Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa's Back-Up Team, just in case the reindeer go on strike.....

Don't think it will happen but you just never know.

It was soon to be Christmas Day
Santa was checking out his sleigh
Making sure things were right
For his ride on Christmas Eve night

He checked out the reindeer
Called them by name. . .
Asked if they were ready
To go around the world again

The reindeer perked up
Looking at Santa,
Rudolph had something to say,
"We are going on strike"

"You have never gone on strike" Said Santa, very dismayed
"Tell me what you want," exclaimed Santa, with a gleem in his eyes

Dasher needs more vacation time
Prancer wants more treats
Vixon needs new teeth
Dancer wants more sleep

Cupid wants her own phone
Comet needs time alone
Donner wants more playtime
Blitzen needs nothing at all

Santa, wrote all of it down
"I promise after Christmas Eve
Your wants, needs will be fulfilled
Let's get ready, time to role"

~D. L. Vaineo~


Dasher: The first reindeer and the right leader before Rudolph came.

Dancer: The second reindeer and the left leader before Rudolph was included. She is the graceful reindeer.

Prancer: The third reindeer and on the right in the second row. He is the most powerful reindeer.

Vixen: The fourth reindeer and on the left-hand side in the second row. She is beautiful, and also powerful like her companion, Prancer.

Comet: The fifth reindeer and on the right-hand side in the third row. He brings wonder and happiness to children when Santa flies over everyone’s houses.

Cupid: The sixth reindeer and on the right-hand side in the third row. She brings love and joy to children when Santa flies over everyone’s houses.

Donner: The seventh reindeer and on the left-hand side in the fourth row. His original name was Dunder, a variant of donder, meaning “thunder” in Dutch.

Blitzen: The eighth reindeer and on the left-hand side in the fourth row. Though female, she is portrayed as a male in American culture. Her original name is Blixem. She is known as the lightning reindeer because the word ‘Blitz’ is German for lightning, as is Bliksem, her original name, in Dutch.


"Twas the night before Christmas and Santa's on his way
He's loaded all the presents on the back of his sleigh.
Please leave a good snack for the big man in red
And sprinkle this food outside on your way to bed."


  1. This is such a fun post, Denise. I didn't know much about the reindeer's individual personalities and it was fun to learn about them.

  2. I agree with Kay. This was a lighthearted post; enjoyable to read.

  3. That was lots of fun to read. I love what you did with the photo!

  4. Cute Denise..... I hadn't read about the reindeer and their different personalities before. Quite interesting..

    I'll be sure and clean out the fireplace and then leave some milk and cookies for Santa. He had better come and see me this year. I have been SUCH a good little girl!!!!!!!!!! TEE HEEEEEEE...

    Merry Christmas.

  5. Very clever photo and great poem and info about the reindeers. Santa gives the reindeers a rest when he comes to Oz and uses Six White Boomers, (kangaroos) Rolf Harris sings about them.
    Merry Christmas

  6. Great photo Denise. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  7. Kay, thanks, happy you enjoyed it.

    Linda, thank you too.

    SandyCarlson, the photo was courtesy of the pelicans that flew over Monterey with a little help from Paint Shop Pro.

    Betsy from Tennessee, me neither and I was glad to come across this online. I've tried to be a good little girl too this year, lol.

    diane, the first time I heard a didgeridoo (not sure of the spelling, sorry) was from Rolph Harris. I so enjoyed his music.

    Roy, thank you and A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you too.

  8. This is cute, Denise! I included you on my winners for the caption contest, if you want to send me your snail mail address. Have a Merry Christmas!

  9. Feliz Natal!
    Merry Christmas dear Denise!
    God bless you and all your family!

  10. Wonderful shot and poem.

    May you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

  11. Denise what a delightful post! I'll keep my eyes to the sky just in case those birds with Santa hats fly over!LOL
    May you delight in this season of JOY! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    love and light anna xo

  12. I hope Santa is very good to you this year, Denise!

    merry Christmas!

  13. Denise, I was very happy with your visit and for sharing with you this year in the TF.
    Happy Holidays and I wish that in 2010 your dreams come true.

    All the best and a lot of cheers

  14. Peace and Love to you and yours, Denise! Aloha.