Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nature Notes

When we were on vacation several weeks ago we were trying to find the home we lived in 25 years ago in the navy housing at Monterey. At first we had difficulty finding our bearings and we got a little lost, but in doing so my husband Gregg spotted this beautiful hawk sitting on a fence, obviously on the look out for its next meal. I got out of the car and took several shots. He wasn't worried about me and after one glance to see what I was doing and finding that I was no threat, he continued to focus on finding lunch. I have a moderate zoom lens and wasn't that close.

I don't know too much about hawks so am not sure what kind he is. Maybe someone will be able to help me positively identify him. I checked in my National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, and the closest I could find was the Red-Shouldered Hawk.

I have wanted to join in Nature Notes for quite a while now and today I decided to jump in again

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  1. You got some great shots of the Hawk. Now I'm wondering if he led you to the house you were looking for. Good to see you on board for Michelle's nature notes theme. I enjoy doing it a lot.

  2. I have never gotten that close to a hawk. I would have been thrilled! Very nice photos.

  3. Beautiful bird! I have never seen hawks in Hawaii, so I can't help you.

  4. Wow, you did get some great shoots in Denise. How nice for us that you found the hawk instead of the house.

  5. I'm not much of a birder, but he or she looks like a fine hawk with red shoulders to me. You were fortunate to get a good shot without spooking him. We do the same thing, looking for our former homes when we pass through a familiar area. It's interesting to note the changes and how some things stay the same.

  6. Welcome to Nature Notes Denise.. I am happy to have you.. Great catch and I am happy that he or she cooperated with your photos. I am not great on hawks. I usually see Coopers or sharp-shinned here and they give me enough trouble. If you don't mind I can copy the photo and post it to my bird list and I know someone will know what it is...Michelle

  7. Oh I almost forgot...My daughter was ill and home for a period of time when she was a young teenager. She wanted a pet rat in the worst way and I really didn't want one. But the two pet rats she had turned out to be the best little pet a sick kid could have. They were nocturnal and she was at the time. They were clean and friendly. I really grew to love them.. We didn't let the cats play with them, much as they wanted to..LOL... Michelle

  8. The only hawks I've seen in my backyard are Coopers Hawk and it does sort of look like one. It sure is a beautiful bird.

  9. He posed nicely for you and you have taken good shots of him.

  10. I am used to hawks now after living in Kansas and now in Iowa. They are pretty and easy to spot due to their size. I have not, however, been so close!

    Welcome to Nature Notes. You will enjoy it!

  11. This hawk is so beautiful and elegant!
    Maybe he was enjoying your visit and he likes posing for your camera!
    You did a great work, these pictures are wonderful.

  12. These pictures are fabulous and so clear. He looks like the hawk that is coming around here lately. You are fortunate to get these shots, my son tried to take a picture of our hawk and he flew off, thanks for sharing.

  13. Denise, from what I can tell from your photos and my bird guide I believe it is a juvenile red-shoulder hawk as you suggest. According to Sibley's Guide to the Birds the juvenile has that bib of streaks and then the reddish barring down the rest of the belly. An adult would have the barring all the way to the breast where it runs together as an almost solid color. Also, You can see a bit of the red shoulders already present. Since they are birds of the forest it looks to be in its perfect habitat. I have only seen this hawk a couple of times myself, the first time being in Florida. More recently I saw it in West Virginia. I have yet to see it in CT but I would love to add it to my list there! Well done and good for you!

  14. p.s. I don't know what took me so long but I just added you to my blog roll! Welcome!

  15. Brilliant photos of the Hawk Denise.

  16. Carver, yes we found our old house but it took a lot longer than we had anticipated. It was hard to drag ourselves away from our beautiful hawk :) I'm happy to be taking part in Michell's great meme.

    Stine in Ontario, thank you. I have seen them way in the distance but this was a first being so close.

    Gigiinhawaii, thank you, he certainly was.

    Arija, there's a lot of luck in life. This was my lucky day.

    Walk2write, in some ways the place had changed dramatically, in others not at all.

    Ramblingwoods, Michelle, thank you. I'm happy to be on board. I think we have him identified thanks to Kathie, but I certainly don't mind you showing them the photo. I like your pet rat story too. I've always heard they make a great pet.

    Kay, thank you, he/she certainly was.

    Gerald, thank you too, nice to see you here.

    Diane, I couldn't believe how lucky I was for him not to fly away. He just wasn't interested in me, must have been used to people passing by and whipping out their camera?

    Dsmcaron, thank you for your welcome. I am happy to be joining in.

    Léia, he was very regal looking wasn't he?

    Margaret, I hope your son gets his photo one day.

    Kathiesbirds, that's brilliant and such a lot of info on my bird, thank you so much and thank you also for adding me to your blog roll.

    Roy, thank you.

    Thank you everyone for visiting and leaving so many nice comments.

  17. Beautiful shots of the hawk! Nice that felt comfortable and posed for you.

  18. He is a beautiful hawk, nice photos of him.

  19. Spectacular captures! I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get some good hawk photos for SO long! These are fantastic.

  20. Diane AZ, I felt very fortunate he didn't mind me being there.

    Glennis thank you, he certainly was.

    Misty Dawn, thank you. This was the first time I have ever taken a photo of a hawk this close. I felt like I had been given a great gift.

    Nature Footsteps, thank you.

    Thanks all for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. It's nice to get such positive feed back and I appreciate it very much.