Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sea

Photos were taken in Oregon, October 2009

The Sea

The sea is a hungry dog,
Giant and grey.
He rolls on the beach all day.
With his clashing teeth and shaggy jaws
Hour upon hour he gnaws
The rumbling, tumbling stones,
And 'Bones, bones, bones, bones! '
The giant sea-dog moans,
Licking his greasy paws.

And when the night wind roars
And the moon rocks in the stormy cloud,
He bounds to his feet and snuffs and sniffs,
Shaking his wet sides over the cliffs,
And howls and hollos long and loud.

But on quiet days in May or June,
When even the grasses on the dune
Play no more their reedy tune,
With his head between his paws
He lies on the sandy shores,
So quiet, so quiet, he scarcely snores.

~James Reeves~


  1. Oregon was my home for a couple of years. That coastline is always dramatic and very beautiful - I miss it - thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Perfect pictures dear Denise and this poem is so adorable!
    Have a great week!

    "Life is like the ocean.
    The sadness and happiness are the winds.
    Thoughts are mountains, which rise like islands.
    The life of a person is his sailboat.
    One person in line is the one who knows how to use wind power to drive, use the islands for the rest of the journey, enjoy the waves.

    And at the end of the day, crack a smile and say:
    The trip was worth!
    That you can act to make your journey smooth.
    Because our lives, following the direction that we give to it."
    ****Chao Lung Wen****

  3. What a beautiful poem of James Reeves! Perfectly complimented by your equally beautiful photography!

    Sorry Denise for not being much around.

  4. Great series of photos and the poem is really beautiful! The second and the fourth photos I like most.

  5. I'd love to explore this coast - it's so full of interest and character. It seems like the kind of place where you could really think.

  6. Wow, Denise! These photos are wonderful!

  7. Beautiful pictures of the Oregon coast. I was so thrilled to get to visit there in person, it had always been on my 'bucket' list.
    Great poem too.
    Sunny :)

  8. The Oregon coastline and the northern California coastline are so beautiful. Much prettier than the coastline down here in SoCal where I live.
    I like the way you "decorated" your header photo.

  9. Very nice descriptive poem. Your photos illustrate it perfectly.

  10. What beautiful black and white photos.

  11. So glad to have found your blog.I love your photos where was this taken in Oregon? I live in the wine country of oregon.

  12. The pictures are very nice and I enjoyed all of them and the poem also. The sea always looks so angry when it has high waves. Thank you for coming by and commenting.

  13. Beautiful photos, Denise.. And the poem to go with them is perfect... I cannot get over how gorgeous your photos are --from your trip west. The sea at Oregon is fabulous!!!!!


  14. The words fit perfectly with your photos. Love it!

  15. Thanks for stopping by everyone. You're the best!

  16. You always find the best poems to match your posts. I have been having loads of trouble trying to access your blog and post comments.aaawhen i tried to access your latest post it took forever to load and then when i clicked on comments the window wont open. I've tried links from all angles and sites. Finally I got this post to open and the comment box. Is anyone else having problems? I can open most other blogs OK although some of them are slower than usuual. I wonder if the problem is blogger, my computer or your site.