Monday, January 4, 2010

Card Recovery Program

A while ago I accidentally deleted all the photographs I had taken at my niece's graduation while they were still on my camera's memory card . I had slipped it into the computer and got the cart before the horse - I deleted the photos before I had actually saved them on the hard-drive. I can't tell you how I even did that. Just let's say it was after that rather exhausting 9-hour journey home during the snow storm a few weeks ago, when instead of waiting for a day to recover, I decided to download everything straight away.

I was so upset when I realized what I had done and desperate for a solution this light bulb went off in my head. Surely with all the wonderful technology out there they would have something to get them back? I did a Google search and came across a company who did just that. After downloading and paying for the program online I was able to get back every single photo I thought I had lost, plus all the others that were taken months before.

Many of you out there might be aware of this already but it was all news to me. I hope you never have the same thing happen to you but just in case I thought I would let you know how I overcame my near disaster.

To go to the company web site you can click right here. The program is $39.95.


  1. Wow Denise that is just great to know! I'm so glad you're so smart!!

  2. what a relief you were able to recover the photos on the card...and i am printing out this link and info in case i happen to do the same thing. i am sure you were panic stricken when it happened. thank goodness you were able to find a solution :)

  3. Nice one Denise, ive bookmarked that thanks.

    I wanna big tv like that,lol.

  4. My camera does not have a memory card. I just plug it into the computer and transfer photos from the camera to the computer. How would your program work for me?

    But, thank God, you were able to get your photos back!

  5. I hope it never happens :) but thanks for the info in case it does. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  6. What an awesome service, I had no idea that such a thing existed, thanks for the info.

  7. I have never heard of this and am so glad to know about it. By the way I don't think I've mentioned how much I love your new header. So fresh and lovely.

  8. well worth the money if the pictures are priceless!

  9. Hi Denise!
    A Happy new year wish, from Holland! wishing you all the best, greeting from JoAnn

  10. That is probably the best $40 you have ever spent, Diane. I'm so glad you got your photos back.. I will keep that site on my bookmarks ---although I pray I won't ever need it... Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'm lucky to have a brother who takes care of that for me. I did the absolute SAME thing while we were in Japan. Worse, it was Art's photos. I felt like I wanted to sink into the ground. I know just how you felt. Thank goodness my brother was able to get 75% of the photos. Phew!

  12. Eve, smart? Shhhhh......don't tell anyone ;)

    Erin, it certainly was. Yes I think my blood pressure went up a tad. I truly hope it will never happen to you but I'm glad I could pass on the info, just in case.

    imac, great and you're very welcome. I'm trying to persuade other half on a big screen TV. No joy yet ;)

    gigihawaii, not sure if it would work for you Gigi, but you could look at the site and see if they have any info on that. If I can remember I will do that myself later on.

    midwesttomidlands, I hope it never happens to you or to me again. I learned my lesson. Happy New Year to you also!

    Celeste, it certainly is. I had no idea that I would be that successful. Thank goodness those people are around. You're very welcome on the info.

    Carver, Glad to pass the info along. I'm also glad you like the header and thank you for that lovely comment about it.

    Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures, it certainly was.

    JoAnn's-D-Eyes, hi JoAnn, and A Happy new year to you too. Thanks for dropping by.

    Betsy, I felt that way and yes me too. Hope it never happens to you but I'm glad you've bookmarked the site. You're very welcome, hugs, Denise.

    Kay, I've noticed in your posts you have used your brother's wonderful knowledge regarding the computer. You are very lucky and I am happy for you. Gregg is pretty good at computers but he would be the first person to admit he isn't an expert. In my eyes he is though ;) Oooooo, feel for you over doing the same thing. I know that feeling of 'what have I done?' so well. Yes, phew!

  13. Good to know. Glad you were able to get those priceless photos back.

  14. Jane, me too. I breathed one big sigh of relief.

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