRRREAT! We went thru there several years ago, but didn't have time to stop. Wish we had though! It's a beautiful place

  14. I want to go there sometime, Denise... I have seen so many pictures of the Arches--and can only imagine what they look like in person. Wow!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. I love that photo of your two... Buy a tripod... You can get one at Walmart. We carry one with us wherever we go...


  15. Breath taking views and scenery. Reminds me of Red Rock in Nevada.

  16. This is my first visit to your blog.. Wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy New Year :)

    The photographs are amazing.. It makes one long to visit the place.. Your photographs tells a beautiful story.. I don't know if I will be able to make it :(, but I really hope to do so :)

  17. Sylvia K, thank you, how nice we have the same great memories of it. Off to a good start thank you, I hope the same can be said for you.

    Rosidah Abidin, thank you, how kind of you. The best in 2010 to you also.

    Linda Reeder, goodness, I'm glad you were okay. We went in a cooler time of the year. I can imagine how hot that place would be in the intense heat. Good advice about the water. The first place we stop is a Walmart where we can buy one of those disposable ice-chests, fill it with ice and load it up with water. It is an amazing place isn't it?

    Martha Z, thank you. Hope you can get back there to see more of it.

    eileeninmd, those rocks fascinated me. It is fun knowing that several of our blogging friends have been there too.

    Linda (PA_shutterbug), thank you. My photos weren't as sharp but would love to go back with a better camera, and more importantly with a little more knowledge.

    The Good Life in Virginia, isn't it a great place? Sounds like you and your parents had some wonderful road trips - hugs back to you erin

    ewok1993, I will look forward to your photos when you get there. We were there in October and from what I read another good time to go is in the Spring. Inbetween it gets very crowded and very hot, but if I had a chance to go any time, I wouldn't let that put me off. We usually travel in the Fall because hubby's job being quieter round that time too.

    Rajesh, thank you very much. There are some incredible formations there.

    VioletSky, that is a good word for it 'small'. The photos don't give you an idea of the size of those things.

    Gill - That British Woman, it was.

    SandyCarlson, thank you so much.

    storyteller at Small Reflections, I loved my whole time there, from the darling little pooch to that magnificent scenery.

    Tricia, thank you. I hope you get a chance to stop next time you're in the area.

    Betsy from Tennessee, you and George would love it. We've been talking about buying a tripod. Good advice.

    teresa, Red Rock is another place I would love to see one day.

    Nikki, welcome! So glad you stopped by and thank you for your kind words. Happy New year to you and your loved ones also :)

  18. It's a very beautiful place ! we travelled through there in the 90th.

  19. Wow! Gregg did a great job with that self portrait. We've never been to the Arches National Park. It looks beautiful.

  20. Amazing rock formations! Great pics.

  21. Great self portrait Denise. That loose rock on top of the column looks a bit precarious.

  22. I feel sorry for that poodle, except that I have the same rugby jersey.

  23. Isn't America Beautiful? I am constantly amazed by all the hidden beauty here. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit.

  24. Arches is an amazing place with all of the stark scenery and cool rock formations. Great photos. Love the self-taken portrait of you and Greg.

  25. What an awesome place, I would love to visit.
    Wonderful pictures!
    Sunny :)

  26. What a wonderful and interesting place! The red rocks formations are amazing. Great photo of you and your husband!

  27. Gattina, it certainly is and it makes me happy that you got to see it in the 90's.

    Kay, that self portrait took a few tries ;) I hope you and Art get out to the park one day Kay. It is a place I would go back to tomorrow if I could.

    Indrani, thank you very much.

    Roy, thank you and yes it did look a bit precarious didn't it?

    Craver Vii, I'm trying to imagine you in that rugby shirt and you know something? I had one of those too way back when ;)

    Yolanda, it certainly is and I can't wait to explore further.

    Janie, thank you and on our photo it took a few tries as we were trying to get the top of that huge rock in the background but kept cutting it off. We gave up in the end and settled for this one.

    Sunny, it was and I hope you do one day.

    MedaM,I felt the same way too and I'm glad you enjoyed our photo and the post.

    Thanks again everyone, I always love reading your comments.

  28. OMG..That Poodle is so cute!! When I visited my boys when they were living in Arizona back in 2000, we took a trip to Utah- was fabulous. I was raised in California but hadn't visited either. I bet you two had a blast- My best, Regina-

  29. I like the pampered pooch and the stone sheep.

  30. We were at Arches National Park so many years ago and I so want to go back. Your photos are so good. Arches is just a super photogenic place! Wonderful post! And, your windswept photo is so cute!

  31. Kilauea Poetry, Hi Regina, that poodle, I just wanted to take him home with me. Utah is a fantastic place isn't it? You're right, we had a blast.

    Glennis, thank you, me too :)

    Carolyn Ford, I would go back at the drop of a hat and I think I would stay longer next time. So much we didn't see but you have to leave something to visit on the second time around, though I know I would be revisiting everything we saw :) Thank you for that nice comment about our photo. I thought a while before adding it.